Bennett Foddy

Getting Over It

By Bennett Foddy 8/31/2018 - Price : $4.99 Plateform : iPhone/iPad
A game I made For a certain kind of person To hurt them. • Climb up an enormous mountain with noth...

QWOP for iOS

By Bennett Foddy 8/8/2017 - Price : $0.99 Plateform : iPhone/iPad
QWOP is the local sporting hero of a prosperous country in the scandinavian alps. Unfortunately, it ...


By Bennett Foddy 8/24/2012 - Price : $0.99 Plateform : iPhone/iPad
Evacuation is a game of strategy, quick wits, and explosive decompression! Aliens have invaded your...

Little Master Cricket

By Bennett Foddy 8/19/2012 - Price : $0.99 Plateform : iPhone/iPad
"One of our favourites. Ever." - The Guardian Newspaper Little Master Cricket is an addictive and i...

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