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By Shark Party (Shark Party LLC)
Supported Devices : All , iPad 2 3G , , iPad 2 Wifi , , iPad 3G , , , , , , , iPad 4th Gen , iPad 4th Gen 4G , , , iPad Mini , , , , iPad Mini 4G , , , , , , , , , , iPad 3rd Gen , iPad 3rd Gen 4G , , , iPad Wifi , iPhone , iPhone 3G , iPhone 3GS , iPhone 4 , , iPhone 4S , , iPhone 5 , iPhone 5C , , , iPhone 5S , , iPod Touch 4th Gen , iPod Touch 3rd Gen , iPod Touch with Microphone , iPod Touch , iPod Touch 5th Gen , iPod Touch 4th Gen , iPhone6 Plus , iPhone6 , , , , , , , , , ,

Release Notes

6/1/2017 | Version : 2.4.11 | Size : 225.9 MB
- Bug fixes
- Performance improvements

5/19/2017 | Version : 2.4.10 | Size : 134.0 MB
- Fixed an issue where, under certain conditions, Weekend and Weekday Challenges would reset their progress across multiple game sessions.
- Fixed a rare issue that could cause some pathfinding games to not end.

3/3/2017 | Version : 2.4.6 | Size : 225.9 MB
- Bug fixes
- Performance improvements


Play Bingo like never before! Compete against your friends and use unique boosts for bonus effects like free daubs, extra coins and more. Every game grants rewards to level up and unlock new rooms. Every room comes with a collectible card to fill that can earn you even more boosts.

Bingo! has slick controls that let you easily switch between cards, daub called numbers and call out Bingo as soon as you have it. Bingo! lets you use more cards than any other Bingo game.

Do you have what it takes to play up to 8 (on iPhone or iPod Touch) or 12 (on iPad) cards at once? Find out now with Bingo!

-PLAY with more cards than any other Bingo game for an extra challenge you can’t get anywhere else! Up to 8 cards on iPhone and iPod Touch or 12 on iPad!

-WIN using unique multi-level boosts like an explosion of free daubs, revealed upcoming numbers, and added bonus spaces to your cards to gain an edge on your competition!

-COMPETE with friends and see who can get the most Bingos!

-EARN boosts like free daubs, reveal upcoming numbers, and add bonus spaces to your cards!

-JOIN different rooms with unique themes like the beach, a disco, and more!

-COMPLETE fun, themed Collections in every room to get more tickets and play even more!

-COLLECT Treasure Chests for great rewards such as coins, extra boosts, tickets and more!

Bingo! for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch offers Bingo challenges in the in the App Store that you can’t find anywhere else.

Please note: Your device must have an active internet connection to play.

Please note that Bingo!™ is free to play, but you can purchase in-app items with real money. To delete this feature, on your device go to Settings Menu -> General -> Restrictions option. You can then simply turn off In-App Purchases under "Allowed Content". In addition, Bingo!™ may link to social media services, such as Facebook, and Storm8 Studios will have access to your information through such services.

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Games , Entertainment , Board , Casino , Simulation

Comments and Ratings for Bingo!™

Constantly Crashes (2.4.11)
5/29/2017 2:12:01 PM 1/5 By flamingo dancer
This is my favorite bingo game. However, recently it has started to crash constantly. I would have given it a 5 star rating if not for that. How about fixing the crashing problem and if you can't remove it from the app store.

Bad app-no support-poor attitude (2.4.11)
5/29/2017 2:16:33 AM 1/5 By Westport88
These people have gradually 'updated' themselves into oblivion. The bingo games are no good, crashing continuously, stealing back any bonuses you manage to win and nobody seems to care. They have effectively blocked themselves from any contact with players being interested only when they get new dupes to make in app purchases to continue playing a game they will NEVER win...Apple App Store Are you listening? They cannot fix their bugs and are not offering support.

No more updates! (2.4.11)
5/27/2017 10:16:04 PM 1/5 By CynCyn805
It was my favorite game until you had to change it...... It crashes every time I try to play! I have lost so many games not to mention bingo tickets due to crashes that occur. It doesn't load at all at any given time. I just did another update several minutes ago and I thought it was fixed, it's not....... Please fix or delete the game . I have over sixty thousand bingo bucks and I would hate to lose them but enough is enough...

Enjoy playing but.... (2.4.10)
5/25/2017 6:38:43 PM 1/5 By Weezer91
Enjoy playing but keeps crashing in the middle of games and I don't get any credit for what I had. Probably won't play until this gets fixed!!! This update is terrible. Was hoping it would fix from crashing and it didn't.

Horrible (2.4.10)
5/25/2017 3:01:03 AM 1/5 By Toby2202
Used to be fun. But now awful! Crashes and offers free gems for watching video BUT video wont load. I always liked this game but not now FRUSTRATING!!! Update. 5/25/17 Ugh!! Game doesn't want to load!!! What have you done? Doesn't offer to watch videos for free gems. What did you do????😡

Update broke my game (2.4.10)
5/24/2017 7:44:26 PM 1/5 By kelster61
Please fix this. Ever since the update, my app sticks at 69% and says "Updating game data". I love this game, but can't play if it won't load. Seriously, please fix it. It is a great bingo game. Lots of fun. But it is broken.

fun (2.4.10)
5/24/2017 3:56:33 PM 5/5 By UnluckyDino
okay, people say their game keeps freezing around 68-69% on the loading screen but mine is perfectly fine. it loads normally(yes, i have the update)and maybe it just depends on the device you use? but im not sure because i have this game both on my ipad and iphone and both work perfectly fine.

Game crashes to much (2.4.10)
5/24/2017 12:05:24 AM 1/5 By Eluvngd
I like playing this game however on several occasions it shuts down right after I selected the number of boards I want to use and when I reopen my tickets have been lost. Developer need to program game to refund tickets when this happens and the game has not started yet! This needs to be fixed ASAP. I have never played a game with so many glitches or that crashes so much.

AWFUL (2.4.10)
5/23/2017 12:41:07 PM 1/5 By _Godess_
I have been playing this for quite awhile now and the app crashes on me multiple times once i already paid for the cards i can never get through a game! Please fix the crashing app and give me my cards back!

Awful Update - PLEASE FIX (2.4.10)
5/23/2017 10:35:32 AM 1/5 By Nannnnyyyyyy
I have enjoyed playing this game for years and spent my fair share of $$ to play. But this update is awful. It is obvious the changes were made to make more money. I've been kicked out in the middle of games playing 12 cards and lost it all. And it wasn't caused by my internet connection. The winnings have been reduced. And I feel sorry for the older players....the game has been sped up, some of the cards are harder to disappointing. Lost players = less $$

Bingo 7 (2.4.10)
5/22/2017 5:03:21 PM 5/5 By AzNewNana
The clock goes out before i can get the last bingo everytime! I am waiting for t to update two days??? I have over 6500 pts i bette not lose any! My fav game

Crashing (2.4.10)
5/22/2017 3:16:47 PM 1/5 By Crystanders
I loved this game but Lately I never win anything .. and the game is stuck loading at 68%.. I can't even get it to open for the past 3 days . GARBAGE .. fix it please

Problems (2.4.10)
5/22/2017 9:27:36 AM 4/5 By Jo Jo me
Current update loading time is impossible. Freezes at 68 percent. Needs to be fixed, otherwise heat game

Update broke loading time (2.4.10)
5/21/2017 2:48:16 PM 3/5 By slygcool
Since the new update the game take forever to load. I am constantly stuck at 69%. Please fix. I like playing the game

BOO! (2.4.10)
5/21/2017 11:39:59 AM 1/5 By StilettoKari
Crash crash crash! Tired of losing dice because of crashing. FIX IT!

Horrible Experience! (2.4.10)
5/20/2017 3:20:33 PM 1/5 By Fred's liking
I have consistently lost game tokens due to the games unreliable internet connection.

Please fix this game (2.4.10)
5/20/2017 1:12:30 PM 2/5 By Moon9960
I finally get it to load and choose the amount of cards I want to buy. I start to play. Poof! Everything disappears before my very eyes. That includes the money I pay for the cards. That happened five times in a row today. Never got to finish a game. Each update you do makes things worse. I give up.

This App Stole All My Gems!!! (2.4.6)
5/17/2017 10:08:32 PM 1/5 By Brezzie Friend
Terrible! This app STOLE ALL MY GEMS that I EARNED!!! I had saved some up so I could continue to play without running out! PLEASE RETURN THEM TO ME!!!!!!! If you will not credit me back for my EARNED gems then I will delete this app and will write ONE STAR REVIEWS everywhere I can!!!!!!! Shame on you!!! What's the point of playing if you're going to steal from us!!!! BOO!!!!!!!!!!

No fun anymore (2.4.6)
5/15/2017 7:08:10 PM 3/5 By Yissa22
I use to love playing this game & look forward to it. Now I can't even complete a game without the app closing on me. I have lost so many tickets, gems, & keys from the app closing. I will click to start the game it takes my tickets and closes or I'll be in the middle of a game and it closes. So frustrating.

Disappointed (2.4.6)
5/15/2017 6:59:56 AM 1/5 By Mariamerlot
I Used to love this game, but now it keeps freezing and knocking me out and I lose all my credits. Not a happy camper.

Horrible Update (2.4.6)
5/8/2017 8:57:53 PM 1/5 By Continuall
This has been my favorite game for years, but after the last update it is INFURIATING to play. Crashes during games more than half time robbing you of your tickets and gems, deletes your status on challenges if you close the app, and the amount of stuff you have to click through just to play is out of control. Going to have to delete and find a better game! Do not download this unless you just want to get mad!

5/7/2017 12:34:46 PM 1/5 By Yoyo9540
I have 3 of the Storm8/Hasbro bingo games (Clue, Monopoly and this one). Ever since the update, ALL 3 crash constantly and I lose my tickets with no reimbursement. I even emailed the company and complained and they still do NOTHING. These used to be my favorite games to play but I will not be playing any of them again! And the company's customer service is pathetic! Too bad because these were fun games to play.

Storm 8 Bingo Games (2.4.6)
5/4/2017 9:55:19 PM 1/5 By Grams0617
I used to enjoy all the Bingo games/apps until the new updates for Bingo, Monopoly Bingo, Boardwalk Bingo, Clue Bingo... Any of their updates. Now I get cut off after choosing number of cards to play, earning bingos, etc. on all their apps. No personnel responds to problems. Someone needs to fix the software, cause you're losing fans and customers!

Says I can't play unless I update ... (2.4.6)
4/27/2017 3:49:45 PM 1/5 By Flip a coin ....
And the reviews on the updates say it's horrible so what do I do ?? Update horrible update ?? Or just not play /delete since I CAN'T play without the update ??? Way to go !!!!😡

Horrible (2.4.6)
4/26/2017 7:40:36 PM 1/5 By Jrup1
Crashes, weekly reward progress is not saved. In addition, some other earned rewards are missing if you reload the game. I have contacted the support but they are useless- no meaningful response.

Fun but Expensive (2.4.6)
4/24/2017 12:20:38 PM 2/5 By AGPs Mom68
I would play this game more but once you run out of tickets the cost of the gems to buy the tickets is ridiculous. Also the puzzles are impossible to win UNLESS you can afford to buy the tickets. You cannot use bonuses or win a tournament without using ALOT of in app purchases. Obviously the game makers are more about making money than BINGO fun.

Fun (2.4.6)
4/14/2017 10:35:03 PM 4/5 By csjsmj
Lots of fun but hard to win.

4/14/2017 4:15:13 PM 1/5 By KittyGamerError
In the like 10 rounds I played I never one once! Even when I had 4 cards! So uninstalling!👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

Used to be fun (2.4.6)
4/12/2017 8:24:08 PM 3/5 By Melnor587
This used to be a great fame until the most recent update. You can no longer watch a bunch of videos to get free gems, now if videos are available it cuts you off after earning 30-40 gems. There are fewer bingos and fewer collection items given in treasure chests. The scratcher is a joke. What used to be a fun game is quickly getting old fast.

Worst update ever (2.4.6)
4/8/2017 11:04:16 AM 1/5 By G198704
This was one of my favorite games for years, the latest update ended this. Terrible! The game crashes all the time in the middle of a game, you loose all your chips, boosters, etc...Contacted customer service, nothing happened....

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