Bubble Seasons 4.5/5

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Bubble Seasons

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By TeamLava (TeamLava, LLC)

Seasons come and go, but Bubble Seasons just keeps getting better! Shoot your way through tons of bubble popping challenges to rescue the baby critters and defeat the Evil Bubble Wizard! Play the best bubble puzzle adventure game!

Throw bubbles and match colors to pop and drop your way to victory!

- New seasonal levels to play throughout the year!
- Master all new challenges to test your bubble popping skills!
- Adventure to save the babies and unlock new islands!
- Play with friends - beat your friends' high scores, or share your own!
- Fling awesome special bubbles, like the triple-threat Snowflake or the mysterious Prize Bubble!
- You’ll love the exciting animations and cheerful music!
- FREE updates with new puzzles and powers for upcoming seasons!
- Two control methods - pick the one that works best for you!

"Bubble Mania is an extremely addictive game that any mobile user should have in their library of apps." -Gameteep.net

"The most polished bubble popper to date." -Gamezebo

Top notch performance and unparalleled precision on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

Please note: Your device must have an active internet connection to download additional levels.

Please note that Bubble Seasons is free to play, but you can purchase in-app items with real money. To delete this feature, on your device go to Settings Menu -> General -> Restrictions option. You can then simply turn off In-App Purchases under "Allowed Content". In addition, Bubble Seasons may link to social media services, such as Facebook, and Storm8 will have access to your information through such services.

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Release Notes

12/24/2013 | Version : 1.5.1 | Size : 47.0 MB
- Bug fixes
- Performance improvements

5/28/2013 | Version : 1.5 | Size : 44.7 MB
-New Offline Mode: Just sign in once and you're good to go!
-Retina Display & iPhone 5 support: Your eyes will be amazed!

3/19/2013 | Version : 1.4.1 | Size : 41.4 MB
-New islands to tackle!
-New power-ups and challenging obstacles!
-New Challenge system full of fun achievements and rewards!

Screenshots iPhone / iPod :

Screenshots iPhone / iPod Screenshots iPhone / iPod Screenshots iPhone / iPod Screenshots iPhone / iPod Screenshots iPhone / iPod

Screenshots iPad :

Screenshots iPad Screenshots iPad Screenshots iPad Screenshots iPad Screenshots iPad


Games , Entertainment , Arcade , Kids , Puzzle

Supported Devices : iPad 2 Wifi , iPad Wifi , iPad 2 3G , iPad 3G , All , iPod Touch 4th Gen , iPhone 4 , iPhone 3GS , iPod Touch 3rd Gen , iPad 4th Gen , iPad Mini 4G , iPhone 4S , iPhone 5 , iPad 3rd Gen , iPod Touch 5th Gen , iPad Mini , iPad 3rd Gen 4G , iPad 4th Gen 4G , iPhone 5C , iPhone 5S

Comments and Ratings for Bubble Seasons

Short game (1.5.1)
10/5/2014 3:52:00 AM 1/5 By Jess414
I only have winter and valentine's day. What happened to the rest of the holidays?

Bubble Mania Seasons (1.5.1)
10/4/2014 11:49:00 AM 5/5 By Ski1098
Great game!

Bubble seasons (1.5.1)
10/2/2014 4:28:00 AM 3/5 By Rewmew
Love this game, however some upper levels are way too hard ! I've literally been on some upper levels for months, to almost a year ! No kidding! Is there a support site to get tips on how to beat some upper levels ?? It has its frustrations but I do love playing. Just need to win once in a while to make it fun to play. Hate the clown, really hate

Frustrating (1.5.1)
9/26/2014 2:50:00 PM 3/5 By Tzvia49
I like this game but it is frustrating! It seems as though it deliberately prevents you from reaching your goals at times by not showing the color bubbles you need or not throwing them where you are pointing. While I love a challenge I have issues when they are an impossibility!

Turn from good to bad (1.5.1)
9/21/2014 5:53:00 AM 1/5 By budboy25
I've updated my rating from 3 to 1 star...the lowest I can give. The game has no more levels to give. It has only 3 sets with 3 levels per set. Boring! You're only given 5 chances to play at a time. You have to pay if you don't want to wait. Very annoying

K.H. (1.5.1)
9/19/2014 12:44:00 AM 5/5 By Linea h
OMG! I love it

Game (1.5.1)
9/17/2014 4:51:00 AM 5/5 By MoonpieJim
So much fun!

Short and sweet (1.5.1)
9/15/2014 10:40:00 PM 5/5 By bdawn8403
Great game but needs more balls.

Bubble seasons (1.5.1)
9/14/2014 10:24:00 PM 5/5 By Ashleyaea
Absolutely love it. Please make more games. It's off the scale fun!!!!! *****

Wine85 (1.5.1)
9/10/2014 2:31:00 PM 5/5 By Bopsi2
Great game!

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