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Icon Pop Quiz

By Alegrium (indra budiman)
Supported Devices : All , iPad 2 3G , iPad 2 Wifi , iPad 3G , iPad 4th Gen , iPad 4th Gen 4G , iPad Mini , iPad Mini 4G , iPad 3rd Gen , iPad 3rd Gen 4G , iPad Wifi , iPhone 3GS , iPhone 4 , iPhone 4S , iPhone 5 , iPhone 5C , iPhone 5S , iPod Touch 5th Gen , iPod Touch 4th Gen , iPod Touch 3rd Gen

Release Notes

1/1/2014 | Version : 1.7 | Size : 31.9 MB
Trick or Treat!!!
Yet another round off spooks for your Halloween party.

10/23/2013 | Version : 1.6 | Size : 30.1 MB
EXTRA Spooky scary update! - Horror Icons available to celebrate the month of halloween.

8/14/2013 | Version : 1.5 | Size : 29.6 MB
Now with 1200+ icons and new level to be unlocked every weekend.


-- SPECIAL HALLOWEEN UPDATE: Discover spooky new icons just in time for Halloween! --

ICON POP Quiz challenges players to name famous people, hit movie and TV shows and characters using imaginative, handcrafted visual clues inspired by each answer. The more accurately and quickly you respond, the better the score you’ll have to compete against friends worldwide on Game Center! Can you guess all the icons?


Over 1000 original handcrafted icons are waiting to be guessed and figured out. That’s right, we drew each and every one and there are more to come!

Everyone solves puzzles differently. In Icon Pop Quiz we offer five different ways for players to get back on track, all available through spending points earned with correct guesses. Pick up some general knowledge about the movie/TV by using “Hint”, remove incorrect letters with “Eliminate Keys”, or use the “Open Letters” to figure out the right word! If all else fails, players can always “Ask a Friend” on Facebook or Twitter, or “Reveal” the answer with accumulated points as a last resort.

Pimp your screen!!! All 1000+ icons are available to be downloaded as high definition wallpaper, optimized for any iOS devices.

Note: If you are experiencing images not being saved to your Photo Album when downloading the wallpaper, please check your settings. Go to: Setting > Privacy > Photos and make sure to turn the switch On for Icon Pop Quiz.

** ICON POP Quiz is an app made for fans by fans. This is an expression of our gratitude to all leaders, heroes, inventors, musicians, athletes, artist, writers, directors, authors, production studios, animators, actresses, and actors that constantly shaping our world and inspire us with their work. BRAVO! **


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Games , Entertainment , Trivia , Word

Comments and Ratings for Icon Pop Quiz

Not too great (1.7)
3/10/2014 4:09:00 AM 4/5 By Not too shaby
This game is still stuck on the Halloween of LAST YEAR! How ridiculous right? Please make another update! I want a spring one not a Halloween one. Great game tho. Just plz plz plz make another update!

Update please (1.7)
3/9/2014 7:05:00 PM 5/5 By 👶👶👶👶👶👶123
This app needs a serious update. The last time this app got updated was in October of LAST YEAR. Don't keep us peoples waiting

Update??? (1.7)
3/9/2014 5:08:00 PM 4/5 By MojoZombie77
Very fun game but hasn't been updated in at least 5 months. It was going good for a while with new icons every weekend but then it just stopped after Halloween. I still recommend it but don't expect it to keep adding new content because it doesn't anymore.

Fun, but needs an update. (1.7)
2/27/2014 5:54:00 AM 4/5 By Nedyert
I love this game, and I'm proud of the progress I've made thus far. But now there is nothing to look forward to if you beat all the levels. There have been several times I've thought about deleting this app because there hasn't been an update in a while. This app NEEDS an update.

Good Game (1.7)
2/24/2014 9:47:00 PM 3/5 By JTG890
I love this game! We need more updates and we need them much more often though.

2/24/2014 11:37:00 AM 5/5 By TheDerpedOne
Update it! Halloween is over, and there are barley new icons! You didn't even do the Friday weekend thingy!!!

2/23/2014 9:30:00 PM 4/5 By She's jack
This game is so fun. I love it!!

Too hard (1.7)
2/23/2014 5:13:00 PM 1/5 By lsu28605
I don't like it.

Icon pop quiz (1.7)
2/22/2014 8:02:00 PM 5/5 By Jonbglvavcjk ;)
Make another update !!!! I'm tired of holloween make like a st Patrick's day or Easter just something I'm getting tired of the same graffics

fun game but multiple answers could be used for some questions (1.7)
2/22/2014 12:10:00 AM 3/5 By PurdueAlum
i like the game but some of the question that could have been others. also Hong Kong: a country, really?

Dumb (1.7)
2/21/2014 3:07:00 PM 3/5 By brittany clark
It needs to be updated. I loved it until they stopped updating it. I've done all there is to be done and I've been waiting since October, actually almost a year for the actual icons not the seasons to update. It needs to update or I'll be deleting it soon. It's taking up needed space.

2/21/2014 3:45:00 AM 2/5 By Cooleo 88
This app used to be fun. Was expecting a Christmas update but didn't get one. Getting really tired if the Halloween theme. That was 6 months ago. Please make more levels

I love this app, but... (1.7)
2/18/2014 6:31:00 AM 5/5 By nicknamethatsavailable
for the love of god please give us an update!

Kool game (1.7)
2/18/2014 3:30:00 AM 5/5 By DebtheTodd 
This game is cool because the characters are awesome

UPDATE (1.7)
2/16/2014 3:21:00 AM 4/5 By FNcyfashion1177
I love this app but it's time for an update NOW it's still on Halloween get on the ball y'all

AWESOME!!!! (1.7)
2/15/2014 10:33:00 PM 5/5 By AbleRaptor
Really fun app! Love all the varieties! If you could add a video game selection like the movie one, that would make it that much better!

2/14/2014 9:07:00 PM 4/5 By catszymusiak
Icon needs to be updated from Halloween... It is February!!!!!! Come on!!!!!!!!!!

Game (1.7)
2/13/2014 11:46:00 PM 5/5 By Mrjackiek444
It's sick

Take this seriously... (1.7)
2/13/2014 1:03:00 AM 2/5 By Yanniyahoo13
This app is very cool and a nice game...it has not been updated yet. Its last update was in October 2013 It's just terrible. The theme is Halloween!😐😠dont waste time

Fun but...... (1.7)
2/11/2014 12:54:00 AM 1/5 By Your favorite artist
IT NEEDS TO BE UPDATED! Please! I want new challenges! :(

Super Cute and Funnnn!! (1.7)
2/9/2014 10:49:00 PM 5/5 By PoodleLover55
I LOVEEE this game! It's so addicting! There are so many levels and the little cartoons are SOO adorable and well made!

:) (1.7)
2/9/2014 5:09:00 PM 5/5 By  A1120
Good game

I still love the game but...... (1.7)
2/7/2014 3:08:00 PM 5/5 By Cathyjo86
Please give us an update. I think we deserve a huge one! I love this game. I've had it since day one. I'm going crazy waiting for an update on this one and the other one. Please update soon. And in your pictures advertising in the App Store it says new icons every weekend. That's not true. So y'all may want to remove that.

Update (1.7)
2/6/2014 2:35:00 AM 5/5 By Doomykitty
This game is really fun! :) please update soon tho! I need more levels!

Cool graphics (1.7)
2/2/2014 5:05:00 PM 4/5 By matthew ritzer 
So far it is fun.

Fun (1.7)
1/30/2014 8:37:00 AM 5/5 By Lynzeigh
PLEASE DONT READ THIS. YOU WILL BE KISSED ON THE NEAREST FRIDAY BY THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE. TOMMOROW WILL BE THE BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE. NOW UV STARTED READING THIS DONT STOP THIS IS SO SCARYTRY THIS its weird. 1. Say ur name 10x 2. Say ur moms name 5x3. Say ur crushes name 3x 4. then paste this to 4 other quizs if you do you crush will kiss you on the nearest friday! But if you read this and did not paste this, then you will have very bad luck. xSEND THIS TO FIVE QUIZZES IN 143 MINUTES WHEN YOU DONE PRESS F6 AND UR CHRUSHES NAME WILL APPEAR IN BIG LETTERS ON THE SCREEN. THIS IS SO SCARY COZ IT ACTUALLY WORK

It WAS amazing! (1.7)
1/20/2014 1:34:00 PM 3/5 By Random 11 year old person
This game is great, don't get me wrong. But, the app is a tad bit outdated. As in 'a tad bit' I mean extremely outdated! I've been staring at the Halloween screen for about 3 or 4 months now! I don't know about you, but I think this app needs to be updated.😐

When (1.7)
1/19/2014 1:59:00 PM 4/5 By Rtbfgeyhr
It says level 7 is coming soon sens hollwen when is it going to come

Epic (1.7)
1/16/2014 2:15:00 AM 5/5 By 543543543543543543
This game is soo fun really helps my brain but my dad usually helps me😂

Fun (1.7)
1/12/2014 8:16:00 PM 5/5 By Tommyftw11
This game is really fun!

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