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Injustice 2

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By Warner Bros. (Warner Bros. Entertainment)

Enter the Universe of Injustice 2 and unleash the powerful fighting style of your favorite DC Super Heroes and Villains. Expanding on the hit game Injustice: Gods Among Us, Injustice 2 delivers brand new characters, tons of exciting new modes, and the look and fighting style that NetherRealm Studios is known for. Leverage the all-new Gear System to build and progress your roster like never before – then enter the arena and become the ultimate DC fighter in blockbuster 3-on-3 action.


Injustice 2 is a massive leap forward in every way possible. Master new, dynamic fighting controls that allow you to jump, duck, shoot projectiles, and execute epic Super Moves that has defined Injustice combat.


Injustice 2 offers you more ways to build, level up, and progress your roster of iconic DC characters. Upgrade with a Combination Level and Star Rating system by collecting characters and unique gear. The Gear System provides new looks for your character, as well as bonuses to your health, abilities and strength.


Injustice 2 continues the story set in motion in Injustice: Gods Among Us. Set in the future, Batman and his allies work towards putting the pieces of society back together but struggle against those who would restore Superman’s Regime. In the midst of this chaos, a new threat appears that will put Earth’s very existence at risk.

Injustice 2 features high quality visuals and performance is not optimized for devices with less than 1GB of RAM. Injustice 2 also requires that your device can run iOS 10 or higher. A minimum of 1GB of space is required on your device.

Release Notes

7/20/2017 | Version : 1.5 | Size : 1.1 GB
Chapter 2 has arrived! Play as Harley Quinn and experience the next chapter in this epic DC storyline. Don’t forget to collect those story mode rewards!

Beat the summer heat with Captain Cold, Sub-Zero, and two versions Aquaman. Each new character brings a unique fighting style to any roster: Freeze enemies in their tracks as Sub-Zero, slow an opponent’s power regeneration as Captain Cold, or go for a high damage special attack with Aquaman’s signature Trident Rush.

Version 1.5 contains many new UI features to help players better navigate Injustice 2

- New class wheel in pre-fight screen that shows advantages and disadvantages based on character class
- Tap on any item to view a detailed pop up message
- Moves list located in the pause menu
- Switch button layout in order to play with one or two hands via the pause or settings menus

Campaign Mode has been reworked to feature new character and gear drops as well as changes in difficulty in chapters 4 and 5.

- Fixed combat blocking bug
- Improvements to all Supermoves
- No more losing energy if you are disconnected while entering fight
- 3 New chests: Silver, Gold, and Legendary
- New Chest unlock celebrations

6/1/2017 | Version : 1.4 | Size : 1.0 GB
Relive the Wonder Woman movie experience with Injustice 2!

-Two new Wonder Woman cards are available based on the just released Wonder Woman movie – the Silver Tier Amazon Wonder Woman and Gold Tier Mythic Wonder Woman
-Each new Wonder Woman version has a full set of Gear to earn as well!
-Earn the Silver Amazon Wonder Woman Movie card by attacking and completing your daily objectives
-For those who just can’t wait, Mythic Wonder Woman is also available immediately in the Injustice 2 store

Supergirl and two versions of Poison Ivy will be added in Update 1.4

-Powered Supergirl and Entangling Poison Ivy will be available as Challenge Mode rewards
-Flora Poison Ivy can be found in the Premium Chest

Update 1.4 introduces a number of fixes to make the overall player experience more enjoyable!

-Improvements to all supermoves
-New Premium Chests introduced
-Updated opponent difficulty levels in campaign mode
-Support for Asian languages: Japanese, Korean and Simplified Chinese
-Overall polish and bug fixes

5/10/2017 | Version : 1.3 | Size : 934.6 MB

Step into the world of INJUSTICE 2 and enjoy tons of new modes, new characters and the biggest fight in the Universe!

This update adds Story Mode, where players are able to fight their way through the epic campaign that NetherRealm is known for. The first chapter of the same adrenaline-fueled story you will play on console is available now. See it here first.


Challenge Mode is now live. One of our most popular modes is back. With a huge roster of characters rotating often, this is your chance to earn exclusive fighters for your team.


Update 1.3 adds a slew of new characters, with all new moves, passive abilities and synergies to explore. New characters include:

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn
Dawn of Justice Superman
The Joker
Green Arrow
And more…


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Games , Entertainment , Action , Role Playing

Supported Devices : iPad 2 Wifi , iPad 2 3G , iPhone 4S , iPad 3rd Gen , iPad 3rd Gen 4G , iPhone 5 , iPod Touch 5th Gen , iPad 4th Gen , iPad 4th Gen 4G , iPad Mini , iPad Mini 4G , iPhone 5C , iPhone 5S , iPad Air , iPad Air Cel , iPad Mini Retina , iPad Mini Retina Cel , iPhone6 , iPhone6 Plus , iPad Air 2 , iPad Air 2 Cel , iPad Mini 3 , iPad Mini 3 Cel , iPod Touch 6th Gen , iPhone 6s , iPhone 6s Plus , iPad Mini 4 , iPad Mini 4 Cel , iPad Pro , iPad Pro Cel , iPad Pro 97 , iPad Pro 97 Cel , iPhone SE , iPhone 7 , iPhone 7 Plus , iPad 6.11 , iPad 6.12 , iPad 7.1 , iPad 7.2 , iPad 7.3 , iPad 7.4

Comments and Ratings for Injustice 2

Fire!!!! (1.4)
5/31/2017 9:00:44 AM 5/5 By djziddy
I don't usually do reviews but I had to on this one!!! This game is crazy I love it.

Fun to play (1.4)
5/31/2017 8:52:37 AM 4/5 By madmacman87
This game is addicting and fun. Like all high graphic quality games it kills the battery quick. Hero chests are not very giving/forgiving. All and all a very satisfactory experience!

Injustice (1.4)
5/31/2017 8:48:55 AM 5/5 By Tyjakk
Great game, love it a lot more than any other super heroes fighting game in the App Store.

Getting hero's (1.4)
5/31/2017 8:42:33 AM 2/5 By Cdwwolvy
Hmmm i guess when u try an save up your crystals to get a preium hero u can only get duplicates or a one star hmmm the friends i have have played the game less than i have an have multiple 3*2*'s heroes wow

Incredible (1.4)
5/31/2017 8:37:13 AM 5/5 By Woofacebook
With the latest update, many of the performance problems on iPhone 6+ have been removed, including most crashing and jittery gameplay. Movement through the UI is now fluid and more detailed, as well as providing more incentive to play the Arena. Overall, fantastic update, you've earned 5 stars.

Injustice 2 is King of The Mobile Fighters (1.4)
5/31/2017 8:36:43 AM 5/5 By m@dh@tter
Much like its PS4 & Xbox One counterparts, I2 boasts an impressive package that is just as Rewarding, Addicting & Satisfying.

Cool game (1.4)
5/31/2017 8:31:32 AM 5/5 By ToxicRaven
So far pretty awesome.

Injustice is incredible! (1.4)
5/31/2017 8:29:27 AM 5/5 By Azazazazazazazazazazazazazza
Great game and story line! Seeing Superman and Batman fight it out is amazing. The combat is better then the style in injustice. I have no complaints.

Keeps crashig (1.4)
5/31/2017 8:24:07 AM 2/5 By Cause jam
I can't even get to the menu without it crashing once it's fixed I'll change it to a 5 star

Good stuff! (1.4)
5/31/2017 8:22:39 AM 5/5 By Randeleon
Very deep mechanics.

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