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By MAG Interactive (Mobile Access Group AB)
Supported Devices : , , , , , , , , , iPad 3rd Gen , iPad 3rd Gen 4G , , , iPad Wifi , iPhone 3GS , iPhone 4 , , iPhone 4S , , iPhone 5 , iPhone 5C , , , iPhone 5S , , iPhone6 , , iPhone6 Plus , iPad Mini 4G , , , , iPad Mini , , , iPad 4th Gen 4G , iPad 4th Gen , , , , , iPad 3G , , iPad 2 Wifi , , iPad 2 3G , , , , iPod Touch 4th Gen , iPod Touch 3rd Gen , iPod Touch 5th Gen , iPod Touch 4th Gen , , , , , ,

Release Notes

2/8/2017 | Version : 2.1.17 | Size : 114.1 MB
- Minor bug fixes and improvements.

Thanks for playing and for your continued feedback.

Let's Ruzzle!

1/12/2017 | Version : 2.1.16 | Size : 114.1 MB
The first Ruzzle update of 2017!

* Updated splash screen
* Updated game icon
* Santa says goodbye for this season

With a side of bug fixes and performance improvements

Happy new year and thanks for playing.

Let's Ruzzle!

11/30/2016 | Version : 2.1.15 | Size : 113.3 MB
Are you getting a visit from Santa this year?

Happy Holidays from Ruzzle!


Do you like word games? Join over 50 million players and try Ruzzle - the fastest word game on the planet!

- Top 10 word game in 145 countries
- Over 50 million players
- Play with your friends or challenge a random opponent

Ruzzle is a free, fun and fast-paced word game. Challenge your friends or random players to find as many words as possible in two minutes. You create words from a given set of letters just by swiping your finger across the screen.

Create long words and collect points and bonuses to win. Nice audio and animations make it even more fun to play.

Games are played in three rounds, each one when it suits you. Get going as soon as you have two minutes to spare!

Ruzzle Premium has a wide range of cool premium features, such as loads of statistics, rankings and more. Choose Ruzzle Premium to remove ads and enjoy premium features.

Challenge yourself and your friends in Ruzzle!

Ruzzle is played in fourteen languages:

Learn more and check ranking lists at

Tune in at and


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Comments and Ratings for Ruzzle

Customer support terrible. (2.1.16)
2/7/2017 7:46:00 AM 3/5 By Sezgod4
The game is fun-addicting! Don't even bother contacting customer support however. They never respond so issues go unresolved.

2/7/2017 1:28:00 AM 1/5 By Mikeyav3
I love Ruzzle, but hate the tournaments. Ex: One guy in 1st place has over 2000 points so I think he must've used bonuses, so I challenge him and proceed to Destroy him then begin to think he hacked the tournament leaderboards. PLEASE GET RID OF THE HACKERS!

Ads are back! (2.1.16)
2/6/2017 9:07:00 PM 2/5 By Ueaces12
I paid for ad free app once, and now can't reload it from the cloud without ads popping up after every game. Some last 30 seconds… No thanks. 😢

Absolutely addictive (2.1.16)
2/6/2017 8:20:00 PM 5/5 By Fourft11
This game is very addictive. I have been playing it for years. I love the improvements that were made as well.

RUZZLE, What happened? (2.1.16)
2/6/2017 7:58:00 PM 1/5 By judart
This was my favorite game until tonight (2/6/17). It has changed from being competitive against strangers to making teams. I probably will not be playing any longer.

Good game (2.1.16)
2/6/2017 10:56:00 AM 4/5 By FunYet?
I like playing against people I don't know. For once, a game where I feel like I'm getting smarter. My main complaint is I want them to update the dictionary. Sometimes they accept words but don't have a definition for them. Sometimes I disagree with whether a word is acceptable. It accepts some words that I think are abbreviations, informal, or foreign words and doesn't accept others. A few times it bugged out and said I resigned when I didn't. But overall, it's a satisfying game.

Addictive!! (2.1.16)
2/5/2017 8:11:00 PM 5/5 By Askme88
I've been so addicted I keep deleted it but doesn't last long til I download again & again....LBS!!!

Great game (2.1.16)
2/5/2017 5:32:00 PM 4/5 By Hey Berta
Wonderful way for pastime but this game has glitches at times when I'm playing it doesn't add up my scores it remains on 0 making me lose the game on that round.

Greatest game!! (2.1.16)
2/4/2017 8:46:00 PM 5/5 By Lizmbs
Great fun and no need to spend money to enjoy!! Great for your mind and memory too!!

Game is fun; Tournaments are Horrible (2.1.16)
2/4/2017 7:35:00 PM 3/5 By GB2002
The regular game play against opponents is fun. The tournament play is horrible. Since players all get different boards to play it's not a fair competition. Getting a high score is mainly a function of the letters you get, especially which ones carry the double and trip bonuses, rather than how good you are at the game.

Opening app store (2.1.16)
2/4/2017 2:43:00 PM 1/5 By GPsix
I like the game, but I am so tired of being mid round and the App Store opening for no reason. It happens consistently and costing me rounds, because I come back and it opens up the store yet again. It REALLY needs to be fixed.

Review (2.1.16)
2/4/2017 11:14:00 AM 5/5 By Wvernon3
I had never really embraced a game prior to ruzzle. I am confident it serves to keep my mind sharp and focused. Truly one of the best,most fun games I have ever played. There is the problem of not being able to delete friends. I would like to know the procedure to accomplish this. Please inform as to how to delete friends. Thank you.

Challenging (2.1.16)
2/3/2017 11:58:00 PM 5/5 By Lawjwcc
Love this game. This is the only game I play on a regular basis. It's fast and over in a couple of minutes not time-consuming like words with friends or scrabble. I'm older (75) and feel it keeps my mind active.

z4 (2.1.16)
2/3/2017 5:56:00 PM 4/5 By AZrci
'T is an awesome game I played this game long time ago I called it squabble lol..

love (2.1.16)
2/3/2017 1:00:00 PM 3/5 By saritalizita
I really wish they would take away the option to use your Facebook profile picture b/c it doesn't fit with the avatar faces. it's annoyingly inconsistent I would really love if we could choose to only play opponents with the Halloween faces. I've got lots of coins saved up but there's nothing left I want to spend them on. could you pleeeese let us buy the option to play exclusively with the Halloween-faced players??

Game (2.1.16)
2/3/2017 8:50:00 AM 5/5 By blurryJ
The game is great!!! But as Mister Brad had said, I had already paid for the ad free version of the game, but when I changed phones, the ad free game couldn't be transferred over. So I paid again even though I really felt I shouldn't have been required too. Great game, lousy support.

Challenging & Fun (2.1.16)
2/3/2017 8:20:00 AM 5/5 By BroKen114
Title pretty much sums it up. Challenging & Fun.

Totally addictive! (2.1.16)
2/2/2017 8:22:00 PM 5/5 By Lp568
This is a great game for word lovers! Fast paced and fun. Beware though it's highly addictive. Only complaint is that the tournament function stopped working :(

Great app (2.1.16)
2/2/2017 5:40:00 PM 5/5 By Godsman1

Great word game!! (2.1.16)
2/2/2017 5:17:00 PM 4/5 By Tsheba
I love the concept of this game. It's exercise for your brain.

Wow glitchy (2.1.16)
2/2/2017 1:29:00 PM 1/5 By GuitarPr03
Every other game, I'd hit a word and it would redirect and open a page on the internet... then when I go back to the app it says I'm cheating when I'm just trying to play ur frikn game! Thanks

Kicked off Ruzzle (2.1.16)
2/2/2017 1:00:00 AM 1/5 By Teacher Renee
I've played this for years. But now it says there is no account for my email address.

Fun!!!! (2.1.16)
2/1/2017 5:46:00 PM 5/5 By Buttaphlii
Great Game

My Favorite Game! (2.1.16)
2/1/2017 5:32:00 PM 5/5 By keyalus
Simple and addictive. I wish it let you pause, but it's hard to remember the words you did then so maybe it's for the best!

1/31/2017 5:55:00 PM 2/5 By cynderella1
Great time passer.

So addictive! (2.1.16)
1/31/2017 5:02:00 PM 5/5 By Divadody
Love the challenges of this game. Fast paced and short time.

Where's support? (2.1.16)
1/31/2017 2:32:00 PM 5/5 By ColoEljay
This has been my "go to" game for years. About a week ago something went haywire on my iPhone and now I can't play on that device. I sent a couple of emails to MAG requesting a way to reset my password and have heard nothing. I'd love to give this game 5 stars but, until I feel like a valued customer, I won't. UPDATE: Tech support responded to my emails and all is well in my Ruzzle world now. You now get a 5-star rating.

So addicted (2.1.16)
1/31/2017 2:05:00 PM 5/5 By Goonybaby
Love this game, waited a few days before reviewing and am not disappointed. The ads can be a bit annoying but nothing to bad the game is just plain fun. And i am proof that the more you play the better you get haha! Now if only there were more players, sometimes it takes to long to find an opponent and if your like me, itching to play immediately ha.

Fun game (2.1.16)
1/30/2017 10:01:00 PM 4/5 By John2298
Great game. Challenging

Frustrated (2.1.16)
1/30/2017 10:17:00 AM 1/5 By Mrshart53
I have played this game for a few years and always enjoyed it up until 2 or 3 months ago. When playing it only let's you play with certain letters. You can make a word and it doesn't give any score more times than not. My scores used to be 800 to 1000. Now maybe 60 points. Very frustrating and don't know what to do . Can anyone help?

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