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By Uber Technologies, Inc.
Supported Devices : iPad 2 Wifi , iPad Wifi , iPad 2 3G , iPad 3G , All , iPod Touch 4th Gen , iPhone 4 , iPhone 3GS , iPod Touch 3rd Gen , iPad 4th Gen , iPad Mini 4G , iPhone 4S , iPhone 5 , iPad 3rd Gen , iPod Touch 5th Gen , iPad Mini , iPad 3rd Gen 4G , iPad 4th Gen 4G , iPhone 5C , iPhone 5S , iPod Touch 4th Gen , iPhone6 Plus , iPhone6 , iPod Touch 6th Gen , iPad 2 Wifi , iPad 2 3G , iPhone 4S , iPad 3rd Gen , iPad 3rd Gen 4G , iPhone 5 , iPod Touch 5th Gen , iPad 4th Gen , iPad 4th Gen 4G , iPad Mini , iPad Mini 4G , iPhone 5C , iPhone 5S , iPad Air , iPad Air Cel , iPad Mini Retina , iPad Mini Retina Cel , iPhone6 , iPhone6 Plus , iPad Air 2 , iPad Air 2 Cel , iPad Mini 3 , iPad Mini 3 Cel , iPod Touch 6th Gen , iPhone 6s , iPhone 6s Plus , iPad Mini 4 , iPad Mini 4 Cel , iPad Pro , iPad Pro Cel , iPad Pro 97 , iPad Pro 97 Cel , iPhone SE , iPhone 7 , iPhone 7 Plus , iPad 6.11 , iPad 6.12 , iPad 7.1 , iPad 7.2 , iPad 7.3 , iPad 7.4

Release Notes

6/22/2017 | Version : 3.248.4 | Size : 271.7 MB
We update the app as often as possible to make it faster and more reliable for you. Check back next week to see the latest features and fixes available.

Love the app? Rate us! Your feedback keeps the Uber engine running.
Have a question? Tap Help in the Uber app or visit help.uber.com.

6/12/2017 | Version : 3.248.3 | Size : 271.7 MB
We update the app as often as possible to make it faster and more reliable for you. Check back next week to see the latest features and fixes available.

Love the app? Rate us! Your feedback keeps the Uber engine running.
Have a question? Tap Help in the Uber app or visit help.uber.com.

6/1/2017 | Version : 3.247.2 | Size : 270.7 MB
We update the app as often as possible to make it faster and more reliable for you. Check back next week to see the latest features and fixes available.

Love the app? Rate us! Your feedback keeps the Uber engine running.
Have a question? Tap Help in the Uber app or visit help.uber.com.


Uber is a ridesharing app for fast, reliable rides in minutes—day or night. There’s no need to park or wait for a taxi or bus. With Uber, you just tap to request a ride, and it’s easy to pay with credit or cash in select cities.

Whether you’re going to the airport or across town, there’s an Uber for every occasion. Uber is available in more than 500 cities worldwide—download the app and take your first trip today.

Requesting your Uber is easy—here’s how it works:
- Just open the app and tell us where you’re going.
- The app uses your location so your driver knows where to pick you up.
- You’ll see your driver’s picture, vehicle details, and can track their arrival on the map.
- Payment can be made by credit card, cash in select cities, Apple Pay, PayPal, and more.
- After the ride, you can rate your driver and provide feedback to help us improve the Uber experience. You’ll also get a receipt by email.

Need a simple way to get from A to B quickly? Take uberX, our most affordable individual option.

Want to save money on your ride? Take uberPOOL—you’ll travel with other riders headed your way and enjoy a lower fare.

Want to elevate your experience? Take a high-end vehicle with UberBLACK. And there’s still more options—whether you’re traveling with a big group, or need a vehicle with accessibility features.

See if Uber is available in your city at https://www.uber.com/cities
Follow us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/uber
Like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/uber

Have a question? Visit uber.com/help.

Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


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Comments and Ratings for Uber

Terrible (3.248.4)
6/21/2017 9:41:18 PM 1/5 By Trueshot007
Exploitive company

Foggydogg (3.248.4)
6/21/2017 9:34:05 PM 1/5 By Chescabear
I started out using Uber but couldn't leave a tip as I essentially carry no cash anymore. However lately the company has had many many problems and so have removed and using Lyft as my only ride share. They don't seem to have any negativity and just as easy to use.

New Version Struggled (3.246.2)
6/21/2017 9:32:18 PM 2/5 By BK Lawyer
Pick up functionality on the new version is clunky. GPS seems to be less accurate outside NYC, and car quality/comfort is definitely worse.

Yes, there is room for improvement. (Updated2) (3.248.4)
6/21/2017 8:29:27 PM 3/5 By Guilherme morais
Well, I still love this app but why you took away the value of the "higher rates " this was so much easy. That 2.0x or 1.3 was great!!!

I have to plan a trip and it won't allow me to (3.248.4)
6/21/2017 8:26:02 PM 3/5 By Francesmarie2437
I have to plan a trip to the airport and it won't allow me, please help

So far so good! (3.248.4)
6/21/2017 7:37:12 PM 1/5 By jay92128
I take back my 5 star review! And you've lost another customer to Lyft. Bye!

Horrible (3.248.4)
6/21/2017 7:28:19 PM 1/5 By former uber customer
I used to use Uber and then someone hacked my Uber account. Tried to reach someone.....no phone number. And if you find a number, the recording says to go to the app. I submitted an on line message and Then hours later I got a message 'resolved'. I went to my account and my information was gone. Except my email address. No explanation, nothing. Very shady. I don't know what happened to any information on my account and can't talk to anyone.

Former Uber evangelist, now I know better... (3.248.4)
6/21/2017 7:01:58 PM 1/5 By Eric L789
I started using Uber when it launched in NYC in 2010 and have taken probably 1500 rides all over the world since then (have had Uber's "VIP" status in 3 cities and actually got rid of my car in LA for a year to just use Uber). What legitimately started as an excellent operation with super customer service has devolved in to customer and driver hell as the business grew too rapidly. If you have ANY issue customer service is a total disaster. While I have a 4.85 rating and am a perfect customer in every way, Uber today inexplicably suspended my account stranding me and causing me to miss a flight to an important meeting. Absolutely no communication, no reason, no way to contact anyone except by email to a surly foreign "call center" type worker who will spit meaningless "customer service" scripts back at you. The good news is, Lyft is great!!!!! STAY AWAY from this horrible mess. If Uber hasn't screwed YOU yet, trust me, they WILL.

F&$@ this. (3.248.4)
6/21/2017 6:52:00 PM 1/5 By Hellgatesage
Uber want to know too much and drivers can rate you how ever and you don't get to know why.

Easy. Simple. Cheap. (3.248.4)
6/21/2017 6:43:20 PM 5/5 By Arson Carson
Great for anyone who doesn't have a car or can't drive because they're inebriated. Awesome drivers in the Central Florida Area! ❤️ Uber ❤️

Pervy uncle location tracking / predatory (3.248.4)
6/21/2017 6:08:18 PM 1/5 By Tony_AZ
Their support just blows you off!!! Consider the other guys! Gee, maybe you should not have my GPS records since then you would know where my doctors office is, then you could seek out my medical records. lol uber is a joke these days. Poor service that has gotten ruder and ruder. Poor user interface. Poor ethics. Problematic location tracking!! And drains the battery. Apple, is this really the type of app you want in the store?? Criminal behavior. Apple - remove from "essentials". Stories about Apple CEO lecturing Uber do not impress, take action! Not a consumer friendly company. Will my location data get hacked when Uber gets hacked? Why do you need my location when not using the app??? PRIVACY CONCERN!! And app quality getting worse not better. Go with the other guys. Apple- this app should be removed from "essentials" as nobody needs a battery draining 24/7 location tracker to hail a ride sharing service. This is not essential to anyone... Uber, the update you tried to sneak past us right before thanksgiving changes the location services to being able to track me even when not using the app. That is unacceptable. Just deleted the app and will NOT be using Uber anymore. #badpolicy #shameful Really a step backwards for Uber.

App crashing (3.248.4)
6/21/2017 5:07:31 PM 1/5 By orjsbisk
Can't use this with the most recent update. The app just crashes.

App will track you after you uninstall it (3.248.4)
6/21/2017 5:00:20 PM 1/5 By Chris Hend
Do not install this app. The company is in need of serious management changes.

Love to hate? (3.248.4)
6/21/2017 4:45:49 PM 4/5 By David1112
Everyone seems to love to hate Uber these days but my experience gives me little reason to complain: courteous drivers, clean cars, prompt service, low rates. Yeah a couple of years ago Uber announced that my phone number was bogus and wouldn't let me order cars, but I'm willing to let bygones be bygones, sans one star.

Customers are garbage just the same way the taxi companies treat us. (3.248.4)
6/21/2017 4:34:42 PM 1/5 By Jeffwebb1993
Charging for wait times, charging to quit AFTER WAITING A HALF HOUR FOR A DRIVER.... uber needs to go back to their no frills uncomplicated business model. This is becoming ridiculous.

Fun ride (3.248.4)
6/21/2017 3:28:05 PM 5/5 By messl1
Had the best time. Great app.

Worst customers experience! (3.248.4)
6/21/2017 3:04:04 PM 1/5 By jlockheed
This my first review off an app. I was on vacation and tried setting an Uber account, and they made it painful every step up the way.

$20 coupon: zge3ui (3.248.4)
6/21/2017 1:08:06 PM 5/5 By uznhjeoa368
First of all, if you haven’t taken a ride yet make sure you use the coupon “zge3ui" to get $20 off your first ride! Enter it right before you request a ride. Go to the Payment tab in the app and enter the coupon under promotions. Might as well try it out since it won't cost you a thing! The app is simple, easy to use and intuitive by design, giving you important info like the driver’s face, phone number, and car make and model. It’s amazing how quick and seamless the entire process is. A car comes to your door within minutes of pressing a button! The drivers are real people, they are very polite and their cars are clean! Some even come with complimentary water, gum and candy!!! Even if you want to charge your phone, a lot of drivers have phone chargers at your ready!!! UberX is definitely cheaper than your average cab. After all this, I don’t see why you would ever use a yellow cab again. The customer support is also fantastic. I got overcharged on one of my trips and I didn’t have to say anything more than a comment on my driver feedback to get a full refund. I’m very happy and I hope Uber continues to exceed my expectations in not only the app but customer service!! I also prefer Uber much more than other competitors, mainly because they have so much more supply and cars are always just a few minutes away!!!

Poor company all around (3.248.4)
6/21/2017 12:46:55 PM 1/5 By AbsolutelyTrash103947283
Version 3.248.4: Uber used to be innovative and supposedly more convenient but it's turning out to be worse and worse as time goes on. Uber is unfair to the drivers, not paying well enough. But additionally, drivers are rude to riders, cancel rides while surge pricing rises, and untrained. Drivers are often unsafe in that they're terrible at driving and Uber doesn't have a great vetting system. The company doesn't have enough consumer protections. Customer service and help are nonexistent; if you contact them with an issue you just get a cookie-cutter response that doesn't address the problem. They will overcharge you or make fraudulent charges and then refuse to give a refund, only a credit. A credit is not helpful when I shouldn't have been charged in the first place and I don't want my money going to Uber. Uber is bad for drivers and for riders. All around Uber is a terrible company

Poor routing algorithm (3.248.4)
6/21/2017 12:00:28 PM 1/5 By hempire
Find myself arriving at my destination later than the "no later than" estimates in San Francisco.

I'm going to start using another service (3.248.4)
6/21/2017 11:01:56 AM 1/5 By Miamitraveler
You had me at hello. Then you go meas it up. I would not allow an app to track me all the time. I'll use another service, and probably never comeback.

$20 1st ride code: sydneyr606ue (3.248.4)
6/21/2017 10:13:20 AM 5/5 By SydneyxoStyles
cheap & friendly. never had a rude driver. always satisfied 😊

Shame they copied Lyft (3.248.4)
6/21/2017 9:43:45 AM 1/5 By Tinder me gently
Preferred to use you guys over Lyft. Now can't tell the difference. Wish you kept tipping off the service.

Adios (3.248.4)
6/21/2017 9:39:43 AM 1/5 By Whyamihere
You took away the option of sharing location only while using the app. Guess what's easier than having to go into my settings every time to re-enable location and disable location?? ...using Lyft from now on. Put location sharing back to the user's choice. ADDITIONALLY, I consider this company to be a bunch of scumbags for releasing a new update every few days to wipe out the negative reviews. There are no real updates to the app. If there were it would be from listening to the rage of their users and giving back the option of location while only using the app. And I'll continue to give 1 star until they do. Update: Uber recently sent an email "noticing" that I disabled location for the App. Well no crap, that's what happens when you don't care about user privacy. I'm sure they had to send out a lot of those emails to others. My location will remain disabled until they bring back the option for only when using the app, and my business continues to go to Lyft.

Tipping is a bad policy! (3.248.4)
6/21/2017 9:30:11 AM 1/5 By climpfton
Tipping is a bad policy! You excluded tipping in the beginning for a reason, why abandon that now? Also you have a poor culture apparently.

Disgusting (3.248.4)
6/21/2017 9:03:57 AM 1/5 By Great review!!!!
I have had multiple unpleasant experiences with this company. Most recently my driver reclined his seat back so I couldn't slide behind his seat to get out, he then grabbed my hand, pulled my closer, grabbed my head and shoved his tongue down my throat. He was stronger than me and it was really scary. I finally managed to get out and run into the building where my doctor's appointment was (in tears). Young women (or men) should NEVER have to be afraid of being assaulted by anyone let alone a driver for a "reputable" company. Additionally, the trip was less than 70 blocks and it cost me $70. I'll never use this company again.

Deceptive app (2.135.2)
6/21/2017 9:00:03 AM 1/5 By Yurdude
User experience on the app has been on the decline for a while. Wait times are frequently off to a significant degree, the GPS is poor, and prices surge more frequently although there is no significant increase in traffic or users. Adding tipping now is sure to drive away even more people.

6/21/2017 8:54:03 AM 1/5 By Propheticore
Uber app intends to sap cash$ from you with super un-ending petty fees. This app has new policies against the rider with money siphoning bcuz whiny drivers!! I'll be using LYFT more now! Uber your new policies HIJACKS THE RIDER with a myriad of new jacked up fees..bcuz incompetent driver/APP. For example, I've watched a 3 min pick-up time turn into 6 min when DRIVER makes a wrong turn..so now Uber charges ME a $fee if I cancel. If DRIVER goes to wrong pick-up spot or if the DRIVER doesn't spot me in less than 60 SECONDS they get to cancel AND Uber charges ME a filthy fee. SMH To dispute one of Uber APP filthy fees is a laborious process..resulting in "ride credit." NO THANKS, SUCKY FEE SUCKER, UBER APP. RIDER TIME is valuable too AND SO IS OUR $$ THAT UBER IS SIPHONING FROM RIDERS WITH PETTY FEES & WHINNY DRIVERS!!! Way to sap the rider

Terrible costumer service there!!!!! (3.248.4)
6/21/2017 8:38:40 AM 1/5 By sarvo777
They are offer a pass for $ 2.99 pool $5.99 x until $ 20 for pool and $ 25 x... that not real they choice the place to give u that !!! Yesterday I try to use that for airport of miami and they want charge almost $20 ... I wrote a complaint about that and they said I see you pass moth are working!!!! They don't resolve anything about that I checked this address again and I have to paid $ 15.... so don't waste your money and time buying that!!! Terrible service they provide

Evil sexist company with good app (3.248.4)
6/21/2017 7:23:32 AM 3/5 By 804rippedoff
Hate the company but there are just not enough lift drivers in RichmondVIRGINIA yet. Hopefully drivers will switch, I was morally conflicted about using this app when I need to get around, then I realized it since the company is losing money on every you are actually helping drive someone out of business he's evil!

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