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Wake N Shake Alarm Clock

By Andres Canella
Supported Devices : All , iPad 2 3G , iPad 2 Wifi , iPad 3G , iPad 4th Gen , iPad 4th Gen 4G , iPad Mini , iPad Mini 4G , iPad 3rd Gen , iPad 3rd Gen 4G , iPad Wifi , iPhone , iPhone 3G , iPhone 3GS , iPhone 4 , iPhone 4S , iPhone 5 , iPhone 5C , iPhone 5S , iPhone6 , iPhone6 Plus , iPod Touch , iPod Touch 5th Gen , iPod Touch 4th Gen , iPod Touch 4th Gen , , iPod Touch 3rd Gen , iPod Touch with Microphone

Release Notes

7/31/2015 | Version : 4.55 | Size : 26.5 MB
Bug fixes.

11/17/2014 | Version : 4.52 | Size : 25.6 MB
V. 4.52
We messed up. We removed wake up sounds you love. So we've brought them back and added 5 new tunes with the help of producer Robo-Mopho.

We've also fixed a ton of bugs that really sucked. Wake N Shake is now working beautifully.

- Fixes scroll bug
- Volume fade-in
- Fixed max volume bug
- Other improvements

9/3/2014 | Version : 4.50 | Size : 16.8 MB
Get ready to shake even harder. You will now earn points for shaking! Conquer achievements, up your level.

Not to mention a TON of bug fixes. Wake N Shake is now even better at waking you up.

! - Just swipe right from the main screen to access your achievements and shake level.



Wake up instantly with the original merciless alarm clock.

New & Noteworthy and featured on TechCrunch, WIRED, CNN, LifeHacker, Mashable, Gizmodo and many more.

The only way to shut it off is by shaking the iPhone like crazy. No snooze button. You can't lower the volume. No mercy.

"If you suck at getting up in the morning, this "merciless alarm clock" will quickly earn its subtitle by your bedside." - LifeHacker

Video Demo: http://bit.ly/wnsvideo

+ Beautiful landscape mode
+ Merciless shake to wake alarm clock with adjustable intensity
+ Shake Achievements
+ One-tap quick naps
+ Gorgeous Night Mode
+ Super fast, minimalist interface
+ 24 Creative alarm sounds
+ Sleep music

FREE Premium Add-Ons
o multiple alarms
o strobe light
o extended shake levels

*Place phone face down to turn off screen.

Screenshots iPhone / iPod :

Screenshots iPhone / iPod Screenshots iPhone / iPod Screenshots iPhone / iPod Screenshots iPhone / iPod Screenshots iPhone / iPod


Utilities , Productivity

Comments and Ratings for Wake N Shake Alarm Clock

The best !!! (4.55)
7/12/2015 5:16:00 AM 5/5 By sebasian vanelli
The best App for wake up !!! I love !!! Very Good !!!

Flawless multi alarm guaranteed to wake you (4.54)
7/9/2015 7:03:00 AM 5/5 By Theevilisback
I bought this after seeing something online and having a hard time waking up I decided to buy this. This app is so amazing I'm beyond happy that I got this. The multi-alarm system allows me to set my alarms for the week (working multiple shift hours this is huge) and I never have to worry about forgetting my alarms again. The shaking to shut the alarm off is awesome. It forces you to sit there for at least 15 seconds which, in my experience, gets your blood flowing and forces you awake. To counter what people are saying which is completely inaccurate: You can set alarms for specific days and times. There's multiple audio choices included that will gradually get louder to set as your alarm tone or you can use your own music. You cannot dock this alarm and expect the alarm to sound because almost all docks will go to sleep after a certain amount of time due to phone audio inactivity. This is common in almost all devices and apps. Final words: I've been using this app now for over 2 years to get to work. Never have I not woken up to it and felt like I needed to go back to bed. It forces you to get going by making you move and is a great concept that I will continue to use for years to come.

Amazing! (4.53)
7/3/2015 11:25:00 PM 5/5 By 다니다니˜
I wouldn't trust any other alarm but wake n' shake to wake me up!

Buyer beware (4.52)
5/22/2015 11:57:00 PM 1/5 By ajones10
Amazing concept. If only it worked. Yes I followed the instructions and left the app on, turned it on its face but the alarm did not go off at all!!! Also, the fact that the app has to be on constantly is a huge inconvenience and should have been explained in the description. Simply a terrible app.

This app shouldn't cost money (4.52)
5/5/2015 7:37:00 PM 2/5 By noneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
And I'll tell you why this is why. I set an alarm for 8am and followed the apps instructions. It did not go off until 5 hours later. This app has a awesome concept but it is buggy and didn't work right yet. In a sense it's still a beta.

Love this app, but suddenly bugged (4.52)
4/27/2015 3:35:00 AM 4/5 By Rouch_af
I've had this app for months and really liked it. This last week however, it's been super buggy. The wake up time changes at night, the shake intensity seems to spontaneously change and I've found the wake up tone changed. A few times I chalked it up to sleep induced human error trying to shake it off, but this am, all three changes had occurred: wake up time set to 1am (definitely no where close to the time I set), tone changed and intensity increased. Going to uninstall and reinstall, see if that helps, but noting here for possible improvements.

Ugh! (4.52)
4/22/2015 12:19:00 PM 1/5 By klbonilla19
Love the app when it works! Every so often it has its issues. Kind of hard to wake up with no sound! Please fix ASAP!

YAAAS (4.52)
4/14/2015 6:36:00 AM 5/5 By Koshermoe
Will always get me up (but not enough that I can't fall asleep afterwards if I want to. i.e. the weekend). Please add more achievements! I've been using this app for almost a year, and I've already burned through the existing ones. Please and thank you!

I love the app but... (4.52)
4/7/2015 7:47:00 PM 5/5 By 8) whit
It works superbly. Really good app and worth the money, but there's a bug where if you don't wake up with the app, and you open it the following night because you want to use it, it starts going off by vibrating and flashing and playing the music. If I don't want to use it for a night, it shouldn't go off at 10pm the same day when you open the app if the alarm is say 8am for the previous morning.

Fix the sensor (4.52)
4/5/2015 3:20:00 PM 3/5 By ((^_^)))))sneaky
Sometimes in the morning when I shake the phone, nothing will happen and I end up deleting the app to get everything to turn of :( fix this! Other than good that alarm app

Does not work right (4.52)
3/26/2015 1:41:00 PM 1/5 By Jestina Spaine
This app does not work on my iPhone 6. I'll leave the app open the night before but nothing...I have to click on the app to get the alarm on & then all I have to do is swipe up to close it.

Talk about useless (4.52)
3/19/2015 1:49:00 PM 1/5 By AlexisNV
This app didn't even go off on the 5 or 6! The alarm doesn't sound off on its own so I ended up over sleeping for 2 hours, waking up on my own and checking the app to see if I turned it on correctly and then it sounded 2 hours later. It doesn't work like a regular alarm clock where it rings on its own, you have to go to app at the time you wake up which is... Stupid. Fix this please and I'll change my rating

Not Optimized for iPhone 6 Plus (4.52)
3/15/2015 11:34:00 PM 1/5 By Jmaekeech
Shake feature does not work for iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus.

Dont waste your money (4.52)
1/14/2015 4:08:00 AM 1/5 By millertower
Volume is down on 1 bar and i cant turn it up. The volume display comes up, but when pushing up or down on volume keys, it kinda blinks the next bar but thats it. Wont change volume. Also, if you just hit home button in your sleep when alarm goes off, it shuts off.....kinda defeats purpose of app.

5s Problems Too (4.52)
1/9/2015 5:32:00 AM 1/5 By Omg stahp it
Same problem as another user wrote: worked great on my iPhone 4, just got a 5S & no matter how much I shake, it doesn't work. I get up to like 12% sometimes but I never had problems getting it to 100% every morning on my 4 & it would then shut off.

Great! (4.52)
1/3/2015 3:09:00 AM 2/5 By Coopy498
I love this app but same for me, it worked wonders on my iPhone 4s but ever since the 6 the volume is weird. I can exit the app and just close it and the shake doesn't seem to be as responsive please fix! That's would be amazing!

Not good (4.52)
12/10/2014 7:08:00 AM 2/5 By Jonahls
Good source of exercise to start off a day with. However, I can't change the volume on it other than changing the volume on my whole phone. and with that, it is not very loud at all. How about adding some extra volume controls to the app

Wakes me up (4.52)
11/29/2014 1:33:00 PM 4/5 By pmhobs
But keeps asking me to turn on cellular data. I sleep at home with wifi. You don't cellular data, so stop asking.

Help?! (4.52)
11/21/2014 9:03:00 AM 2/5 By nainabutt
Great concept, just doesn't seem to work. Needs an update!!!

Doesn't work on jPhone6 (4.52)
11/13/2014 12:04:00 PM 3/5 By BeMa3
Loved this on my iPhone 4, but it doesn't work on my new phone.

iPhone 6 probs (4.52)
11/11/2014 4:49:00 AM 5/5 By Triggwar
Now don't get me wring when U say this but this app has been giving me trouble with my new iPhone 6. The shake feature isn't working so I cant seem to turn the alarm off. It's annoying, yet I used this app EVERY MORNING on my previous iPhone 4s and it worked great and it was PERFECT!! I love it!! Great app, but if this shaking problem could be fixed on my new phone that would be great!! Now that may be my problem if something in my settings is off but otherwise it isn't working properly, but still my favorite alarm app!!!! Best one out there!!

Thanks for the update! (4.52)
11/5/2014 9:24:00 PM 4/5 By Rozaroni
I'm SO happy that the multi-alarms are back!

Yes!! (4.52)
11/4/2014 6:32:00 AM 5/5 By Cam3blue
The sounds are back, and it runs smoother than ever. And I can make my own sounds! Thee best alarm app I have ever used, no drawbacks that I've found so far, well worth my money

Buggy & Broken; Don't Waste $ Until It's Fixed (4.51)
10/29/2014 5:06:00 AM 2/5 By Genevieve Allen
***note: the App Store has a developer note that a fix is coming out for the "scroll issue," which is (I assume) the bug that made it impossible to set alarms. I look forward to that happening, so take that in consideration. I still can't recommend it until it is fixed, however.**** It's a great concept and when it used to work it was awesome. They almost completely lost my support when they added in-app purchases when I'd already bought the app and had all its features, only to have what I paid for taken away. Now there are several issues that make it UNUSABLE and FRUSTRATING. 1. Almost impossible to change alarm times, can't touch minutes without closing the alarm edit and sometimes touching and trying to change hour immediately closes the alarm edit. Most frustrating, makes it unusable as an alarm clock. 2. Some great wake-up sounds were removed (why?) from the app after its big "overhaul." 3. Some issues with with the alarm not sounding properly at the alarm times. If this app's issues are fixed, I'll happily re-download and re-review it. I liked it when it worked but now it's screwed up.

Used to work, now is worthless (4.51)
10/16/2014 5:53:00 AM 1/5 By ZachW711
The app used to work fine and I used it all the time. Now it's useless. Anytime I try to change the time of the alarm, the screen blacks out and when it doesn't, I still can't change the time. It's incredibly frustrating. If I'm lucky, it only takes 10 minutes to update the alarm. Screw this worthless crap. They need to fix it.

If it's not broke, DON'T fix it! (4.51)
10/15/2014 4:27:00 AM 1/5 By donLaden™
This app used to be a pretty good and reliable alarm. Now I can't edit an alarm without the edit window closing every time I try and change hours or minutes. It's now worthless to me. They had a good thing going with the concept, but now, that's all it is, a concept. These developers obviously have never heard the saying, "IF ITS NOT BROKE, DONT FIX IT!". Every update has slowly been killing this once great alarm app. Good work devs! Your app is now 💩

The past few updates have made this app terrible. (4.51)
10/8/2014 3:01:00 AM 2/5 By Gilmore Girl
First of all, they removed many of the best alarm sounds. Secondly, iOS 8 messed up the clock setup and you can't really set the minutes very well. Please fix. It's terrible right now.

Stable but I can't use it anymore. (4.51)
10/6/2014 12:38:00 PM 3/5 By HDCautism
I'm writing this review, just after having been awoken by wake & shake. The good news is: I'm awake. 😊 The current version is stable, with no crashes. Unfortunately, the fade-in is no longer working, even after deleting and reinstalling the app, and the not-adjustable, full volume audio is just too loud for my nerves. 😰 -IPhone 4S with iOS 7.

Decent (4.51)
10/1/2014 4:56:00 AM 3/5 By Jonahls
Good source of exercise to start off a day with. But I can only change the hour I wake up at. It won't let me change the minutes which is really frustrating.

Wake Up (4.51)
9/22/2014 6:37:00 AM 5/5 By AJ8908
This will definitely wake you up! - the new update keeps you from shutting the app off any way except shaking it as far as I can tell. It is the only thing that wakes me up.

From this dev.

Wake N Shake Alarm Clock (v 3.0 Update)
Wake N Shake Alarm Clock (v 3.0 Update)

Price : $19.99
Platform : iPhone/iPad
By Andres Canella

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