Walking Dead: The Game 3.5/5

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Walking Dead: The Game

By Telltale Inc (Telltale Games)
Supported Devices : All , iPad 2 3G , iPad 2 Wifi , iPad 3G , iPad 4th Gen , iPad 4th Gen 4G , iPad Mini , iPad Mini 4G , iPad 3rd Gen , iPad 3rd Gen 4G , iPad Wifi , iPhone 3GS , iPhone 4 , iPhone 4S , iPhone 5 , iPhone 5C , iPhone 5S , iPhone6 , iPhone6 Plus , iPod Touch 5th Gen , iPod Touch 4th Gen , iPod Touch 4th Gen , , iPod Touch 3rd Gen

Release Notes

5/11/2014 | Version : 1.7 | Size : 330.4 MB
*Miscellaneous Fixes

12/2/2013 | Version : 1.6 | Size : 317.5 MB
* Miscellaneous Fixes

9/24/2013 | Version : 1.5 | Size : 317.5 MB
* Added game controller support for iPhone 5


**NOTE: Compatible with iPad 2 and up, and iPhone 4 and up - WILL NOT RUN ON EARLIER DEVICES**

****Download '400 Days' today! The brand new and critically-acclaimed episode in The Walking Dead series is AVAILABLE NOW****



10 out of 10 – “…JUST PLAY IT” – DIGITAL TRENDS

Centered on a truck stop on a Georgia highway, this special episode for Season 1 of The Walking Dead tells five linked stories of survival. The Walking Dead: 400 Days offers more of the horror and human drama of Robert Kirkman and Telltale’s award-winning series.

***How to play ‘400 Days’ of 'Walking Dead: The Game' after making your in-app purchase.***

***'Walking Dead: The Game' app MUST be installed on your iOS device to purchase and download '400 Days'***

1.Launch ‘Walking Dead: The Game’ app, select ‘Episodes’ from the main menu and choose to buy either the Multi-Pack (Episodes 2-5 + 400 Days bundle), or if declining that offer, select the ‘Buy’ option listed next to '400 Days'. If you purchased the Multi-Pack, choose the ‘Get’ option listed next to '400 Days'.

2.Once you have selected ‘Get’ or confirmed your purchase, '400 Days' will download to your device, showing ‘Installed’ once the download is complete.

3.When '400 Days' is installed, select ‘Back’, choose ‘Play’, then select which saved game slot you would like to continue from, followed by ‘Play’.

4.To play '400 Days', select the arrow in the upper right corner of the screen until '400 Days' is displayed, then select ‘Play’ and '400 Days' will begin.

***2012's GAME OF THE YEAR (Episode 1) is FREE for a LIMITED TIME***

The Walking Dead is a five-part episodic game series set in the same universe as Robert Kirkman’s award-winning comic books featuring Deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes.

This is not another shoot ‘em up; it’s a game that explores some very dark psychological places, revealing that the undead are not the only thing to be afraid of when society crumbles.

In this brand new story, you are Lee Everett, a man given a second chance at life in a world devastated by the undead. With corpses returning to life and survivors stopping at nothing to maintain their own safety, protecting an orphaned girl named Clementine may offer him redemption in a world gone to hell.

Experience a dark, visceral and emotional series where every action and decision you make can result in the story changing around you. This tailored experience means that your story could be very different to that of someone else.

***Save 20% on additional episodes in The Walking Dead game series by purchasing the Multi-Pack [Episodes 2-5 + 400 Days Bundle] via in-app***

All individual episodes, plus Special Episode: 400 Days are available via in-app purchase.


•Based on Robert Kirkman's award-winning comic book series: The Walking Dead allows gamers to experience the true horror of the zombie apocalypse, with artwork inspired by the original comic books. Live out events, meet people and visit locations from The Walking Dead lore.

•A tailored game experience: Live with the profound and lasting consequences of the decisions you make in each episode. Your actions and choices will affect how your story plays out across the entire series.

•Act fast: You'll be forced to make decisions that are not only difficult, but require you to make an almost immediate choice. There's no time to ponder when the undead are pounding down the door.

•Adventure horror spanning across five episodes, plus special episode '400 Days': Gameplay involves meaningful decision-making, exploration, problem-solving and a constant fight for survival in a world overrun by the undead.


•Episode 1: A New Day
•Episode 2: Starved For Help
•Episode 3: Long Road Ahead
•Episode 4: Around Every Corner
•Episode 5: No Time Left

•Special Episode: 400 Days *AVAILABLE NOW*


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Comments and Ratings for Walking Dead: The Game

I would give it an 5 star but.. (0)
12/13/2014 9:09:00 PM 1/5 By BigD!ckBandit
The game might have a glitch on episode 4 I can't do anything when the shed doors start to bang from the inside..can I get some help or feed back as to why? Or maybe I'm not doing it right? If this gets fixed I give this game a 5

Ugh (1.7)
12/13/2014 6:56:00 PM 1/5 By Ahzhabubbles
😭😭 it keeps going off when I try to play whyyyyy I have an iPhone 4 but it jeeps crashing

Awesome! (1.7)
12/13/2014 4:00:00 PM 5/5 By Twirler26
The game was awesome! The people who made this game should make season 3. It's my favorite game. I love zombies! :)

The walking dead (0)
12/13/2014 1:27:00 PM 5/5 By Josephpena2005
Pleas I get episode 2

The game (1.7)
12/12/2014 5:58:00 PM 5/5 By Matthewskiracer6hev
This game was really well put together, and I loved the story so much I got it on steam and Xbox, but the reason I put 4 stars was because during gameplay, sometimes when your walking around it lags for a minute then goes back to the game, really odd but I still loved the game. Just an F.Y.I, don't get this on an iPad 2, iPod 4, iPhone 4, because its just not right for the device. But anything above it is fine!!!!!!!!

WHY???? (0)
12/11/2014 6:33:00 AM 1/5 By Jaay Mafu
Got it, opened it.. Crashed... Waited.. Opened it again... CRASH... WHY???

Crash (0)
12/11/2014 4:31:00 AM 5/5 By Broken1bones
when I open it and it says walking dead, then goes black and shuts down please fix for iPad mini on iOS 8 please fix

Never downloaded (1.7)
12/9/2014 4:28:00 AM 2/5 By Matsev215
I paid for episode 2 and it keeps telling me I have no internet connection. I see that a lot of people have this problem. It would be nice if telltale games actually fixed their bugs.

Fantastic! (0)
12/8/2014 6:30:00 AM 5/5 By Ferg27
Looks like your playing a real life comic book, and has a feel of the old "choose your adventure" books!!!! Awesome graphics and you feel as though you get some control of the decisions that are made by the characters and see they're consequences. At the end of each episode it shows your stats of how you rated with others on key values such as mercy, forgiveness, loyalty and honesty. Rad game!

12/8/2014 2:57:00 AM 3/5 By Tmack1225
this game is amazing I love it and I'm trying to buy the game and It wont let me... It keeps saying my account isn't valid someone help!!!

Incredible💕 (1.7)
12/7/2014 4:41:00 AM 5/5 By Kcvollygirl
I never wright reviews, but this is my absolute favorite game. It's so deep and emotional and you'll love the characters. It's so realistic. I've played the whole season honestly like 19 times. It leaves you wanting more. Honestly I didn't like season two as much, but season one is hard to beat. Long story short, this is a GREAT game and some of you will cry.

Eh (1.7)
12/4/2014 7:54:00 AM 2/5 By Veronica Williamson
Not impressed on how you have to Buy the next level, not everyone has lots of money to buy next levels.

WOW. (1.7)
12/4/2014 3:44:00 AM 5/5 By Penguin 78
I recently just played the first episode and just WOW. This game does NOT fool around! I can't wait to get an iTunes card just to buy the next 4 episodes!

Immersive Gameplay (0)
12/3/2014 9:10:00 PM 5/5 By Jay.gee3
It's been a while since I've downloaded a game from the App Store opened it and didn't put it down until hours later. Fans of The Walking Dead television show and zombies lovers everywhere will get a kick out of this game, which can provide hours of gameplay. SOLD!!!

Awesome (0)
12/3/2014 1:35:00 AM 4/5 By LADURAKA
I love it!! Just wish the other episodes were free... 😒

Ok but.... (0)
12/2/2014 5:53:00 AM 3/5 By Try it it's fun
It's a fun game but mine always glitches I try to go on the game but it just logs me out 👎👎👎 over all it has a good story tho

Crap (0)
12/1/2014 6:46:00 PM 1/5 By Mdor64
Really bad game! Outcome of answers lead you to the same place and you have a limited number of choices. In most cases there was not a choice for what I would have said. Very poor design. Not worth the $20 you're ask to spend for episodes 2-5.

The walking dead (0)
12/1/2014 1:08:00 PM 2/5 By Destiney lily shanrock
Bullcrap. I made my own purchase on this game and won't work after the first time I played it.

Love love love it (0)
12/1/2014 6:08:00 AM 5/5 By Stephmcginnis612
I do not play games AT ALL ! I am not s video game person a few slot machine games and I'm s happy camper. This game for some reason sucked me in. I never ever thought for a second I would be interested in this type of game. I need the new seasons to come out please don't leave me wanting more !!!!

Less a game than an interactive drama (0)
12/1/2014 2:05:00 AM 4/5 By Skamment
I'm not a experienced gamer, so I can only state how view this iPad app on its own merits. The story is totally engrossing, and it is set up so that your choices in Lee's (your character) dialog and actions elicit certain reactions from the other characters, which creates your relationships with those characters. You, as the player, will find yourself getting emotionally involved as well. I played the entire game twice, to see if making different choices along the way would result in a change in the story's outcome. (spoiler alert here) However, no matter what choices you make, the same characters either die or don't by the end. I found this to be frustrating and disappointing, expecting different outcomes from choices I made. But after reading other professional reviews online, I learned that this game is special and groundbreaking because of the exceptional writing, storytelling and character development. There are some very intense scenes. (I watched an online interview with the actor who voiced Lee, Dave Fannoy, who was so moved while recording a critical moment of dialog, that he actually teared up.) There are functional and graphic shortcomings, like some jerky scene transitions, anatomical inaccuracies and an overuse of black lines in some of the character's faces. And there were certain moments when I thought the characters didn't act logically within the context of the story, as if they learned nothing about their world. But the animation is good (at some points even appearing that it may have been drawn over live action images), and you will not want to walk away from the story until it ends. BTW, the 400 Days add-on episode is not a continuation of the rest of the game, but a separate set of situations. Season 2 picks up where Season 1 ended.

11/30/2014 8:01:00 PM 5/5 By Marci Burbidge
I owned the game a while back and purchased the game pack and it's not being restored fix this because it is a great game and I would enjoy to play it again

Ok (0)
11/30/2014 6:42:00 PM 2/5 By Mllwsn
Outcome is the same no matter what options you chose. Still fun tho, but the option of choosing how you react, what you say and what options you chose are unnecessary because I've played it several times and it's the same no matter what you pick. Plus it's a short game/episode, if you want to continue playing you have to buy more episodes.

Great but one upset (1.7)
11/30/2014 4:50:00 PM 4/5 By Beth Quigley
I don't like how we have to buy the episodes I mean if you me to buy something that's ridiculous free is in the word freedom.

Love it (0)
11/30/2014 4:14:00 PM 5/5 By AlyssaT14
It's so cool. I played season 1 and 2 amazing different story but great ending was sad but amazing!!! It's the best I love the walking dead and the game to it is so call. I see how u made it connected to the comic book more then the show😊😊👌👌

The saddest game of all time (1.7)
11/30/2014 2:29:00 PM 5/5 By Remaster man
I began playing video games at age 9 and when I got the walking dead two years ago I wasn't expecting the thrill ride and telltale pulls on your heart strings almost to the point where they fall off. Top 5 best game of all time.

I'm annnoyed (1.7)
11/29/2014 6:01:00 PM 1/5 By Can't move1573
When I am playing and I have to look around to grab something , I DIE I can't move the camera at all then when I do I am already about to die.this is coming from a fan of the walking dead not just some person.i want to enjoy this game but I can't if this persists .thank you.

love it (1.7)
11/29/2014 5:52:00 PM 5/5 By Chupenmela
this game is so cool it hase grate graphics can you make the episodes free pleas

Where are my purchases (0)
11/28/2014 10:57:00 PM 1/5 By Carlos RRRRRodriguez
I played the game last year, and when I realized season 2 was free, I downloaded it. However, I had long deleted the app, and the season 2 app said it didn't have any season 1 data. So I re-downloaded the game, and it had no save slots. When I went to the episodes, they all said I had not purchased. Now here is the big problem. WHEN I PRESSED RESTORE PURCHASES, NOTHING HAPPENED! I know for a fact I bought them, because I played each episode. Please fix this.

No control (1.7)
11/28/2014 3:20:00 PM 1/5 By Walker meat
View/movement controls don't work at all. What a shame.

Worth it! (0)
11/28/2014 4:41:00 AM 5/5 By blidkaga
Best adventure game on the App Store. Totally worth the money.

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