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Waze social GPS, maps & traffic

By Waze Inc. (waze)
Supported Devices : iPod Touch 5th Gen , iPod Touch 4th Gen , iPod Touch 3rd Gen , iPhone 5S , iPhone 5C , iPhone 5 , iPhone 4S , iPhone 4 , iPhone 3GS , iPad Wifi , iPad 3rd Gen 4G , iPad 3rd Gen , iPad Mini 4G , iPad Mini , iPad 4th Gen 4G , iPad 4th Gen , iPad 3G , iPad 2 Wifi , iPad 2 3G , All

Release Notes

12/16/2014 | Version : 3.9.2 | Size : 49.7 MB
- Sending "I'm on my way" message is simpler than ever! With a new design and layout, you can easily keep your friends & family posted on the progress of your drive.
- New Waze Today Widget for iOS 8! Quickly view your ETA for Home or Work, navigate with one tap, and easily send your current drive & ETA (when navigating). Pull down your Notification Center and tap Edit to add the extension.
- Updated look and function for sending a location.
- ETA & route changes now include richer traffic information.
- New map display setting automatically switches between 2D and 3D view.
- Bug fixes and performance enhancements.

11/19/2014 | Version : 3.9.1 | Size : 45.4 MB
- Enhanced iOS 8.0 compatibility
- Improved iPad display for landscape view
- UI & Bug fixes

10/6/2014 | Version : 3.9 | Size : 45.7 MB
Version 3.9 introduces Waze Places! Help make information on local places fresh & accurate for everyone.

- Easily add or edit places, business or residential
- Add driving related info like if a place has a parking lot or drive-thru
- Add arrival photos to help others find a place at any time
- Drive with Waze until you park: your parking location will be saved automatically. Plus, you’ll help Waze learn where to find parking & how much time to account
- Search autocomplete added worldwide
- Multiple bug fixes and optimizations


Waze is the world's largest community-based traffic and navigation app. Join drivers in your area who share real-time traffic & road info to save time, gas money, and improve daily commuting for all.

Just by driving with Waze open, you're already contributing tons of real-time traffic information to your local community. You can also actively report accidents, police traps and other hazards you see on the road. Get road alerts along your route and find the cheapest gas prices around you shared by the community. Plus, you can add friends, send locations or keep others posted on your arrival time.

- Live routing based on community driven, real-time traffic & road info
- Community reported alerts including accidents, hazards, police traps, road closures, and more
- Turn-by-turn voice guided navigation
- Live maps, consistently edited and updated by Waze community map editors
- Automatic rerouting as conditions change on the road
- Send your ETA & real-time drive to update those you’re meeting
- Learns your frequent destinations, commuting hours, and preferred routes
- Find the cheapest gas station on your route
- Add information on local places and businesses
- Add Facebook friends and sync Contacts
- See friends’ ETA when driving to the same destination
- One tap navigation to Facebook & Calendar events
- Earn points as you contribute road info and climb the ranks in your community

Waze is all about contributing to and benefiting from the common good, so hop on board and get involved!

Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Waze will automatically shut down if you run it in the background and haven't driven for a while.

Learn more about the Waze privacy policy, including what information is accessed and how it is used. With Waze, you have full control over your privacy settings. http://www.waze.com/legal/privacy/


Overall :
#8 : Top Free iPhone Applications
#146 : Top Free iPad Application

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#2 : Top Free iPad Application [Navigation]
#8 : Top Free iPhone Applications [Kids]
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Travel , Navigation

Comments and Ratings for Waze social GPS, maps & traffic

Great App that could use a little work (0)
12/15/2014 8:19:00 PM 4/5 By Pilar1999
I've been using Waze for roughly 1 yr now. I have Road Warrior status (wink). Waze can be fun, but most importantly it serves it's purpose. I use this for traveling as I travel for work. It has helped me tremendously by avoiding traffic. I wish that the app would work along with another product, such as a Garmin gps, because I dislike that I have to use my phone's battery--but if that's the trade off, I'll take it. I wish that Waze would create a way to allow users to make a trip within a trip. I have multiple trips throughout my day and sometimes would like to search for food, businesses, while using the gps. I use it on my ipad and on my Galaxy 5 without any issue. I love this app and recommend it to all of my friends and family! Thanks!

Very useful (0)
12/15/2014 7:54:00 PM 5/5 By Rlucasky
I commute 67 milestone way to work everyday and this app helps me get home faster

Five Stars if Only.... (0)
12/15/2014 7:08:00 PM 4/5 By Macappy
I really do love this app! It would be my all time favorite if it displayed speed limits and had a weather radar overlay. Some days I drive for hours and it is not uncommon to come up on a storm with little or no notice. A Weather Channel partnership perhaps?

Greatness (0)
12/15/2014 6:50:00 PM 4/5 By Kdrill08
Love this app! Especially the road hazard and police alerts while driving!

WAZE (0)
12/15/2014 5:52:00 PM 3/5 By JerZgirl124
I like this app a lot but I'm giving 3 stars bc it's not real user friendly. More so than many others but it's less frustrating than others as well.

Best APP that I have ever used!!! (3.9.1)
12/15/2014 5:43:00 PM 5/5 By Elisabeth Preitauer
This app is the most useful and the most fun to use! I love it! Also, I have never taken the time to review an app but this one is worth taking the time. Too bad I can't give it 6 stars.

The only traffic app I use (0)
12/15/2014 5:05:00 PM 5/5 By Melsaxy
This the best app for GPS routes and finding out traffic conditions......it has saved me from getting caught in many traffic jams. I check traffic conditions before I even begin a trip to decide the clearest route.

Awesome! (0)
12/15/2014 5:03:00 PM 5/5 By Kelstarrrz
Timely reviews that save me from tickets AND traffic. I love it!!

Very good app (0)
12/15/2014 4:55:00 PM 4/5 By RCMuzik
Thumbs up

Must divulge phone number to use! (0)
12/15/2014 4:52:00 PM 1/5 By Zmanster4s
Next thing you know I'd be getting marketing calls on my cell. Deleted!

Best traffic routing ever (0)
12/15/2014 4:12:00 PM 5/5 By Hougal
Love this app - true real-time updates.

Southbay LA (0)
12/15/2014 4:10:00 PM 5/5 By Angrybirds32
Awesome. Saves me every day.

Love the app (0)
12/15/2014 3:34:00 PM 5/5 By Sam_A
The dynamic nature of traffic updates is invaluable!

Road House (3.9.1)
12/15/2014 3:16:00 PM 4/5 By Hornbyrd
Very easy to use like the format. Like all GPS it lacks a little diversity.

Great App (0)
12/15/2014 2:20:00 PM 4/5 By Bdub_99
This is one of the most well written apps that I have used. I would write more, but I'm in a hurry. ☺

Great!!! (0)
12/15/2014 1:55:00 PM 5/5 By Brian Luque
Very useful with great traffic updates. I also think the navigation is better than the standard Apple maps.

Horrible (0)
12/15/2014 1:37:00 PM 1/5 By Magid ligue
Not sure what's is going on with this app , but is working horribly , it making me go around the block when I have no traffic in front of me , also. When I put the address and I start navigating. It switched to a different route so I need to turn around , very very annoying and frustrating,

I love this app!!! (0)
12/15/2014 1:37:00 PM 5/5 By Not1Lost
My favorite map app! Most fun I've ever had with a navigation app!!! Gets better all the time!

Love this app!! (0)
12/15/2014 12:22:00 PM 5/5 By Heather Kaelin
Love the fact that I can share my drive with others.

Best map app (0)
12/15/2014 12:09:00 PM 4/5 By Freetime1999
It might do it but I can't figure it out. But it would be nice to be able to drop a pin to save frequent locations.

Great app (0)
12/15/2014 10:51:00 AM 5/5 By Smcrockett
Use it everyday. Alerts are great.

Good (0)
12/15/2014 7:52:00 AM 5/5 By akks321
I like it

Remember my audio settings!!! (0)
12/15/2014 6:59:00 AM 1/5 By Khan_K
Love this app, but every time I get an app update (sometimes several times a week!) the audio settings reset and the robot voice comes back. Stop it!

Great app! Facebook integration is messed up though (0)
12/15/2014 6:48:00 AM 4/5 By Mr Ramos 112
I love Waze. I don't like getting pulled over by the pigs so this is an easy way to have early warning and also help others by warning them. Facebook integration is broken though please fix it

Very helpful GPS!! (0)
12/15/2014 6:36:00 AM 4/5 By Ret.Cav
It makes my trips to Dallas every two weeks a lot more bearable. It turns the drive into a game of sorts.

Excellent app (0)
12/15/2014 6:13:00 AM 5/5 By humberto zarco
Very useful during my holiday travel. I like the community based approach of alerting each other.

Good for commuting, but will get you lost if you listen to it too closely (3.9.1)
12/15/2014 6:08:00 AM 2/5 By Completely original nickname 249673
The idea behind waze is great - if drivers provide information about road conditions and hazards, everyone can find better routes, avoid (creating) traffic jams, etc. The user-created maps are often more up-to-date than those in other apps, depending on how many other Wazers are active in your area. I regularly use Waze and find it helpful when I already know how to get where I’m going, say when commuting or traveling on a route I’ve used before, because of the hazard/cop/traffic reporting, which is lacking in other navigation apps. However, when trying to navigate somewhere I’ve never been before, Waze falls apart. Especially after recent routing updates, it regularly tries to send me circling through neighborhoods and alleys for 10 minutes when there’s a perfectly good main road that can get me where I’m trying to go in 2. Often, it refers to roads using a different name than what’s actually on the signs in the area (especially bad in Houston, where a single road can have multiple numerical labels, one “friendly” official name that nobody uses, and five different local common names). When you deviate from Waze’s (often ridiculously circuitous) planned route for any reason, it will repeatedly beep and attempt revenge by telling you to make a u-turn through the concrete wall in the middle of the highway, and not stop repeating that instruction until you close Waze, open Siri, and get more sensible, better-enunciated directions to where you’re going.

Wow! (0)
12/15/2014 5:17:00 AM 4/5 By CobraJr
Not bad!

Awesome!!! (0)
12/15/2014 4:32:00 AM 5/5 By Pinkyak470
This app gives you heads up to traffic jams and allow you to get to work on time through alternate routes.

Pretty cool (0)
12/15/2014 3:59:00 AM 5/5 By Mario Catala
Love to be warned of road conditions and police. Thanks awesome app

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