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Affinity Designer

By Serif Labs (Serif (Europe) Ltd.)
Supported Devices : Mac OS

Release Notes

4/12/2017 | Version : 1.5.5 | Size : 246.9 MB
Stability and bug fixes

12/2/2016 | Version : 1.5.4 | Size : 245.9 MB
Added support for the new MacBook Pro's Touch Bar
Introduced 32bit document format and OCIO support
Miscellaneous improvements and fixes

Other recently added features and improvements:
- Symbols. Create multiple instances of an object and edit any of them in realtime with changes reflected in all instances
- Text Styles
- Assets Panel. Store commonly used design elements and drag them onto your documents
- Constraints. Specify how your design elements should interact and construct mockups which change size dynamically
- Colour Picker Tool
- Improved Export Persona
- Improved Snapping with automatic gap & span snapping and geometry snapping
- Measurement tool
- Improved PSD/PDF/SVG compatibility
- Automatically generate a palette from an image

11/16/2016 | Version : 1.5.3 | Size : 244.8 MB
Added support for the new MacBook Pro's Touch Bar
Introduced 32bit document format and OCIO support
Miscellaneous improvements and fixes

Other recently added features and improvements:
- Symbols. Create multiple instances of an object and edit any of them in realtime with changes reflected in all instances
- Text Styles
- Assets Panel. Store commonly used design elements and drag them onto your documents
- Constraints. Specify how your design elements should interact and construct mockups which change size dynamically
- Colour Picker Tool
- Improved Export Persona
- Improved Snapping with automatic gap & span snapping and geometry snapping
- Measurement tool
- Improved PSD/PDF/SVG compatibility
- Automatically generate a palette from an image
- Numerous other fixes and improvements


** Apple Design Award Winner 2015 **

Professional Graphic Design Software for the Mac.
Affinity Designer is the fastest, smoothest, most precise vector graphic design software available. Whether you’re working on graphics for marketing materials, websites, icons, UI design or just like creating cool concept art, Affinity Designer will revolutionize how you work.

It takes full advantage of macOS technologies such as OpenGL, Grand Central Dispatch, Core Graphics and is fully optimized for 64-bit and multi-core processors to squeeze every ounce of available performance from your hardware – so it’s seriously fast. Whether it’s a 100 megapixel image or the most complex vector drawing with thousands of curves, you still pan and zoom at 60fps, move objects in correct z-order and see live views of all adjustments, brushes and effects as you’re working with no compromise.

Experience the best PSD import engine out there – making it easy to collaborate with other creative professionals. Along with support for PSD, PDF, SVG, AI (PDF Stream), Freehand and EPS files you get all the flexibility you need so whether you switch to Affinity Designer for all your work, or just elements of what you do, it’s completely painless.

With professional color model support, full 16-bit per channel editing, real-time pixel preview, image slices, masks, adjustment layers and tablet support, Affinity Designer is a serious tool for creative professionals.

Real-time performance
• Panning and zooming is always live at 60fps
• Live gradients, transforms, effects and adjustments
• Optimized for documents of any complexity, zoom to over 1,000,000% for absolute precision
• Live pixel and retina view of vector artwork, wireframe view, split screen mode
• Seamless switching between tools and editing modes for frustration-free design

Perfect color and output
• Professional CMYK, LAB, RGB and Grayscale color models
• Full 16-bit per channel editing
• End-to-end ICC color management
• Advanced Lanczos 3 image resampling plus Bicubic, Bilinear and Nearest Neighbor methods

Truly multi-discipline
• Rock solid vector tools that work just the way you want them to
• Live effects, blend modes, image adjustments, and raster and vector masks for any part of your design
• Use the strengths of vector and raster behaviors for the best of both worlds
• The best pen tool, node tool, curve editing, geometry operations, and smart shape tools available
• Flexible text handling including comprehensive support for OpenType
• High quality raster tools for texturing, masking and finishing artwork. Create your own brushes too.
• Optimized workspaces give focus to design disciplines including web graphics, UI/UX, print, and concept art


Overall :
#9 : Top Grossing Mac Applications
#10 : Top Paid Mac Applications

Categories :
#1 : Top Paid Mac Applications [Graphics & Design]
#1 : Top Grossing Mac Applications [Graphics & Design]

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Productivity , Graphics & Design

Comments and Ratings for Affinity Designer

This software is AMAZING (1.5.5)
6/11/2017 12:35:32 AM 5/5 By hawkeye_is_my_hero
Years ago, Adobe bought out a competitor for Illustrator called called Freehand—and they killed it. And for the life of me, I’ve never understood why illustrator won out over Freehand. Because Freehand had far superior vector drawing tools. When I used Affinity Designer, I was sooo excited to use its vector tools! They took the best of Freehand and made it even better! Frankly, I think Affinity Designer is a wake up call for Adobe. For years Adobe has shoveled its half-baked features into their software and we, the end-user, have been stuck with that model T of software. Since Adobe apparently never pulls their heads out of the sand to see what their software could/should be. I’m extremely excited to see Serif putting together this software! With that said, its not perfect yet. But they are headed in that direction. Great job guys! I love this software!

Great replacement for Adobe on a low budget (1.5.5)
6/8/2017 4:41:12 PM 5/5 By kiai
Running a nonprofit requires watching every penny. After the trial, during which we designed our logo, we waited to purchase until we needed it again. The price dropped! So pleased and plan to recommend Affinity to every company, student, and individual on a shoestring budget. The interface didn’t take long to get used to since it’s very intuitive. Would love to be able to assign keystrokes, especially for grouping/ungrouping objects. But I can’t complain for the price. The program does almost everything I need to design and illustrate. The only thing I found so far that I couldn’t do is simplify vector points, like you can on Inkscape. Unlike other users, I haven’t found many bugs. I’ve used Designer on Sierra and on Mountain Lion. Also don’t have Adobe installed.

Wow this is so awesome. Puts the fun back in to illustrating (1.5.5)
5/25/2017 11:33:25 AM 5/5 By Rdxl9
Been a graphic designer and illustrator for over 30 years and started with corral draw way back in the 80’s. Graduated to Freehand and then of course was pushed into Adobe Illustrator and we know the rest of that story. Illustrator is just a beast of accumulated code that is so slow and cumbersome that anything would be better that it. Decided to give Affinity a shot, given the small investment to get started I download the app. Right away I noticed the lightness and smoothness of the app. Everything is so well thought out and thought through, that it is simply amazing to me what they have created here. The layering and being able to just drag things into other things to make masks and slowly build up incredible textures is a dream come true. Everything is possible with gradients and single node transparencies and editable brush stoke thickness and blurs and shadows that are editable no matter what, and each element is so easy to find, isolate and control. Just a beautifully crafted piece of software that is a valuable tool for any illustrator. I could go on and on… but it would be better if you just got a copy yourself and dove right in. There is a treasure-trove of videos available on youtube and vimeo to get you up and running quickly. Only one downside is the occasional crash here and there. I save often, and the automatic recovery mode also works pretty well, but hitting command+s on a regular basis will keep your loses to a minimum. I have totally accepted this for now and am sure that Affinity will and is exorcising the gremlins out of the code on a continuous basis. I highly recommend this app.

Love it a little more each day... (1.5.5)
5/24/2017 12:36:22 PM 5/5 By VeryVito
I’ll admit I’ve never been a fan of Adobe Illustrator (even in days of yore, I preferred its Freehand product to AI), but as it has been the only game in town for years, I’ve put up with it (I’ve also been lamenting the loss of CorelDraw for the Mac for years too). Since trying Affinity Designer a couple years ago, though, I’ve quit worrying about all of the others: Designer is awesome all on its own. At last, we once again have a non-AI, Mac illustration tool that can really be used to produce professional artwork and designs. Thrilled.

WARNING—You’ll be a “second-class” customer! UPDATED! (1.5.5)
5/7/2017 11:38:00 AM 4/5 By gandrews711
[This is essentially the same review I gave for Affinity Photo. The issues are identical.] Updated to 4 stars. Serif (the publisher of the Affinity line) claims they have no way of registering Apple customers, so they don’t. If you buy something directly from them, you’re registered. Of course, they only sell the Windows versions of the apps on their site, as well as an over-priced book you may or may not want. I put in a support request, got the usual “2 working days” automated response, and never heard anything back. Apparently their triage decision tree includes simply ignoring Apple users. I haven’t been able to even successfully register for their forums. Affinity Designer is a good app with great functionality, but the service for Apple customers is seriously lacking. It appears the only reason Serif is in the Apple Store is to avoid the security warnings that come with unvetted apps upon installation on a Mac. I sent copies of my receipts for purchasing both apps (Photo and Designer), but that didn’t even garner a response to my ticket (still open 10 days later). I’m not saying “don’t buy,” simply that you should be warned. If you want support, buy the Windows version, or sit in the back of the bus. UPDATE: The publisher, Serif, responded to the issues mentioned here after apologizing for dropping the ball. They corrected whatever was blocking me from joining their forums, and explained again their policy of not granting accounts to Apple users. AFAIK, they haven’t changed to universal registration on their site, however. You’d think they would want to grow their mailing list, but apparently not.

Great professional alternative to annoying illustrator subscription (1.5.5)
4/30/2017 8:38:16 AM 5/5 By blahblahblahblahblahblahAgain
Many UI designers, like me, do most of our work in apps other than illustrator (like Sketch, which has terrible .AI support). However, we need access to illustrator files occasionally and this app does that very well while also providing a nice set of tools not encumbered by the legacy interface problems of illustrator. Having to pay adobe 20$ a month just to open .ai files is nuts. This app is a godsend with a reasonable price, and after getting it just to open .AI files I’ve realized what a great tool it is. It’s a balance between illustrator and sketch that I am really enjoying now and using far more than I expected. Requests to devs: - PLEASE get a better app icon! That one makes your product look cheap and made me and others skeptical at first. Not joking! Flatten it out, kill the gradients or something to make it feel modern. - Arrows at the end of lines is really important for a professional users needing to work fast - Truly a great product, please don’t suddenly switch to a subscription model like everyone else is doing - Cross platform licenses would be really helpful for people like me that use mac and PC

A great alternative to Illustrator (1.5.5)
4/26/2017 9:37:38 PM 4/5 By stonehinge
I used Illustrator for many years (starting with version 1). BUT, as I am now a “retired" graphic designer and don’t need all of Illustrators features OR subscription cost, I have switched over to Affinity Designer. I have been able to do pretty much everything I want using Designer, albeit not as effieciently as I could with Illustrator. I attribute this partially to my unfamiliarity with the interface which is subtlely, but decidedly, different from Illustrator's. To me, it is not that intuitive, but probably that is because of preconceptions I have based on my years with Illustrator. I am surprised at some of the features that are still missing in Designer (like arrow heads on lines), but am sometimes equally surprised by features it has that are superior to Illustrator (like some of the dynamic shape tools). You really need to go through the video tutorials to get the most out of this program. I suspect some of the negative reviews I’ve read come from people who did not take this step. So far, I have been able to open my old Illustrator files with Designer with no problems. Designer has always been very responsive. I have not had any speed issues with it. As a tip, I think you will want to get WAY more involved with the Layers palette than with Illustrator. This can be a good thing as far as organizing your work goes, but it does extract its ounce of pain. I have now gotten into the habit of naming layers and grouping related elements much more than I ever did with Illustrator. And I can’t even tell you why it seems more necessary in Designer, but to me, it does. So, while it still takes me longer to do things in Designer than had I done them in Illustrator, I am VERY HAPPY with Designer. It is an AMAZING BARGAIN. It would cost me almost as much PER MONTH to subscribe to Adobe’s Suite. Designer still has room to grow though. I would give it 5-stars as far as functionality-for-price goes, but it is still lacks some features (e.g. arrowheads on lines) that reduce its efficiency — there are always work arounds, but I would prefer to avoid having to use them. In my search, I tried most of the Illustrator “replacements" out there and there is no question that for me at least, Affinity Designer is the best. I’ve also replaced Photoshop with Affinity Photo and have similar fellings about that program. Well worth the money. I hope Serif Labs will keep up the great work. They have done amazing things in a relatively short period of time. I’m looking forward to future enhancements.

Good Value vs Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop (1.5.5)
4/24/2017 7:44:14 PM 5/5 By Greedy013
Really solid app. I like that you can do vector and pixel illustrations in the same program. For me, this means I don’t need to have two programs, like I would need with the Adobe products. There are also some nice features that the Adobe programs don’t have, like smart shapes. The stroke profiles in vector mode are also much more versatile than Illustrator’s profiles. Illustrator and Photoshop are still more full featured by far, but for the vast majority of users, Affinity Designer will be able to handle their needs, and at a much, much more reasonable price.

Don’t waste your money. Useless. (1.5.5)
4/24/2017 6:35:49 PM 1/5 By Dave from PR
Because I only ocassionally use Illustrator I I purchased this app as a replacement for illustrator. I am so sorry, but it is useless. I bought an stock illustration in EPS format. It took about 5 minutes to open the file and to do do anything with the file once opened was insuferable painfullly slow. Well, once I was able to turn off the layer containing the backgropund (too 45 seconds to turn off) I tried to export the file as a PSD and as a PNG. After waiting around 15 minutes the app never did export the file. Want my money back.

Most pathetic ruler I've ever seen (1.5.5)
4/20/2017 10:54:42 AM 2/5 By frankz00
I'm not sure why the creators of this software thought that only half unit markers are the only ones that should be differentiated. No 1/4 or 1/8 height differentiation. This makes this ruler COMPLETE USELESS!!!! IN A GRAPHICS PROGRAM NO LESS! Who thought that his ruler would be useful? Certainly not someone that actually works with graphics! This in inexcusable! This very close to a ONE STAR app but I was feeling generous today!

What happened? (1.5.5)
4/19/2017 1:04:17 AM 2/5 By G3Chris1
This was a very good program. The last update has broken it. When I load a complex .svg file the program enters the spinning-rainbow-ball of death when I try to add a simple shape or text box. What’s up with that? It’s unacceptable. Please fix this or I’ll delete this permanently and solely rely on Graphic as a vector program of choice.

Good program stricken by bugs (1.5.5)
4/4/2017 6:23:37 PM 3/5 By Temple Sprinter
I’ve been a supporter of AD/AP since early beta, and have been waiting years for AP (the mythical Affinity Publisher). Ultimately, I’m very grateful for the software. That said, I literally can’t go a single session using AD or AP without encountering bugs. It’s mind-blowing how many bugs there are. This is my third time writing a review just like this over the past couple weeks, and each prior time, I've chosen at the last second to delete the review. I keep telling myself I just need to learn it more (coming from Sketch/PS/AI/AE/ID for design), that it’s just different, that making software is hard, and not to be too critical. The fact remains: using this software entails overcoming bugs. Sometimes the bugs are subtle enough that you can miss them (e.g. rotating a layer and its static unit FX parameters shift a few pixels, not noticing missing shadows on PDF export, etc). Sometimes they’re in your face. 1-2 years ago, I accepted that the product was new and needed time. At this point, too many bugs have survived too many release cycles to warrant giving 5 stars. The bugs aren’t just annoying, they waste time, cause stress, and risk professional work being released with undiscovered flaws.

Awesome! (1.5.5)
3/22/2017 5:05:16 PM 5/5 By Colin Robertson
My needs for a powerful vector app arent such that I can justify paying a monthly subscription for Adobe Illustrator, but I do often need something like it. Now, I haven’t used Affinity Designer extensively yet, but it suits my needs great so far. I’ve yet to run into a problem where I wished I had Illustrator instead. In fact, it’s similar enough to Adobe’s app that there isnt much of a learning curve if you know Illustrator. Honestly, I think Affinity is under-charging for Designer… It’s a STEAL at $50. So Affinity, how about an iPad Pro version? This is miles better than Autodesk Graphic...

Illustrator Replacement (1.5.4)
3/19/2017 12:32:37 AM 5/5 By Mikepianoman
This is amazing software. I’d been wanting a real alternative to Adobe Illustrator as it’s monthly expense was getting rediculous. This is fast and easy to use, has everything I used in illustrator. Cant recomend it enough for graphic designers!

Years of Frustration Have Vanished (1.5.4)
3/18/2017 3:29:49 PM 5/5 By SoakingItIn
I rarely write reviews but was moved to write one for this amazing software. I’m no expert, but an avid user of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Far too often, Ai ends up being extremely clunky and unintuitive to work with. In my workflow, too much of the time, I find myself clicking around, trying to get Ai to do the simple things I need it to do. Within minutes of working with Affinity Designer, all the hours of frustration I often experience with Illustrator vanished. Whether I’m choosing colors, changing existing colors, adding effects or altering them, working with my Wacom tablet, and much more, I was blown away at how intuitive all of this is in AD. Since I was so impressed with Affinity Photo, I decided to try Affinity Designer shortly after buying AP. Photoshop and Illustrator have been my staples for years, as I’m continually creating web graphics or product graphics for my company. My excitement with Affinity Photo was overshadowed only by how impressed I was with Affinity Designer. My only regret with my purchases is that I didn’t make them sooner. The amount of frustration I’ve felt with Ps and Ai for so many years transformed into looking forward to working on the graphics projects that I often put off because they’ve become a daily grind for me. This is especially true with AD at the moment. I’ve been inspired to play with the software, just to see what I can create, and that spark, missing for so long, is crucial to any creative process. With the added bonus of not having to purchase a subscription like Ps or Ai currently require, there truly is no better choice for my needs.

Absolute Game Changer (1.5.4)
3/11/2017 1:27:56 PM 5/5 By CorradoRossi
I am going to go around the internet proselytizing about Affinity Designer! A real live alternative to Adobe Illustrator that has all the functionality and UI/UX bells and whistles - for 50 bucks?!! I legit never thought i’d see the day! This is pretty much the best software purchase I’ve made in years. So I’m going to tell everyone because THESE GUYS NEED TO STICK AROUND! I’m in love :)

Unbelievably Wonderful (1.5.4)
3/9/2017 12:53:15 PM 5/5 By @lechucklez
This application is absolutely stunning, and IMPOSSIBLY user-friendly. As someone who does not know much about graphic design, this program is an absolute must-recommend. The tutorials are easy to follow, and there are plenty of resources on YouTube if you want to learn a more specific function quickly. Everything, from the toolbar layouts to the finished designs and graphics, is beautiful and professional—the whole thing is stunning. Photo-editing in particular blows me away. I’ve always been looking for a program that allows me to edit backgrounds and do photograph overlaying, and Affinity Designer does it all—easy, quick, and painless—and the resolution is fantastic. It’s so easy to customize everything! Overall, a 10-10, would recommend to anyone without reservation.

Amazing and super-easy to learn! (1.5.4)
3/7/2017 2:56:16 AM 5/5 By Snob Snob
I wanted to do a logo for an event—within 30 minutes of purchase, I had sent out a prototype of my idea to the committee. And I think what I came up with was as good and as professional as our art department.

Copy and Paste??? (1.5.4)
2/23/2017 6:30:13 AM 2/5 By TheKevDev
This program is good when it works, but there’s currently a bug that hangs up the program when try and copy a layer. COPY A LAYER. What year is this?

Thank You Affinity (1.5.4)
2/12/2017 10:51:44 AM 5/5 By Wintershire
This is one of the most amazing apps I have purchased. I have been using it for a few months now, and can officially be called an “Affinity Fan Boy”. I am just a hobbyist, and a novice at that, so a professional artist may have differing needs than myself. For me this more than meets my expectations, and I am in awe of the constant updates the Affinity team puts out on a regular basis. I have already purchased Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo, and the Affinity Designer Workbook. Every product they sell is Top Notch to such a degree I will purchase further products sight unseen, just based on the confidence I now have in the name Affinity.

Almost a complete Illustrator replacement (1.5.4)
2/10/2017 7:29:17 AM 4/5 By Neuro Guy
Tried out this app after going through a number of potential Illustrator replacements on the app store. Designer is the closest app to a complete Illustrator replacement. The UI is simple, elegant, intuitive and powerful. The app itself is amazingly fast and responsive. Designer plays nicely with Illustrator files and just about any format you could possibly throw at it. Has just about all the bells and whistles you need to get your work done. However, the app still does not have arrowheads or any line-capping options. There are workarounds to this, but if you do any technical illustration be warned that the time the app saves you in other areas will be lost once you need to cap your lines. Would be 5-stars if this feature were present.

Love it (1.5.4)
2/9/2017 7:26:48 PM 5/5 By Shekdf
So I downloaded this just a few short weeks ago and havent gone back to illustrator yet. I love this app. I get everything done that I need to, with some other useful quirks as well. Like the convert circle to donut. This has been my favorit thus far. Being able to make those circular graphs for percentages without having to go through a million steps in illustrator is awesome. Everything is very easy to find. The only frustrating part was figuring out how to open back up a side panel if it were closed, which wasnt completely apparent right at first, did a quick search, figured it out, and bam, back in the game. I still have a lot to learn with this app, which is bound to be the case with any professional tool, but man am i loving it so far.

Adobe's Twin brother and sister (1.5.4)
2/8/2017 11:56:40 AM 5/5 By Peter12345a
1992 I started to work with Photoshop and one year later with Illustrator. As a Graphic Designer living in Switzerland I felt entering a studio in heaven. Finally I was able to expand my ideas. After many well working upgrades I did hit the Death End Street with Adobe. Application in the Cloud and spending more money is not my thing. By accident I met with Affinity’s Kids. Wow. Well mannered and talented. Good looking too. I just made friends and since then I know, I will not let them go away anymore. What a family. Try it out. It is a must. Don’t waiste your time and talent.

Unstable (1.5.4)
2/5/2017 10:48:31 AM 1/5 By QualityIsEverything
I have enjoyed using it from time to time but I have found the product very unstable. I only use it sporatically for web mockups and such and even with such limited use I still feel like I am constantly running into issues. For instance, just now moving it from one monitor the next has completely blacked out the screen, when I moved it back the whole application crashed. I’d like my money back so I can invest in something a bit more reliable. Immediately after restarting the application it crashed again, good job Affinity.

Just switched from Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop 👌 (1.5.4)
2/5/2017 8:59:20 AM 5/5 By The Sprinter
I have been using Adobe for about 10 years now and usually upgraded every couple of years... Adobe is now forcing everyone to pay a monthly fee equal to this complete program. The version I had is now obsolete, because Adobe refuses to upgrade it. I have tried this version of Affinity design and photo and fell in love with the concept. I can even easily import and export anything from my old Adobe files.. I suggest anyone using Adobe to follow through. The more people will switch, the more this program (App) will be updated.

2nd-best vector app ever and getting better (1.5.4)
2/4/2017 6:23:32 PM 5/5 By pokota47
I've finally found a near (and getting closer) replacement for Freehand, the best vector app ever. I no longer have to drop back to OSX 10.6 every time I want to be creative. And Affinity Designer will even import (other than text) Freehand files so I can continue working on them. There are only a few features I like in Freehand that aren't in Designer yet but I'm hopeful they'll show up in future releases. And the price is great. Keep up the good work!

Great for vector graphics (1.5.4)
2/2/2017 10:59:19 AM 5/5 By Shadow of Sunbeams
I was looking for a program to create vector graphics that wouldn’t break the bank. Affinity designer definitely fit the bill. As someone in the middle of a career change I was so happy to find a product I could afford to create graphics for my professional website.

a great replacement for InkScape (1.5.4)
1/23/2017 5:48:00 PM 5/5 By leetheguy
I’ve been a die hard fan of InkScape for years. The Mac version is not well ported and doesn’t feel native at all. I found that while the controls are great on other systems, they make it almost unusable on a Mac where your fingers expect things to work differently. Many of the systems, tools, and keyboard commands are familiar enough that getting started with Affinity was a breeze. And while there are a few things I really miss from InkScape (like snapping control points), there are many other things that I consider to be huge evolutionary improvements (like layers and masks). Great tool all around and well worth the low price point.

It’s serious let down. Compared to drawplus. (1.5.4)
1/15/2017 9:13:00 AM 2/5 By htadkins
We dont have an eraser? Straight line tool? Perspective? Keyframe, and stop frame animation is gone? I’ve had 3 of your programs, and this one is THE WORST. One of the least productive programs I’ve encountered from your company. Ever, and that’s about 7 years.... Since youve cancelled drawlplus, I was hoping to see some productive things (Without watching a 30 minute tutorial)…. Effects like the ones in drawplus (You’re Magna Opus). How about a skew function? Perspective?? More icons for navigation?. Im sorry. This feels like a knock off only worse. Drawplus at least set itself apart. Especially with the instant effects. I cant just make something plastic, or Lava in under a second, and then add shadowing effects on here. This is something like an expensive decked out version of free paint. It’s nice, but it’s a whole lot more work than drawplus. You need to bring back all of those vector effects. It’s the reason I got this. So. Im at a loss as to why I now have this app. I can do everything here with AI, and PS. I can’t believe Apple has this as an editors choice. My time in a vector program is not best spent being re directed to your youtube tutorials. This is a simple drawing vector program. Please make it one. Especially if it’s going to be priced at 50$ range. The only effect on here that’s nice is transparent bubbles, and curving pre selected shapes. Which isn’t really that great of a feature. I want to see a major update..

Mondern Vector as it should be (1.5.4)
1/11/2017 2:48:00 PM 5/5 By cekuhnen
I run my own designstudio and teach in dustrial design product and graphic design. We made the switch to Affinity. Their products are what I consider modern and give me the tools and workflows I want to use. Light weight, clean UI, productive workflows, fast, richt tool set. It offers great pen tools, normal and live booleans, text styles for tpographic needs, and a nice pixel layer to add pixel based painting details to your vector work. Best their vector and bitmap app uses the same file! NOTE: There are currently no deformationt tools. My students made the transition as well and find the UI more clear, less confusing, and the workflow to be faster and more productive than the competition.

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Affinity Photo
Affinity Photo

Price : $39.99
Platform : Mac OS
By Serif Labs
Affinity Photo
Affinity Photo

Price : $19.99
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