App for Instagram - Instant at your desktop! 2/5

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App for Instagram - Instant at your desktop!

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By Joacim Ståhl (Joacim Stahl)

App for Instagram lets you access Instagram directly from your menu bar. Keep up to date with the people you follow and like or comment on photos. It even auto updates your feed while you are away.

Just click the App for Instagram icon in your menu bar and sign it with your Instagram account, its that simple. You can also switch to the stand alone desktop mode for full window experience as a pro user.

Legal Note: App for Instagram is a 3rd party app and is not 
affiliated with Instagram what so ever. Instagram and its logo is trademarks 
of Instagram LLC.

Release Notes

2/3/2015 | Version : 1.1 | Size : 1.1 MB
- Comfort updates
- Typo fix

1/21/2015 | Version : 1.0 | Size : 1.1 MB


Overall :
#3 : Top Free Mac Applications
#130 : Top Grossing Mac Applications

Categories :
#2 : Top Free Mac Applications [Social Networking]
#2 : Top Grossing Mac Applications [Social Networking]

Screenshots Mac OSX :

Screenshots Mac OSX


Photography , Social Networking

Supported Devices : Mac OS

Comments and Ratings for App for Instagram - Instant at your desktop!

Function: Instgram Viewer, full stop. (1.1)
5/9/2017 8:07:12 PM 5/5 By musicgurlkauai
This is great because sometimes I just wanna pull up instagram and look at my feed without all that other nonsense beeping and blinking and dinging at me. I don’t have an iPhone, so this is basically the best thing since the app. HOWEVER, I cannot upload photos from this app and the paywall WILL NOT unlock that feature. For a desktop uploading alternative, try Gramblr. It’s free :)

Limited Function even with Premium (1.1)
4/26/2017 1:00:16 PM 1/5 By MurseMiller
The app itself is no more than a method to browse Instagram on your desktop rather than a mobile device. Purchase of “Premium” version allows for a full screen version and nothing more. As of 4/26/17 the app is not functioning. Persistent errors prevent it from showing any content. Rather, a message stating “Oops, an error occurred” is all that is visible. This is a waste of money. With little features and limited function, you are better off using the original app.

disapointed (1.1)
4/20/2017 6:35:35 AM 1/5 By 2XXXXXX2
$5 and you are not able to upload photos - misleading - buyer beware

Should have researched….. (1.1)
3/14/2017 8:00:45 AM 1/5 By jfrankiej
Wishing that I had read and researched a bit before I spent my 5 dollars…

Pro upgrade is a ripoff (1.1)
3/13/2017 11:27:41 AM 1/5 By TheCityChic
Being able to expand the app on your desktop is not worth $5 to me. I should have read the reviews, my mistake. What a waste of money.

Pro!!?? Misleading…. (1.1)
3/11/2017 9:58:07 AM 1/5 By smallvillager
I thought I could POST a photo via my desktop… BOY was I wrong! there goes $4.99!

Bought Pro, but can no longer restore the purchase when i reinstalled (1.1)
2/11/2017 1:55:15 PM 1/5 By 1Invincible
Bought pro, but can no longer restore purchase when i reinstalled.

2/7/2017 3:39:53 PM 1/5 By Artur Kovalchuk
Waste of $5. Want a refund for that since the upgrade doesnt let me upload or doing anyting useful. I can like a picture on my phone. Dont waste your time getting this crap.

Don’t buy the Pro version. You will feel as dumb as I do (1.1)
1/31/2017 7:41:02 AM 2/5 By Pjedlickac
Although it works fine, it makes no sense to buy the Pro version. I can’t believe I paid for it. I was assuming that the Pro version would do a lot more than the basic one, like allowing to upload pictures and/or videos. Wrong. All it does is allow yourself to extend the size of the window of the App for a better look at the photos. Don’t ever think to pay for this. You will feel as dumb for paying for this non-sense upgrade, as I do right now.

cannot upload pics to instagram (1.1)
1/7/2017 6:38:14 PM 2/5 By Robin56!
downloaded this app with the intention of uploading pictures to my instagram account. This is not possible with this application and i am deleting it!

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