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Apple Remote Desktop

By Apple (Apple Inc.)
Supported Devices : Mac OS

Release Notes

4/14/2017 | Version : 3.9 | Size : 12.8 MB
The Apple Remote Desktop 3.9 update improves usability, compatibility, and reliability and is recommended for all users. 

This update:

• Allows users to export and restore an encrypted list of computers and user credentials
• Allows administrators to call attention to items on a remote screen using an assistant cursor
• Adds Touch Bar support for MacBook Pro (2016) computers
• Improves security when communicating with clients running OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 or later
• Adds an optional compatibility mode for communicating with clients running any version of OS X Mountain Lion 10.8, OS X Mavericks 10.9 or OS X Yosemite 10.10.4 and earlier

3/18/2015 | Version : 3.8 | Size : 14.3 MB
This update is recommended for all Apple Remote Desktop users and addresses several issues related to overall reliability, usability and compatibility. This update also provides:

- Support for OS X El Capitan and OS X Yosemite, including updated interface
- Enhancements for sending files using Copy Items
- Fixes for remotely viewing clients in full screen mode
- Multi-observe improvements for viewing large number of clients

3/22/2014 | Version : 3.7.2 | Size : 12.3 MB
This update is recommended for Apple Remote Desktop users and addresses several issues related to overall reliability, usability and compatibility. This update also provides:

- Fixed scanner issue causing wrong IP addresses to be displayed
- Changes to view order of screens in multi-observe mode
- Support for OS X Mavericks
- Automatic copy and paste between local and remote computers
- Improved support for Mac systems with multiple displays and multiple IP addresses
- Enhanced multi-observe with gesture support for swiping between screens
- Improves overall reliability of the Remote Desktop application and screen sharing sessions


Apple Remote Desktop is the best way to manage the Mac computers on your network. Distribute software, provide real-time online help to end-users, create detailed software and hardware reports, and automate routine management tasks — all from your own Mac.

Software Distribution
-Easily copy and install software on remote Mac systems.
-Encrypt network data when copying packages and files.
-Configure a Task Server to assist with package installations on offline computers.

Remote Assistance
-Observe and control your Mac computers.
-Transfer files between Mac computers using Drag and Drop.
-Copy and paste information between any two computers.
-Prevent end-users from viewing the screen while you control their systems with Curtain Mode.
-Control Virtual Network Computing (VNC)–enabled computers including Windows, Linux and UNIX systems.

Remote Administration
-Perform over a dozen commands securely on remote Mac systems.
-Remotely lock screens, sleep, wake, restart and shutdown of Mac systems.
-Execute UNIX shell scripts or commands on your client systems.

Asset Management and Reporting
-Perform lightning-fast searches with Remote Spotlight search.
-Gather reports on more than 200 Mac hardware attributes.
-See reports on user logins and application use.
-Use a Task Server to assemble inventory reports, even from mobile systems not connected to the network.

-Automate routine management tasks using Automator in OS X.
-Get started immediately with over 40 actions.
-Chain actions together to create powerful system administration workflows.
-Combine actions with other application actions to create end-to-end solutions.
-Save workflows as plug-ins to provide simple, customised interfaces to Apple Remote Desktop features.


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Comments and Ratings for Apple Remote Desktop

Broken since 10.12.4 - ARD 3.9.1 (?) (3.8)
2/1/2017 11:07:00 AM 3/5 By VanGoghElementary
Please fix this, Apple. We are an Elementary School Computer Lab and need ARD to manage Macs throughout our campus. Thank You. When starting ARD, the following error message appears: "The Remote Desktop administrator software does not match the installed client software version. The Remote Desktop administrator software must be upgraded on this computer. Click “Check for Updates” to search for updated software.” When selecting “Check for Updates” it opens the App store - but there’s no new version available? The Client software on the same machine reads version 3.9.1 (?) - so it appears as if the client updated, but the actual ARD application did not. Thanks for your help in fixing this. Once running, the software does work fairly well, but it too often crashes or becomes unresponsive (tested on various systems, different OS - can’t narrow down where the problem is.

Help us Mac Admins out! (3.8)
1/27/2017 2:44:00 PM 3/5 By Pappas Admin
I don’t want to slam this app, because I don’t want to see Apple kill it. It has be variously useful to me, alternating between times when it is really stable and works well, and other times when an OS upgrade breaks it and makes it next to useless. After being rock solid on Yosemite and El Capitan, we are in another of those bad times on Sierra. Please don’t kill it Apple, just fix it! I don’t care about new features, just make it reliable and robust.

Broken with Sierra 10.12.3 (3.8)
1/25/2017 2:45:00 PM 3/5 By driftwoodrecluse
Apple Remote Dekstop has been a great tool for years but it finally stopped working for me when I updated to the newest version of Sierra. If you need to run Sierra do not purchase this program until it is updated.

Buggy, painful to use…. (3.8)
1/15/2017 1:04:00 PM 1/5 By JCM1776
Got ARD 3.8 to manage the computers in our household, 3 laptops for the kids, laptops for my wife and I, a Mac Mini setup as a server. I’m no noob around IT stuff, and ARD sets up easy enough but it’s utility is hampered by bugs. Over half the time the first time trying to remote in to a compture fails, either connection error or authentication error. At that point you access to that computer is complete hosed. The fixes are complicated and take time fixing various config, plist and other files via the terminal. When a connection is successfully made it seldom makes it past 3 or 4 subsequent connection before it fails to connect or fails to authenticate. Then again a fix is difficult at best. Apple needs to fix this kludging POS before charing $80.

App Store fails to reinstall broken install (3.8)
11/14/2016 4:26:00 AM 1/5 By Sinagx
Apple is rotting at its core. Apple does nothing to update its applications, unless directly related to iPad sales to higher education. App Store has no means to reinstall this application, or any other, if the installation is broken.

macOS Sierra Breaks ARD (3.8)
10/25/2016 7:48:00 PM 3/5 By Macxpress
Everyting was working fine until I updated to macOS Sierra. It does launch sometimes and other times it just stops responding on startup. A restart usually fixes this, but not always. Be aware that until Apple releases a fix this may happen to you if you plan on running ARD with macOS Sierra.

Drops Connection (3.8)
10/18/2016 5:52:00 PM 2/5 By dononyx
I am not sure why everyone likes this program. It seems to me 3.8 is worse using macOS Sierra. My drops connection evry 5-10 minutes. It makes this ordinarily good product hard to use.

Does not work to other El Capitan hosts (3.8)
9/29/2016 10:31:00 PM 1/5 By envoy510
on the same local network. Just tells me "Authentication failed to ..." I have Remove Management turned on for all users. This is extremely frustrating.

macOS Sierra Breaks app (3.8)
9/29/2016 12:45:00 AM 1/5 By d00d3r1n0
Love ARD. Always have loved it. As of the macOS Sierra update, the app no longer functions. Doesn’t even open. Launches and becomes unresponsive. Patch is needed. Will rate higher once patch is released.

stopped working (3.8)
9/7/2016 8:45:00 AM 3/5 By wife’s tech support
When it works, it works pretty well. I would have given it 4-5 stars, but I’m giving it 3 stars because it stopped working recently, and the fix is kind of ugly. I am running it on OS X El Capitan v 10.11.6. But one day, it refused to launch and it would say "The Remote Desktop administrator software failed to start due to an unexpected error. The Remote Desktop software may not be installed correctly or the computer may require a restart.” [Quit] Apparently this is not a new problem, but Apple does not seem to have a robust fix. I have not changed anything! It was working fine before. I also tried re-installing it but still no luck. what worked for me was to remove /var/folders/zz but you can do this only if you disable system integrity test by booting into recovery partition (Cmd-R on startup), boot into terminal, type csrutil disable and reboot. Software shouldn’t be this fragile! Especially for pricy apps…

Slow and Non-responsive (3.8)
8/28/2016 10:45:00 PM 2/5 By Cmonto
So the software is not totally junk. When connecting with 3.4 version of the software on an older Mac Mini, the software is really fast. Connect it with a modern day Mac Mini running 3.8.5. and you might as well wait all day. You move the mouse and a few seconds later the mouse moves on the remoted computer. Type a letter and hopefully it will be the letter you typed and one instance of it. I often get echo repeats of the letter multiplying the problem. I can’t wait till they come up with a newer workable version of the software, like I said this one is junk. Don't bother.

broken with multiple monitors (3.8)
7/13/2016 2:28:00 AM 2/5 By jsmith !
I have been using this application since its inception, in addition to other virtual network computing programs (and their predecessors). ARD had been a great Mac solution, well-integrated with other aspects of the OS. My impression is that development of it has stagnated for the last 2 or more years. It no longer correctly works to remotely control a desktop with two monitors arranged side-be-side. Other VNC solutions correctly handle the basic connection at far less $.

Too slow (3.8)
4/1/2016 10:16:00 PM 3/5 By MiKryz
As a product it’s solid and well integrated with Mac environment. All specific shortcuts and features are working. No VNC or other software can compare to ARD (I tried). However, there is one big disadvatage comparing to Windows world - ARD is way too slow. When you’re working with Windows machines via RDP you can work near the same speed as if you were sitting in front of that machine. Mac to Windows, Windows to Windows, Ubuntu to Windows all work great via RDP. ARD is 100 times worse. Even when I’m sitting in the same room with the machine being controlled via ARD (same WiFi point) I’m getting very low performance. This is huge disadvantage. You can do basic things, but you can’t work remotely.

Works great for our family! (3.8)
3/22/2016 4:36:00 PM 5/5 By S1D2
Disclaimer: I haven’t any interests which render the following as ‘Marketing’ : Three Mac Minis, two MacBooks, three iMacs, two HP printers, and seven iOS devices wireless networked by Airports. ARD is exactly the package I needed to manage my family’s computers. All my Apple installs whether new device or application, have honestly been, “it just works”. I’ve had to call Apple a few times for help to fix something. In every instance but one (a faulty Mac Mini headphone jack) , the fault was my own. Information systems folks seem to blame-game sometimes - trapped by their confirmation bias - to be fair, some are hammered by it as well. Point is, value the rating as you’d value the rater.

Client Distribution Package Fails (3.8)
3/19/2016 8:17:00 PM 3/5 By UWDerm
Unfortunately a documented bug with client distribution package persists. You cannot create a standardized client install package, stuck with manually configurating clients. Per tech support hope for a fix with future releases.

Does not Create Installer (3.8)
3/16/2016 10:56:00 PM 1/5 By UW-ASU
Brand new mac mini with the latest updates, and ARD is not able create a client installer. Can not use the application at this time.

Wasted money, client creation does not work (3.8)
2/3/2016 4:06:00 AM 1/5 By Ariel_at_LA
I have made multiple attempts to resolve the failure of this tool to create a client installer, wasted many hours with Apple technical support, and multiple ‘experts' at the genious bar but nobody at Apple seems to know how to solve the issue of the application failure to create a client installer. This bug has been around for years and Apple is ignoring the issue and not fixing it. This is the first negative review I write about an Apple product, but this product and the lack of technical support for it deserves it.

Come on APPLE!!!! (3.8)
1/27/2016 9:42:00 PM 1/5 By andybaker321
At approaching over a year old, this application is rendered totally useless with the most current OS X El Capitan update. How can a company that produces their own OS and remote tool not have at LEAST A F’ING UPDATE!!!!! On a side note, now I am unable to remotely manage or create a client installer for my company’s MACs. The cool thing, now I get to lose weight by visiting all 2000 devices manually. Thanks APPLE. You took my $79.99 and ran….

Does not work (3.8)
1/22/2016 4:32:00 PM 1/5 By APPLE-meme
Does not work, client installer does not create. Don’t waste $80 on this - go somewhere else for Mac management.

Totally Fails to work (3.8)
1/13/2016 9:14:00 AM 1/5 By Mac4Brains
The App opens and appears to work but to do anything with it you need to create a client installer, every time I try to make one I get a message saying “An unexpected error occurred: the required components were not found. The Application appears to be installed incorrectly.” After reinstalling it I still got this message. I looked around the web for possible solutions and quickly discovered that several people have this same issue. Apple appears to take the position of pretending there is no issue and refuses to address it in any way, despite the number of people complaining about this. As it stands now, this app is totally unusable.

Great tool for parents if not essential (3.8)
1/1/2016 10:14:00 PM 5/5 By _NM_
We use this to administer and monitor our children’s iMacs (all runing El Capitan). We are also connected through an Apple wireless Time Capsule Airport router. It works perfectly. There is a little setup to do on the clients being monitored. Compared to administering say Windows and Linux, this application makes the task _extremely_ easy. It is clear what is being done. There is good documentation too.

Thank you, Apple! :-) (3.8)
8/20/2015 9:15:00 PM 5/5 By croixmom
I was looking for an alternative to LogMeIn Pro to support a couple of elderly friends over the internet, as well as to manage my family’s computers in my home what I decided to check out ARD. I am so glad that I did! I am also able to use it as a backup to LogMeIn Pro on a few other systems I support across the globe. The access to the systems is clean and direct. So happy I purchased this!

Screen Sharing Bug (3.8)
4/3/2015 4:00:00 AM 3/5 By lie2me
I had to downgrade to ARD 3.7 on my Maverick users so they could screen share. Something wrong with ARD 3.8 clients for the moment with Screen Sharing via Apple’s Messaging application.

Retina (3.8)
2/26/2015 3:59:00 PM 4/5 By kysil
Need update Menu list on Scanner to Retina resolution!

Worst Application ever seen (3.8)
2/19/2015 12:45:00 AM 1/5 By manizzzz
This is the worst remote desktop application I have ever used. It keeps hanging whenever I open. I have no clue on what is happening. Please take this down and do some work before getting into app store.

Mac Admins Rejoice! (3.8)
2/3/2015 5:50:00 PM 5/5 By GastroITMedic
Shortly after upgrading to the 3.6/.7 versions of ARD, I often yelled in frustration at what felt like a certain other computer company’s product, not one of Apple’s. ARD 3.8, finally, addresses the speed and function issues we’ve been griping about since then. Apple has made ARD fun to use, again and made mine and many other Mac Admin’s jobs easy, again. Bravo, Apple for giving back my confidence that you really do care about the enterprise side of the Mac!

Verison 3.8 fixed everything! (3.8)
1/29/2015 2:14:00 PM 5/5 By cscspanthers
When I started using ARD 3.8 it was like the ARD of old. Everything started working as it should and its quite fast now to perform tasks. Anyone who previously had issues (like us) should immediately update both the Admin and client side. The interface takes a little getting used to and I’m not a total fan of it, but more importantly it just works and works very well. This software went from absolute junk to well worth the money in one update. I’m glad Apple has listened to all the complaints about ARD and fixed all the major issues. I’m an Apple Administrator for a school district and this is an absolute awesome app to manage your Macs, even ones in a remote location. I use it to monitor Macs, help people out remotely, push updates (awesome for updating Flash & Java in a lab), push UNIX commands, update the OS, etc, etc. Its an extremely useful tool if you’re managing a lab of Macs, or just a lot of Macs in general.

Oh Hallelujah. (3.8)
1/28/2015 6:05:00 PM 4/5 By Sco'rt
So many things fixed! As a School Sysadmin this is such a refreshing update! * Refresh rates are back at acceptable levels * Monitoring of 10.8-10.10 clients is now usable * UI is now in line with the rest of the OS Some improvements yet to be made: * Let clients on a Subnet be dynamically added to a multi-monitoring window as they come available. I have 400 client laptops that are always going up and down on my Student network, I want to have them come up in a multi-monitoring window when they open their laptop and go away when their laptop closes. It’s 2015, students now have BYOD programs in schools and need to be monitored. * Let me monitor iPads and other iOS devices! Even if it’s just showing the active app and a screenshot. This requires an update to the iOS device but would be so important in the classroom. * Allow me to be notified when a client has their Remote Desktop sharing disabled! * Let me run App Store Updates! This would be awesome in conjunction with the Caching service on That’s all I can think of, thank you so much for giving ARD some attention!

Thanks, Apple. Thapple. (3.8)
1/28/2015 4:37:00 PM 4/5 By Leo of BORG
It looks like Apple rolled the owners (who paid bigger $$$) into this 3.8, MAS only upgrade. ARD has always been VERY useful for managing many Macs inside a LAN. Good to see an old but still quite relevant tool get some Yosemite love.

1/27/2015 2:33:00 AM 1/5 By zizanyab
Somehow, I missed the part about “best way to manage machines on your NETWORK” and thought this would allow me to provide remote support for another machine (my mother’s). I realized my mistake as soon as I installed and opened it up but it was ALREADY TOO LATE to get my money back! It’s ineligible for a refund, even 2 minutes after purchase. I’ve complained to the Apple Store. Will take this review down or revise as appropriate if I can find some resolution with them. Note to others that there is a free app called Team Viewer that allows remote support for machines that are not on your network.

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