Disk Doctor - Clean Your Drive and Free Up Space 4.5/5

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Disk Doctor - Clean Your Drive and Free Up Space

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-- The No.1 Rated Disk Cleaning Utility // MILLIONS OF USERS WORLDWIDE

Free up tons of disk space with Disk Doctor by removing gigabytes of unneeded files from your hard drive.

With just a few clicks, you can selectively remove files from the following categories:

- Applications Caches
- Application Logs
- Browser Data
- Mail Downloads Folder
- Downloads Folder
- Large Files (files within your user folder that are larger than 100 MB)
- Partial Downloads
- Developer Files
- Old iOS Software Updates
- Trash Can

Disk Doctor now features a totally new UI design with full Retina support!

Let us know what other functionality you want added for the next version by emailing us!

Release Notes

11/16/2017 | Version : 3.8 | Size : 5.0 MB
- Minor bug fix for interface rendering issue

1/22/2017 | Version : 3.7 | Size : 4.3 MB
An early Christmas treat for our loyal users! Have a great 2017! See below to find out what's changed:

- Added even more cleaning options, helping you to save more space
- Added Touch Bar support for those lucky users who have got a new MacBook Pro
- If a cleaning category has no files found for removal, it will be shown as greyed out

Please do leave us an app store review, it helps us so so so much and keeps our team smiling :)

Much love,

The FIPLAB Team - (Rishi, Ani & Emily)

9/27/2016 | Version : 3.6 | Size : 4.2 MB
- Works with macOS Sierra!
- Bug fix for users who experienced greyed out toggles (the first time you launch this new version, you will have to reselect your User folder before scanning).


Overall :
#65 : Top Paid Mac Applications

Categories :
#12 : Top Paid Mac Applications [Utilities]
#46 : Top Grossing Mac Applications [Utilities]

Screenshots Mac OSX :

Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX


Productivity , Utilities

Supported Devices : Mac OS

Comments and Ratings for Disk Doctor - Clean Your Drive and Free Up Space

Helped Me Clear Useless Files I Didn’t Even Know I Had (3.7)
6/9/2017 2:23:29 PM 5/5 By henryy235
This helped me get rid not only the basic application caches and logs, but also useless files I had stored on my computer that I didn’t even know existed. I’ve probably cleared anywhere between 50 and 100 GB of space on my computer. It can be a bit time consuming to have to uncheck files that I don’t want deleted and a feature to check or uncheck all would be helpful in an update but it’s worth it regardless.

Works Like it Should (3.7)
5/29/2017 5:48:23 PM 5/5 By Time Lord Dr.Who
Nice, simple tool that does what it says, and is relatively fast. Definitely recomend for house work on the MAC.

DISK DOCTOR... (3.7)
5/15/2017 10:10:37 PM 5/5 By rogerc2189
I have used Disk Doctor for some time. Simple to use, fast, effective and thorough.

Not working as expected (3.7)
5/7/2017 10:59:58 AM 3/5 By Drew Hopkins
I recall this product being great and worth the money spent. However, now I’m running scans and coming back with data that I verify is present and can be wiped, but when I select “Clean”, the files aren’t touched?? Easiest test is cleaning up trash and still seeing the same size space occupying it pre/post cleanup. Also, when I run the scan back to back, and clean each time, same files still persist. I think something with the latest update broke it. Hopefully this will be fixed as I remember my first scan after purchase removing a few gigs of crap.

Great App (3.7)
4/30/2017 2:34:18 PM 5/5 By DLW15
I have two apps for deleting junk files on my iMac. Disk Doctor definitely has the better UI of the two. It’s simple and gets the job done quickly. If I remember correctly, I got this app after reading a Mac World review, and I think it was a freebie back then. It’s no longer free, but definitely worth $3.

disk doctor (3.7)
4/15/2017 10:48:03 PM 5/5 By Cobe Yz
I’m so glad I installed this app. It made cleaning storage space a snap! So easy to use. I eliminated over 80 Gb of data and files. Now my macbook runs cooler and faster! I suggest the app to anyone that wants an easy to use program that is phenomenal!

Great App (3.7)
4/9/2017 8:25:06 PM 5/5 By IPod Master18
To be honest, I don’t usually ever write reviews on apps unless they’re bad. However, I’m making a HUGE exception. Disk Doctor is AMAZING! Plain & simple!!

FIPLAB Ltd Apps (3.7)
4/8/2017 1:13:38 PM 5/5 By Cpl/USMC
While the Disk Doctor is a very helpful tool, it just compliments the other Apps that have come from FIPLAB. Battery Clean, and Memory clean and Duplicate Dectective are all great Apps in my opinion. While they are very useful now I wish I could have had them a year ago.Disk Doctor really helped me find the much needed large files to delete to make room on my MacBook Pro. Thanks FIPLAB Apps for the great products.My MacBook is almost six years old and needed a good cleaning. I highly recommend Disk Doctor as well as all the other Apps from FIPLAB.Buy them you won’t regret it!

Duplicate drive clean up and inventory space support (3.7)
3/29/2017 1:18:14 PM 5/5 By sjp 226
This is a great app for keeping dup inventory. It saves time snd money. Thanks

Excellent! use it all the time (3.7)
3/28/2017 10:09:31 AM 5/5 By Stevendv4928

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