Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro 4/5

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Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

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By Systweak Software (Systweak Software Private Limited)

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Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is an ultimate photos fixing tool that smoothly scans and deletes duplicate or similar photos depending on the matching level you choose. This captivating tool works with photos from Photos and iPhoto, along with photos from external storage and your system’s hard drives as well. Free up ample of disk space by deleting a large number of similar and duplicate photos in just a click!

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro works like a charm and has the ability to detect duplicate and similar photos wherein:
• You click photos of the same scene in quick succession to capture the perfect shot
• Your photos are scattered all over the system, external storage devices, Photos and iPhoto and hard drives
• You clutter the system by creating backups of pictures and now want to remove the junk

Why use Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro?
• Drag-and-Drop Folders/Photos
Simply drag and drop folders to easily scan for photos inside them. You can add more photos from your Photos and iPhoto library and other folders as well.

• Custom Comparison Settings
You can fully customize your comparison settings out of the available methods by adjusting the settings according to your requirement, regardless of the image size or format.

• Speed
Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is extremely fast when it comes to scanning and comparing a large number of photos within seconds. This is due to the powerful algorithms injected during the development of this tool that make the search of duplicate photos extremely fast, giving excellent comparison results.

• Efficiency / Real-time Results
Without re-comparing photos, you can re-group the comparison results by changing the matching level on the slider in real-time.

• Auto-Mark Duplicates
Use the Auto-Mark feature to mark all duplicate photos in every group except one, depending upon the preferences.

• Compact Viewing
The interface of Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is designed in such a way that all occurrences of photos are classified into different groups and are viewed as large photos group in each line.

• Quick Look
Before moving ahead and deleting photos, you can have a clear look at them instead of opening them individually, using this feature.

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Release Notes

11/16/2017 | Version : 2.2 | Size : 6.6 MB
macOS High Sierra (10.13) support added.
Minor Bug fixes and improvements.

9/7/2017 | Version : 1.9.6 | Size : 7.9 MB
Bug fixes and few improvements.

6/22/2017 | Version : 1.9.3 | Size : 6.8 MB
New filters added to search duplicate photos based on:
Date Filters: Created, Captured, Imported (Photos Library only)  
Time Filters: Today, Yesterday, Within Last 7 Days, Within Last 15 days, Last Month, Last Year and Since Beginning.


Overall :
#8 : Top Paid Mac Applications

Categories :
#1 : Top Paid Mac Applications [Photography]
#16 : Top Grossing Mac Applications [Photography]

Screenshots Mac OSX :

Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX


Photography , Utilities

Supported Devices : Mac OS

Comments and Ratings for Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

Great Application (1.9.3)
6/21/2017 4:26:36 PM 5/5 By DrEggston
Great application. Easy to use and very fast. I would recommend this App!!!!

Great BUT - Only scans photo libraries (1.9.3)
6/20/2017 9:16:04 PM 4/5 By DT Realistx Reviews
Ive got pictures everywhere due to sloppy file management when I was learning the mac. My fault, but it would be nice if this app would just scan my entire hard drive and let me remove multiple photos I’ve copied/stored by mistake. Otherwise, it does a nice job scanning photos albums and identifying duplicates.

Doesn’t work and they tried to sell me more stuff (1.9.3)
6/20/2017 8:28:09 AM 1/5 By BigAlWood2
I played with the app for about 30 minutes and it only scanned 150 photos of the 7000 that I have. When I called for help, they tried to sell me all sorts of malware software, and anti-virus stuff telling me that was why the app wasn’t working correctly. This was after I allowed them to “help” me by using rescueme123. They started poking around in places that they didn’t need to be. All after “accidentally” putting my computer to sleep and having me type in my password (since changed) to wake it back up. It’s all very, very suspicious.

Not Awesome (1.9.3)
6/19/2017 9:59:45 AM 3/5 By JuliaGoolia84
I’m reviewing so it will once and for all stop asking me to. Not an awesome app. I have a ton of photos (over 6,000) with a good portion duplicates. I was never able to delete any at first. I finally contacted Apple about my duplicate problem. They helped me change my settings for photos across devices, but said they were not able to help me get rid of duplicates. They suggested I try my duplicate apps I had already spent money on, since that’s the only way you can fix this particular problem. The second go-around went better, but I still have a ton of duplicates. I’m going to try to run-through my library with all the cleaning apps I purchased. I know a big part of my problem is user error, but it still should not take a degree in IT to use a simple photo duplicate-cleaning application.

duplicate photo fixer pro (1.9.3)
6/18/2017 7:51:13 PM 4/5 By 79kcm
Worked good the 1st time, more to go.

This version is better then the old one by far, but still likes a little (1.9.3)
6/18/2017 11:07:09 AM 4/5 By Mark C Akers’s MacBook Pro
This will clean up a lot of photos and you can choose the degree of matching you want to choose. I would like to see more detail on the selection that we choose. Also if the app worked on “files as well as photos without having to buy other items”.

Cannot Delete Photos (1.9.3)
6/18/2017 10:38:20 AM 1/5 By nickehl
As other users have reported, I was completely unable to delete photo duplicates using this app. The find photos process was easy. The automated duplicated selection was pretty darn accurate. But both of those things are useless if you can’t delete the ones you’ve selected. Oh it says it’s deleteing the photos, but if you reveiw the folder in finder, it didn’t actually do anything. I’m glad I only wasted $0.99 on this app. I’d be pretty upset if I spent the nearly $20 they normally ask. ***Do not buy app in its current state.*** If they realease an update that allows for the deleting to actually work, it’s pretty nice (and I’ll change my review score accordingly).

Terrific! (1.9.3)
6/17/2017 12:09:11 PM 5/5 By garsonjr
Saved me hours of work.

Best In Class App!!! (1.9.3)
6/16/2017 2:31:34 PM 5/5 By HeyPhotographer
As a pro photographer, I literally have hundreds of thousands of photos spread across many production, backup, and archive drives. This applicaiton is the ONLY one I have found that accurately searches and identifies duplicates in my massive digital library. After purchasing many others, I’ve found the best.

A waste of Money (1.9.3)
6/16/2017 9:42:06 AM 1/5 By Dublin100
As soon as I opened the App .. all it wanted to do was sell me upgrades .. it actually picked up on 2 photo’s out of hundreds ...A total rip off .

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