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Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

By Systweak Software (Systweak Software Private Limited)
Supported Devices : Mac OS

Release Notes

10/10/2016 | Version : 1.9.2 | Size : 6.8 MB
macOS Sierra support added.
Minor bug fixes and improvements.

9/13/2016 | Version : 1.9.1 | Size : 6.8 MB
Minor bug fixes and improvements.

7/19/2016 | Version : 1.8.2 | Size : 6.7 MB
Minor bug fixes and improvements.


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Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is an ultimate photos fixing tool that smoothly scans and deletes duplicate or similar photos depending on the matching level you choose. This captivating tool works with photos from Photos and iPhoto, along with photos from external storage and your system’s hard drives as well. Free up ample of disk space by deleting a large number of similar and duplicate photos in just a click!

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro works like a charm and has the ability to detect duplicate and similar photos wherein:
• You click photos of the same scene in quick succession to capture the perfect shot
• Your photos are scattered all over the system, external storage devices, Photos and iPhoto and hard drives
• You clutter the system by creating backups of pictures and now want to remove the junk

Why use Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro?
• Drag-and-Drop Folders/Photos
Simply drag and drop folders to easily scan for photos inside them. You can add more photos from your Photos and iPhoto library and other folders as well.

• Custom Comparison Settings
You can fully customize your comparison settings out of the available methods by adjusting the settings according to your requirement, regardless of the image size or format.

• Speed
Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is extremely fast when it comes to scanning and comparing a large number of photos within seconds. This is due to the powerful algorithms injected during the development of this tool that make the search of duplicate photos extremely fast, giving excellent comparison results.

• Efficiency / Real-time Results
Without re-comparing photos, you can re-group the comparison results by changing the matching level on the slider in real-time.

• Auto-Mark Duplicates
Use the Auto-Mark feature to mark all duplicate photos in every group except one, depending upon the preferences.

• Compact Viewing
The interface of Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is designed in such a way that all occurrences of photos are classified into different groups and are viewed as large photos group in each line.

• Quick Look
Before moving ahead and deleting photos, you can have a clear look at them instead of opening them individually, using this feature.

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Comments and Ratings for Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

Impossible to keep pictures with older date! (1.9.2)
11/14/2016 1:55:00 PM 2/5 By Mereke123
I was able to succussfully delete exact pictures with this software, but on a second pass where I want to delete almost exact pictures, I have the problem that I want to keep the older pictures (actual date the picture was taken) and delete the newer pictures (for some reason the duplicate picture has the wrong date in the metadata). The newer picture is slightly bigger in data size (2KB) and this software automatically concludes the newer picture is higher quality. I talked to customer support and they tell me there is no way to adjust the logic criteria for autoselecting newer pictures, that I have to do it manually for 4500 pictures! That is useless, I bought this software to save me time!

Just doesn’t work as intended. (1.9.2)
11/13/2016 11:01:00 PM 2/5 By Digital_Fuel
It doesn’t find duplicates with any consistency. In fact, 2 .jpg files of the same person, but different titles, won’t even get flagged as dupes by this software. No matter how much tinkering I do with the settings; from default to customized. Very disappointed in how poorly the software works for something relatively straightforward. Hash the files, sample the files, compare meta data — I don’t know. But whatever it does isn’t working correctly most of the time for me.

“Comparing Photos" box never goes away (1.9.2)
11/6/2016 4:21:00 AM 2/5 By Molly_H20
It seems to be working, but the processing box that shows it is comparing photos never goes away. If I fore quit all of the photos I tried to delete just show back up. I upgraded from the free verion to pro thinking that may be the cause, bu tno luck.

Flaw in program? (1.9.2)
11/5/2016 7:43:00 PM 1/5 By Pomfritz11
Be very careful what photos the program chooses when doing the auto mark. The settings are defalted to mark an delete the older photo. This is likey to be the original and the one you would actually want to keep. I had over 4,500 duplicates and all the later ones were dated May 2016 since the reason for duplicates is usually some strange import by my devices. This would’ve wiped out photos dated back to 2003. I called support and they would look into it and had never heard of this issue. The program does what it says but unless you want to manually delete thousands of photos, watch out how it decides what to save.

LOVE.IT. (1.9.2)
11/4/2016 5:27:00 PM 5/5 By Happyesnyc
Cleaned 3.5 GB from my photos library. VERY fast, great settings, excellent instruction, simple and effective. I’m hard to please and I really, really appreciate this app. Totally worth it.

great (1.9.2)
11/3/2016 7:47:00 AM 5/5 By homie MAT G
i enjoy it

Quick fix (1.9.2)
11/1/2016 9:30:00 PM 5/5 By zanygidget
Worked like a charm. Easy directions. Many gigs now freed!

Works pretty well (1.9.2)
10/25/2016 9:44:00 PM 4/5 By krogerb
Could be a bit faster in elimination of duplicates; however, seemed to find the duplicates ok.

Great App (1.9.2)
10/25/2016 2:43:00 AM 5/5 By Snorton1
Ths app just made my life so much better. I purchased the upgrade, searched for duplicate photos, and deleted them all at once. So nice that one upgrade works across all my apple devices. I highly recommed this app. Only used it a few times so far, but no complaints at this time.

Doesn’t actually find duplicates (1.9.2)
10/24/2016 8:45:00 AM 1/5 By JessGG
I ended up with tons of duplicate photos after migrating from iPhoto to Photo. After hand deleting a bunch of duplicates, I tried duplicate photo fixer to speed up the process. I’m not sure how this thing works, but after I run the application, I only end up with similar or edited photos. It left out an entire year of photos with EXACT duplicates. I have spent hours on the phone with Apple support and the developer and they still can’t figure out why it won’t actually catch the duplicates. If I choose exact match, it pulls zero photos. When I use similar match, it only pulls edited photos and a few similar photos (but not all!). I have also tried running the application mupltiple times and each time it pulls different photos. What a waste of time! I could have just hand deleted all these duplicates in less time than I have spent trying to figure this out. And now I’m still stuck having to do that anyway. Not sure why others are having success with this program and not me, but this was definitely a waste of time and money.

Works Fast, May Take 2-3 Passes (1.9.2)
10/24/2016 5:17:00 AM 4/5 By SailFreex
Works faster than before, does a fine job of sorting out duplicates, generally preserves the best version of near-duplicates. However, seems to miss some duplicates on first pass. Repeat 2-3 times. Make sure to empty duplicate folder before repeating pass.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro (1.9.2)
10/21/2016 2:40:00 AM 4/5 By Nickname1x2y3z456
Collecting photos can be fun but finding that valuable computer space is being needlessly used up by inadvertent saving takes much away from that fun. This program comes to the rescue when an urgency to delete the unnecessary arises. It magically finds duplicates that can be easily removed. Yes, the two or more photos that “match” might be larger to enhance the collection that remains but it works like magic as things stand.

Wow! (1.9.2)
10/17/2016 8:35:00 PM 4/5 By MissMax-7275
Someone said this was really good. So far so good. Cleared up almost 4 gb of space. Impressive. Still needed some help navigating. I know that’s my problem, but would be nice if it were a little easier.

Finally Perfect. (1.9.2)
10/17/2016 5:10:00 AM 5/5 By Israeli guy 1985
After being confusing and made some fatal errors in previous versions, it is now perfect.

10/15/2016 10:30:00 PM 5/5 By RNV.Sr
It doesn’t matter whether or not you are using a Mac or a Windows PC, if you haven’t had a problem with duplicate photo’s, you haven’t experienced frustration. I have been a big fan of digital photography for years. However, after a period of time I felt like a victim of digital photography rather than a big fan. In an effort to ensure I never lost photos I thought were unreplacable, I had backed, up copies and backed up copies of copies, etc……. Needless to say I was using way more memory than what was necessary to maintain my photo library. I finally realized that I had to do something about all the duplicates I had made as I could no longer find what I wanted and when I did a search for a particular photo, I ended up with more results than I knew what to do with. A sisngle pass through my photo library and I elliminated over (you may want to sit down) 4,000 photos from my hard drive. If you are experiencing the same frustration that I have, I would stronly recommend using duplicate remover pro. If I could I would give it 10 stars.

App continues to crash each time I try to use it (1.9.2)
10/15/2016 8:03:00 AM 1/5 By bggamer
I have about 25K photos in the library. As I scroll down the list of the duplicates to verify which ones I’m keeping, the app suddenly crashes. This is on a brand new iMac 27inch retina (late 2015) with 24GB RAM. It’s clear the app has not been thouroughly tested. The interface looks good, however, the app crashing issues are not acceptable.

Good App (1.9.2)
10/14/2016 6:42:00 PM 3/5 By NewYORKer#1
I agree with one reviewer. Would be better to see the duplicates together so you can select the one to delete etc. Otherwise works well.

One star just because it insistely asks to write a review (1.9.2)
10/11/2016 4:04:00 PM 1/5 By Rocco34tfre
Stop harassing your paying customers...

Does exactly what it promises (1.9.2)
10/10/2016 2:50:00 AM 5/5 By TPurvisJr
I have used this several times so far and it works great every time. I cannot imagine a better way of getting rid of duplicates.

Great App (1.9.2)
10/9/2016 6:54:00 AM 5/5 By kmartin62
I have used this program for almost a year now and have done over 15,000 photos that over the years have duplicateed more than once. To me this is a simple and easy to use app that has freed up space and allowed me time to do other things as I dont worry abou it. Thanks developers

It’s really very good but the directions are a little weak (1.9.2)
10/7/2016 8:38:00 PM 4/5 By Glouvis
First, I feel a little bad giving only 4 stars. This app cleared almost 6GB of wasted memory from my computer in about 40 minutes by finding and deleting duplicate photos. The only (minor) negative is that if you use Photos on your Mac this software will create a photo album called “Duplicates”. Once you have that album you have to highlight all photos then press and hold Command and Control while clicking on one photo and you’ll see the option to “Delete All Photos” the directions do NOT tell you that and I had to call tech support. Seems simple enough, the just need to update their instructions. On the plus side, if you call Tech Support you’ll be connected to someone who will guide you through the steps on a “log me in” type of session where they will do the work for you. If you’ve been taking digital photos for years and know that because of cloud sharing etc you have duplicates that are wasting space this app is totally worth the price ($1.99 when I purchased). If they tweak the on screen instructions it’s completely a 5 Star App.

A note on deleting the duplicated pictures (1.9.2)
10/6/2016 8:56:00 PM 4/5 By Pocowok
This software provides the user the ability to find and matching the “similar” pictures under the user pre-defined rules. It then groups the similar pictures for you to mark for deletion. You can use the build-in auto marking based on a set of preference to mark the pictures. From there, the sofware will creates a “Duplicate Marked Photos" album within the Photos app. To complete the deletion process, you can open the Duplicate Marked Photos album and select the pictures you don’t want. NOW, here is the step that may potentially cause some of complaints: To delete the pictures inside the album, one must NOT use the “delete” key on your keyboard. This will not work! You must use the right click on the selected photos to bring out the control icon as depicted in the Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro. For this small subtle difference, I wasted few hours of trying before realize the problem. I hope this would help to clearafy some of the one star reviews. On the other hand, the delete key works when you perform the delete function on all the other albums. It should be a simple fix on the part of developer to include both ways of deleting the pictures…

Doesn’t work (1.9.2)
10/6/2016 4:18:00 PM 1/5 By TiredofMac
It didn’t find the duplicates in the folder, and it marked photos as duplicates that were obviously NOT duplicates. I understand you can adjust the settings but if the tool can’t even find the named duplicates? It isn’t worth it, free or otherwise.

정말정말 좋아요 (1.9.2)
10/6/2016 2:34:00 PM 5/5 By 홍익대학교법과대학
이 앱의 좋은점은 정말 편하다는 점이에요. 비슷한 사진을 찾아주는 것은 알겠는데 거기다가 무엇을 삭제할지까지 커스텀으로 설정할수도 있네요. 저는 귀찮아서 자동으로 선택하게 해서 다 삭제했습니다. 일일이 어떤 사진을 삭제해야할지도 정해주니 간편하네요. 추천합니다!

Good at finding duplicates. Could be better at culling them. (1.9.2)
10/4/2016 7:13:00 PM 3/5 By neliason
This app is very good at finding duplicates or similar photographs. It allows you to adjust the match criteria giving you pretty good flexibility. It displays all the relevant information about a photograph such as capture date, location, camera in a sidebar. It has a very intuitive checkbox interface to allow you to choose which photos to delete. So for a basic duplicate finder it does the job. Where it falls short is in what it could do. The first suggestion is to change the UI to allow you to see the photograph in a larger size. While it does find duplicates the UI doesn’t provide an easy way to really compare the two photos. When I have very similar photos where I only want to keep the best photo the UI is of no help. It just shows a thumbnail. The UI should provide some easy way to see larger version of a duplicate photo group. It should allow you to toggle back and forth between the two. It would be really great if they added a mode where you could go through the groups of duplicates and chose which to delete in this larger view mode. The second suggestion would be not just display the coordinates of the photo but show the point on a map. This is rather trivial compared to the other issue but I think would be easy to do and more useful information is never a bad thing.

Fabulous (1.9.1)
9/27/2016 5:19:00 AM 5/5 By Druzzie
I take so many of same type photos, waterfalls, beaches, etc, this app has allowed me to get rid of so many I don’t need to save and so easily. You can set your parimeters and it works so fast you will not believe it. So glad I did a search for a photo duplicate app and found this today! Love it

Just what i have been looking for (1.9.1)
9/24/2016 2:46:00 PM 5/5 By MJM2U
Easy to get rid of duplicates a free up storage. “Ilove it"

Great Program (1.9.1)
9/21/2016 6:10:00 PM 4/5 By Bill##8991
Easy to use

Worst App Ever (1.9.1)
9/21/2016 5:30:00 AM 1/5 By D-Wood-1
I have gone through and deleted over 100 duplicate photos by myself after downloading this app. It did not recognize even a single duplicate photo that was in my library. I thought maybe having 1500 photos was too much for it to accuratly scan, so I decided to put 10 photos in one album, 5 of which were the same exact photo, and it didnt recognize even a single duplicate. I would not recommend this app to anyone.

A big caution (1.9.1)
9/20/2016 1:20:00 AM 2/5 By uvajeD
This application does a great job at locating duplicates, thus 2 stars instead of 1. However, the tool automatically marks your originals for deletion. Here is the big caution...if you don’t manually select the newest photos, then the photo date will be lost. As an example, if the duplicates occurred because you copied all of your photos on April 12, 2014, the program will assume you want to delete the original dated photos. If you go ahead with the removal, then ALL of your photos before April 12, 2014 will have a date of April 12, 2014. I have over 2000 photos that were duplicated through various folder copy dates. The program found the duplicates, but in order to keep the file dates, I would need to MANUALLY select every newer photo (this would take hours). This oversite makes the program COMPLETLY unusable. If the program had Automator and/or Applescript actions, then the problem could be solved. Unfortunately, the software lacks these hooks as well.

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