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LEGO Star Wars Saga

By Feral Interactive Ltd
Supported Devices : Mac OS

Release Notes

Version : 1.1.1 | Size : 4.3 GB
Initial App Store release


Play through a fun Star Wars galaxy that combines the endless customization of LEGO with the epic story from all six episodes of Star Wars.

Before you buy, please expand this description and check the system requirements below.

This is the definitive LEGO Star Wars comprising the first two games and expanding them with new characters, enhanced visuals, and more bonus levels than you can shake a lightsaber at.

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga is a family-friendly game, which is both funny and challenging. Pick and choose your characters wisely to engage in combat, solve puzzles and work together as a team to defeat the dark side.

• True co-operative multiplayer lets two players enjoy the fun together!

• Unlock more than 160 characters from the Star Wars movies, including 10 characters never seen before in the LEGO Star Wars games.

• Updated graphics mean LEGO Star Wars has never looked so good!

• Lots of surprises and funny moments, trademarks of developer TT Games’ LEGO titles.

• Upgraded Character Customizer lets you create cross-Trilogy “mashup” characters like Han Windu or Lando Amidala.

• Enhanced Force powers for both Jedi and Sith characters, including “Force Throw” and “Force Push”.

• New power-ups scattered throughout all levels of the game.

• Brand new Bounty Hunter missions.

Important information regarding LEGO Star Wars The Complete Saga:

• If you require assistance, please contact our support team at

• In order to run the game with satisfactory performance, your Mac must meet these minimum system requirements: 1.4GHz CPU / 1GB RAM / 128MB graphics card.

• Intel GMA graphics cards are not supported.

• This game is not currently supported on volumes formatted as Mac OS Extended (Case Sensitive).

• Full system requirements are available on the LEGO Star Wars The Complete Saga mini-site at

LucasArts and the LucasArts logo are registered trademarks of Lucasfilm Ltd. © 2005-2010 Lucasfilm Entertainment Company Ltd. or Lucasfilm Ltd. and ® or TM as indicated. LEGO, the LEGO Logo and the Minifigure are trademarks of the LEGO Group. © 2005-2010 The LEGO Group. All rights reserved. The ratings icon is a registered trademark of the Entertainment Software Association. Mac and the Mac logo are trademarks of Apple Inc. registered in the U.S. and other countries. Feral and the Feral logo are trademarks of Feral Interactive Ltd.


Overall :
#183 : Top Grossing Mac Applications

Categories :
#3 : Top Grossing Mac Applications [Family]
#7 : Top Paid Mac Applications [Family]
#11 : Top Paid Mac Applications [Adventure]
#12 : Top Grossing Mac Applications [Adventure]
#46 : Top Paid Mac Applications [Games]
#48 : Top Grossing Mac Applications [Games]

Screenshots Mac OSX :

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Games , Adventure , Family

Comments and Ratings for LEGO Star Wars Saga

How to Play in Single Player Mode! (1.1.1)
11/27/2016 3:18:00 AM 2/5 By Bloomboy
Yesterday I gave this a one-star rating because there was no apparent way to play as a single player, and there were numerous problems. Today, I've figured it out. When you start up, you'll see avatars of two characters and get a prompt to "press F2 to start." DON'T. What the instructions should have said was "press F2 to enter two player mode." By avoiding two player mode, everything suddenly works fine. You can switch between characters using the "K" key, and the rest of the time the other characters will tag along and be helpful by themselves. The controls are a bit klutzy when using a keyboard, which is why I'm glad my character immediately regenerates every time he gets blown to pieces by imperial blasters. Additionally, your goals are frequently unclear in the levels. Finally, there are bugs (surprising in a game this age) in which characters suddenly walk through walls, bumping into invisible barriers, or run through mid air. Fun moments, nice visuals, and the classic Star Wars sounds - but all in all a disappointment.

On a mac? (1.1.1)
3/30/2016 7:19:00 PM 1/5 By Insanedog10
How do i move and play on a mac?

Lego +- (0)
11/26/2015 3:44:00 PM 4/5 By igorcgarcia01
The game is good, the saga is good, the design is good, but… why do the characters needs to be so stupid and some stuff that happens aren’t even funny.

Great LEGO game for people of all ages (0)
10/6/2015 1:49:00 AM 5/5 By GD_Mac
Kids from 5 and up have loved playing this game and have begged to play it nearly every day for the last four months. The great variety of levels, secrets, and bonuses have been a lot of fun to discover. The game has worked nearly flawlessly (sound has dropped out a few times) on a late-2011 iMac running current OS versions. If you have a full-sized keyboard, I would recommend sliding the player 1 controls over to a-s-d-w and g-h-j-y and then use arrows and the keypad for player 2. This allows two people to play well without getting in each others’ way. I am very pleased with this purchase.

Sweet Game (0)
9/9/2015 6:46:00 PM 4/5 By Chuck o mungo
This game is almost completely glitch-free EXCEPT the sound semi-regularly cuts out and has only returned by itself once…all the other instances required me to restart the app. Aside from that, the graphics are great and don't lag at all on my 2010 15" 8GB MacBook Pro i5. Lots of hidden things to do in the game.

Great family game (0)
9/7/2015 8:14:00 PM 5/5 By Palio
I purchased this game as soon as I saw it on sale and do not regret it. I’ll plug in two controlers to my Mac and play with my son. He loves it. Great fun for the whole family.

CRASHES my mac, every time (1.1.1)
5/4/2015 2:47:00 AM 1/5 By B.Dick
This game crashes my Mac, buyer beware

Great LEGO game for people of all ages (1.1.1)
2/7/2015 1:54:00 PM 5/5 By GD_Mac
Kids from 5 and up have loved playing this game and have beeged to play it nearly every day for the last four months. The great variety of levels, secrets, and bonuses have been a lot of fun to discover. The game has worked nearly flawlessly (sound has dropped out a few times) on a late-2011 iMac running current OS versions. If you have a full-sized keyboard, I would recommend sliding the player 1 controls over to a-s-d-w and g-h-j-y and then use arrows and the keypad for player 2. This allows two people to play well without getting in each others’ way. I am very pleased with this purchase.

Good game (1.1.1)
12/30/2014 5:34:00 PM 4/5 By Jjjjke
It is a very fun game, exactly like the originals on Nintendo DS. The controls are a ittle tricky, but they are customizable and you get used to them fairly quickly. One thing that I would ask of teh makers is that they make it a little more like the ipad/iphone/ps/xbox version which has slightly differnt levels and a challenge mode with blue minikits. Otherwise a great game and well worth 10 dollars.

DO NOT BUY (1.1.1)
10/5/2014 8:50:00 AM 1/5 By christophermacaluso
Does not work. i redownloaded it 10 times and it still wont let me do anything. everytime i get to the main menu it wontlet me select anything. waste of money and time. DO NOT GET

Awesome game! (1.1.1)
9/23/2014 10:48:00 PM 5/5 By CollegeStudent1992
I really enjoy playing this game, if you are a fan of Star Wars or Lego video games then you will not be disappointed! the only thing i didnt like was that due to it being on a Mac there doesn seem to be native 2 player mode, with PS3 controllers over bluetooth. Other than that everything about this game is awesome, it runs smooth on my Mid-2012 Macbook Pro.

Amazing! (1.1.1)
9/3/2014 4:33:00 AM 5/5 By brickmaster2
for this game you really really need the recommended system requirements to play it, for one you can increase the graphics, two the game will respond and be much faster, and three if your using the minimum system requirements oh sure the game will run, but not very well, Not only will it take longer to load and not be able to have high grahics, but the game WILL i repeat WILL glitch at certain levels and prevent you from moving on with the game. This is very frustrating, but this is only caused by your system the game itself is completely fine. The reason i know all this is because i until recently was playing it on a mac osx system 10.6.8 with 10.5 hardware. Early last month i bought a new mac laptop system 10.9.4 and the game works AMAZINGLY WELL!! except for extremely rare instances where the sound cuts out it works great! it is TOTALLY WORTH THE $20($19.99) IT IS SO AMAZING! also in the game you can enter cheat codes to unlock extras, but there not really cheat codes since to get the min the game, you just need to find the red power bricks. some of the extras are really cool.

star wars (1.1.1)
6/27/2014 5:25:00 PM 2/5 By Calcio226
I deleted the game because it took up space and I would get it back but it made me buy it again and the game was only some what fun.

Very fun game! (1.1.1)
5/29/2014 12:02:00 AM 5/5 By pageandrew
This game is a lot of fun.

I enjoy the game and graphics … but ... (1.1.1)
1/23/2014 6:31:00 PM 2/5 By Apple@Lakeborn
Is there anyone else having issues with the control’s on the flying parts of this game ? In order to make a u turn you have to push the assigned buttons in sequance. Thats pretty hard for my 6 y/o sometimes and he has been getting frustrated as to why he can’t make it past some levels. So I gave this game a poor mark on the grounds that the controls (even user assigned) have issues, if you go forward you should go forward. I shouldn’t have to press left, right, back, and up, to make a circle ...

Amazing Game with one Problem (1.1.1)
1/17/2014 4:34:00 AM 4/5 By Cinema Crazy
The game is amazing, just like the console version. Actually, pretty much identical. The only problem with the game is when I close it, it seems to mess up part of the screen on my 2013 MacBook Pro with Retina Display (13 inch). I’m not sure why it does this. Basically, it makes the top right portion of the screen de-retinized and it doesn’t let me spotlight search or click on the WiFi button on the menu bar. Other than that, it’s amazing!

love this game (1.1.1)
1/17/2014 3:18:00 AM 5/5 By orangerat
i have a macbook air 11 inch version 10.9.1 and this game works just fine with my computer and it is optional to play 2 player and all around it is one of the best games ever

Great Game! (1.1.1)
1/5/2014 6:28:00 PM 5/5 By pistolpete11
i have always been a great fan of the star wars lego saga. While reading the reviews for this game i was a bit nervous but i took the risk and it has more than payed off. I am addicted. So much fun. I highly recommend it. A few slight issues her and there but not enough to take away a star.

worst game ever (1.1.1)
11/18/2013 12:51:00 AM 1/5 By sooooooo baaadddd
it wont even let me play the game none of my controls work terrible game do not get it. wast of money

amazing (1.1.1)
8/30/2013 3:58:00 AM 5/5 By Britara
loving the game! It works beautifully on my Macbook Air 11 inch. It's not a two player only game so don't listen to a negative review like that. I play it by myself all the time. Great Lego fun on a classic series.

Using Controllers (1.1.1)
7/10/2013 6:42:00 AM 5/5 By bkchirikjian
I am so happy with this game, it was a blast to the past in so many different ways. The best part about this is how easy it is to hook up video game remotes (such as a Xbox 360 remote) and how it is set up already as if it was made to do that. Just so profesional!

Where the Lego series began, and easily the best (1.1.1)
6/30/2013 10:26:00 PM 5/5 By Cubslak
Such a fun game. The movies are so well-entrenched in the pop culture canon that the humor this game injects is both funny and recognizable. Plays on all the Star Wars tropes. The fact that they included the old levels is a major plus, because in one game I have both of the film trilogies without having to give anything up (or buy copies of the other games!). And it takes forever to play this game - it’s a steal at $20!

A review for casual gamers; the game: Great! (1.1.1)
6/24/2013 11:52:00 AM 5/5 By Snorkledorf
I don't play many games, so this is a review more for very casual gamers who are looking at LSW as a mild diversion and aren't really sure what kind of game it is. This is my first Lego game so maybe all Lego games are like this, who knows? You're a little Lego guy (who you control), and you're with another Lego guy (that the computer controls). It's keyboard control only here — I think this was originally a console game. The game is set up so that two players can independently play the two active characters if you like, but for a single player, the second character (and later, a whole group of characters) just kind of follows you around. You're allowed to switch on the fly between which character you're playing (e.g. I need to jump here. Which character can jump higher? Switch to them!), and part of the game is accumulating additional characters as you complete the stages. It's Star Wars; there are dozens. Fortunately the game gives you hints as you go through it, so you gradually learn why you'd choose one character over another for a given situation. There are 6 main stages, one for each Star Wars movie, and each stage has 6 sub-levels that take you through the movie. For example, the first level of Episode I is aboard the Trade Federation blockade ship, the second is once you've landed on Naboo... Dot dot dot, Ewoks. So you have something like 36 levels to explore. A lot of fun to be had. Gameplay is very freeform. The Mos Eisley cantina is your "home base" from which you choose the stage you want to play. After a cute little cutscene, the two of you are plopped into some situation, and you wander around gathering coins (as all True Jedi do...) and figuring out how to open doors and stuff to move ahead. Being a kid-friendly Lego game, dying is not a big deal; you just explode into a pile of (your) coins and respawn, so eventually you're broke, but still alive. After you've finished a stage and go back to Mos Eisley, you can then choose better characters to go back in with again and again to collect everything you missed the first time. Once you've cleared the first level in Episode I, all 6 movies are unlocked for you, so from there you can go in order or not, as you like. And of course it's Lego, so it's always worth your while to stop what you're doing and compulsively assemble any piles of bricks that you find... I think the game is cute; a light-hearted little version of Star Wars that you don't have to take very seriously. Worth the price.

Great (1.1.1)
6/12/2013 7:33:00 AM 5/5 By Sneab
Great Game my kids (6&8) love this game, and the great thing is that thet can both play at the same time on the same keyboard.

Great fun! (1.1.1)
2/27/2013 2:11:00 AM 5/5 By Rav_Bunneh
I have an older Early 2011 13" Macbook Pro and the game is great fun. It's even more fun, I think, because I use a PS3 wireless game controller. The game itself has built in support for this controller for it's ready to go. My favorite aspects are the Sorty mode and then going back in Free Play to try and discover all the secret things hidden in the levels. FYI, there are A LOT of secret goodies.

Great Game (1.1.1)
1/21/2013 2:13:00 AM 5/5 By Fakecheez
This is hands down one of the most fun games on the MAC next to Minecraft. I am only op episode 3 but it is a fun game with difficult puzzles. I played this on the Wii when I was like 8. Now im 13 and I still find the game quite challenging. Good job with this game p.s @HobbitParrot it is 2 player but 2 people dont have to be connected it's just a comeputer that automatically plays with you.

Beware! Suspicious Software! (1.1.1)
1/18/2013 7:45:00 PM 1/5 By Ancient Creator
I just upgraded to Mountain Lion so I can use the Webroot Antiviral software for my Mac. Well… as it happens after the opening screens and when I arrive at the Main screen to play the game: the keyboard becomes NONRESPONSIVE, the mouse barely works and I have to perform a cold boot on my iMac! My Imac specs are 4GB Ram and 201 GB Hard drive space. I had Snow Leopard b4 this and it worked fine minus the antiviral software. My advice is: If the game performs / works in a threatening manner it may have a Trojan or Worm hidden and Don't download this game!!!

Amazing game, but i need help (1.1.1)
1/16/2013 11:41:00 PM 5/5 By Jake1297
This is really a great game. it's worth every penny. Does anyone know how to make the action control work with the mouse? If so please let me know, thanks:)

So Worth It!!!!!! (1.1.1)
1/8/2013 4:20:00 PM 5/5 By Lym4n19
I have beaten this game on my consul a while back and was very exited to be able to purchase it on my Mac. The game is well worth the money and has great resolution. I was thrilled when I discovered that it did not drain my battery (like most of the other games I have). Costing only $19.99 on the App Store, this game is one of the best I've gotten yet. Thanks!!!!! ~D

codes (1.1.1)
1/7/2013 7:37:00 PM 5/5 By thokerson
can never get any codes in the cantina to work any one know where to get them

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