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ScoreCloud Express HD

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By DoReMIR Music Research AB

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Straight from musical idea to music notation - wherever you are!

• EuroBest 2013 Gold winner for best user experience (UX)
• Cannes Lions Gold winner 2013 "Media, Entertainment & Leisure"
• Cannes Lions Silver medalist 2013 "Other Technology for Mobile"

With this app you can:
• Play, sing or whistle any monophonic melody and instantly turn it into music notation.
• Edit score and change playback sound.
• Share results with your friends and synchronize it with ScoreCloud Studio on your computer in order to arrange or edit it further.

• Displays your monophonic input in standard notation.
• Intelligent interpretation of pitch, time signature, rhythm & meter, and tempo directly from monophonic audio input.
• In-App and cloud-based storage of your songs.
• Works with a wide range of musical instruments.
• Playback with a number of different sounds or the original recording.
• Designed for recording also in noisy environments.
• No limitations with regards to musical style – ScoreCloud Express can track composite meters, syncopation, free rhythm etc.
• Share your song with your friends by email, Twitter or Facebook (iOS 6 or higher) for anyone to view and listen to in a web browser.
• Synchronize your songs with ScoreCloud Studio on your computer in order to edit and arrange them.

ScoreCloud Express requires a free account and an Internet connection, since the analysis of your recordings is performed in the cloud.


Release Notes

2/13/2019 | Version : 2.5.5 | Size : 41.4 MB
Minor changes

1/5/2018 | Version : 2.5.3 | Size : 47.4 MB
Various bug fixes.

2/28/2016 | Version : 2.5.2 | Size : 38.5 MB
Fixed broken metronome on iOS 9
Recording with metronome in 6/8 now works better

Screenshots iPad :

Screenshots iPad Screenshots iPad Screenshots iPad Screenshots iPad Screenshots iPad


Music , Entertainment

Supported Devices
iPad2 Wifi, Wifi, 2 3G, 3G, 4th Gen, Mini 4G, 3rd Gen, Mini, 3rd Gen 4G, 4th Gen 4G, 2 Wifi, 2 3G, 3rd Gen, 3rd Gen 4G, 4th Gen, 4th Gen 4G, Mini, Mini 4G, Air, Air Cel, Mini Retina, Mini Retina Cel, Air 2, Air 2 Cel, Mini 3, Mini 3 Cel, Mini 4, Mini 4 Cel, Pro, Pro Cel, Pro 97, Pro 97 Cel, 6.11, 6.12, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4, 7.5, 7.6, 8.1.2, 8.3.4, 8.5.6, 8.7.8

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