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Go deep into Bible study with Accordance® 12 Lite.
Accordance equips you with cutting-edge original language tools, a dynamic interlinear, drag-and-drop graphical searching, and a host of other features designed to take your Bible study to the next level. Experience a clean and simple interface that can be customized to complement your Bible study objectives.

Upon registration, you will receive the following Bibles and reference works for studying the Bible:

English Bibles
• English Standard Version (ESV) with Strong’s Numbers
• King James Version (KJV) with Strong’s Numbers
• King James Version Apocrypha
• World English Bible (WEB)
• Douay-Rheims Bible

Reference Works
• Matthew Henry Condensed Commentary
• Easton’s Bible Dictionary
• Bible Names Dictionary
• Strong’s Greek Dictionary
• Strong’s Hebrew Dictionary
• Gospel Harmony Parallel
• Old Testament Parallel
• Old Testament in New Testament Parallel

Biblical Studies
• Collection
• Classic Bible Passages
• Dr. J’s Bible Study Methods
• Nave’s Topical Bible
• Outlines of the Bible
• Parables and Miracles

Daily Readings
• Chronological Readings
• Devotional Readings

International Language Bibles
• Portuguese Bible: João Ferreira De Almeida Atualizada
• Italian: Conferenza Episcopale Italiana 2008
• Italian: Conferenza Episcopale Italiana 1974
• German Elberfelder 1905
• French: Louis Segond Bible
• German Lutherbibel 1912
• Spanish 1909 Reina Valera with Strong's numbers
• Romanian: Versiunea Dumitru Cornilescu 2014

• Accordance PhotoGuide Sampler
• Accordance Atlas Sampler
• Accordance Timeline Sampler

From within Accordance 12 Lite, you can purchase our Starter Collection and gain access to more features for research such as Stacks & Paper as well as a larger library of Bibles and reference works.


Release Notes

9/24/2019 | Version : 12.3.6 | Size : 148.7 MB
Accordance 12.3.6 delivers User Bible Import Usability enhancements, Paper endnotes improvements, and several bug fixes.

* Paper items that have a bibliography endnote now have a right click menu option to remove it.
* Auto-generated Paper endnotes and bibliography items will now be skipped over when tabbing between editable items and can no longer be edited by clicking outside the text area.
* The Paper item currently being edited will no longer move when trying to scroll up beyond the top of a Paper.
* When copying a Tool Stack item, the Accordance location url will be included if the user has the bibliography preference for that enabled.
* Key number texts now create Interlinear columns for each variant, rather than only showing the first variant.
* Cross Highlighting now marks all of the Interlinear columns associated with a variant word.
* The “INFER” command can now be used with tabs whose name contains a “+” character.
* Added a preference to disable auto-switching of the class pop-up in the Analytics Bar/Pie Chart. Can be found under Preferences -> Greek & Hebrew.
* If auto-switching is enabled, but no class is “good” then the pop-up will remain at its previous value.
* When copying as citation, or using get verses, the character after a paragraph marker will now be removed only if it is a space, instead of unconditionally.
* Improved WiFi syncing of modules with a large file size.
* Added a block to not allow Check for Updates or Sync to process any modules with illegal file name characters, such as a slash, such as “NIV-G/K”. This prevents bad attempts to sync them to the iOS device.
* Korean Localization: Complete updates for Atlas and minor changes for Timeline.
* The keyboard hotkey conflict message now says “cancel” instead of “OK”.
* Updated help

Better support for the Modern Hebrew NT with Strongs (MHNTS)
* When shift-triple clicking on a keyed text, now the dictionary loaded is of the source module language, rather than assuming English. This also has a positive benefit for the GNT-TRS.
* Where the Analysis converted Key Strings based on the parent language, which was fine for English, but destructive for other languages. Since the string is always english, e.g. ‘G011 Abraam’, it should not be converted in this case.
* Where amplify code assumed that the key string should always be used when going Key -> Tagged text. This made sense for GNT-TRS, but not MHNTS. Now the string is only used if the key language also matches.
* Now, when Override Key Number Dictionaries is checked, the right click would still use the english word when searching the Greek or Hebrew dictionary.

4/11/2019 | Version : 12.3.4 | Size : 147.4 MB
Accordance 12.3.4 delivers Korean Localization, User Bible Import improvements, Display enhancements, and several bug fixes.

New Feature

* Added Korean localization.

* Improved Unicode text entry and display with mixed-direction text.
* Improved speed of Instant Details' rendering of unicode.
* Improved expanded Instant Details lookup of Aramaic terms.
* The Hebrew Construct will no longer misinterpret unicode Arabic text.
* Parallel text display improvements when a parallel pane has extra verses not present in the search or reference text. The extra verses are not shown with any of the following conditions:
- The Search tab is in Word search mode.
- The verse entry is non-contiguous.
- The verse entry is specified to a verse level. That is, the entry Ps 51 may show the extra verses, but Ps 51:1-5 will not show the extra verses.
- If a specific book has too many missing verses to fill, such as in some books of the DSSB-C, when it is the search or reference text.
* Made the following improvements to User Bible import:
- Added an explicit error message to not allow UTF16 files to be imported. All Unicode files must now be UTF8.
- Improved the “detection” of UTF8 files that consist of languages supported by the Accordance ASCII fonts, such as Greek, Hebrew, etc. These files will be converted from UTF8 to ASCII using the respective Accordance fonts. UTF8 files that have mixed Accordance languages or no Accordance languages will be kept as Unicode modules.
* Qumran import enhancements
- Import of texts with chapter strings versification is now supported.
- Import of texts with over 200 books is now supported.
- Improved import of European verse notation and support “.” as a verse divider.
- The progress bar will now properly advance for the entire import, rather than stalling and giving a spinning wheel briefly near the start for large texts.
- Issue that could lead to misaligned verses in an imported text.
* The Info Pane should no longer cause Text Info pop-ups, even if the user has disabled the “Suppress opening text information” preference.
* Updated the titles of search analysis tabs to allow unicode.
* Switching the “Notes Order” version will no longer cause the “Opening Text Information” to display.
* Setup Assistant’s “Default Text” will now also be set as the web browser’s default text for scripture links.
* Upgraded the WiFi sync ‘encoding error’ dialog to try to also show the name of the file it failed to encode.
* Changed the “Suppress tool browser auto-sizing” preference to “Suppress Table of Contents auto-sizing in Tools”, since we no longer refer to the Table of Contents as “browsers” in the documentation.
* The red “Range Selection” indicators in a Tool’s table of contents now align with the node they are indicating.
* Updated help for 12.3.4.

2/11/2019 | Version : 12.3.2 | Size : 150.0 MB
Accordance 12.3.2 brings Searching & User Bible Import enhancements, Usability improvements, and many important bug fixes.


* Text browser tabs can now be renamed.
* The Hebrew Construct ETCBC will now show “Clause” radio options in the correct dialogs.
* The concordance for a search will no longer attempt to show original language book names in an English font.
* The previous chapter/book buttons will now go to the start of the current book/chapter, rather than the start of the previous one, unless it is at the first verse in the ref list that is from that chapter.
* The flex/exact button in tools will now also check the state of the extra conditions when determining whether to dim.
* When text is amplified to a diagram, it should now align with the default grid spacing.
* The web browser context menu items for “Download Linked File” and “Download Image” have been removed, since these are not supported.
* When a workspace with the map is saved, the sites, regions, routes, and user layers that are currently selected will be saved delocalized, if possible, and are relocalized when loaded. This allows the items to remain selected if opened on a system using a different localization.
* Where changing the “Group” dropdown menus in Live Click preferences would not un-dim the OK button.
* In “Get Verses”, if the “Use Citation Format” box is checked, the process should now respect ALL of the user’s Citation preferences.
* The user Bible import dialog now has a checkmark for use when the text is Arabic. If set, the import will assume the imported text is Arabic, and will skip the logic that tries to determine import language. The options for this dialog are now hidden unless the user hits “Advanced”.
* More characters are checked during bible import to determine the language.
* User Tool HTML import will no longer completely fail if a verse reference contains a typo somewhere in the document.
* Optimizations for the info pane. The info pane should now load more quickly when it is initially opened.
* Optimization to reduce startup time.
* Minor optimizations for cross-highlighting.
* Updated Greek Glosses.
* Updated help for 12.3.2.

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