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By Andreas Hegenberg

BetterSnapTool allows you to easily manage your window positions and sizes by either dragging them to one of the screen's corners or to the top, left or right side of the screen. This enables you to easily maximize your windows, position them side by side or even resize them to quarters of the screen.

If you need even more than those standard snap areas, BetterSnapTool now allows you to create your own, custom snap areas anywhere on your display.

To be even more productive you can also set custom keyboard shortcuts in order to move and resize your windows.

Because there are so many positions available, BetterSnapTool can also pop up an overview menu from which you can select the one position you want.

You can also customize what happens after right-clicking on one of the buttons on the top left of a window.

More features included are:
• move or resize the window below the cursor while holding customizable modifier keys.
• select what happens when double-clicking a windows titlebar

BetterSnapTool is very customizable and will change the way you work with your Mac!

It supports multiple monitors, hidden docks etc..
You can change the design of the preview overlays and even set application specific snapping sizes!

BetterSnapTool works with almost every application, only some apps with non-standard windows can't be supported.

I'm always open for new ideas, so don't hesitate and ask!

Release Notes

12/1/2017 | Version : 1.8 | Size : 1.6 MB
- Improvements for macOS High Sierra
- Big performance improvements, especially on retina screens
- Various bugfixes

9/18/2016 | Version : 1.7 | Size : 1.6 MB
• Optimizations to make BetterSnapTool work well with the new macOS 10.12 Sierra
• Added missing "two thirds" option (scroll down in the keyboard tab)
• Various little bugfixes
• Thank you all for supporting BetterSnapTool for so long!

4/1/2016 | Version : 1.6.1 | Size : 1.6 MB
• Fixed an issue that caused the highlight overlay to become "sticky" in some situations.
• This is just a little bugfix update, there'll be more soon!


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#9 : Top Paid Mac Applications
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#3 : Top Paid Mac Applications [Productivity]
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Productivity , Utilities

Supported Devices : Mac OS

Comments and Ratings for BetterSnapTool

Surprisingly Helpful (1.7)
2/3/2017 6:24:00 AM 5/5 By AcuWeb
The developer has an instructional video showing how to use this app. Very helpful. It took less than two mintues for me to understand it, using the video. Once implementing a couple of drop zones that trigger a window layout, I quickly discovered that this tool saves a lot of time and energy. Less time manually resizing and coordinating finder and app windows is required as a result of this app. No software conflicts either. I also implemented an “extra” feature that comes included. I set up double clicking on the title bar to move the selected window to a specific area with a specific size. This gets me out of trouble when certain apps don’t play well with Mac Os and don’t properly switch out of full screen mode or won’t resize between screens easily. It’s also a quick way to get things out of the way. I make use of all trackpad gestures, and in any ways, this makes Mac Os a breeze. However, the addition of this app adds another level of convenience and organization. Impressive and convenient. Very happy with the purchase.

Fantastic for ultrawide monitors (1.7)
1/31/2017 12:39:00 PM 5/5 By JazzCatDRP
I recently bought a Dell ultrawide monitor which features a software implementation of side by side window splitting (which is essential to take advantage of an ultrawide’s width), but support was limited to Windows-only. I was searching for a solution that worked better than the terrible MacOS implementation, and when I found this, was intrigued, as I’ve been a BTT user for YEARS. I am happy to report it works as perfectly as BTT. Great solution, keep up the good work!

In the latest Sierra, hangs Excel, Word, Outlook (1.7)
1/28/2017 10:59:00 PM 1/5 By Dantrino
For whatever reason, this wonderful program that has been running flawlessly for 8 years no longer works. It causes catastrophic hangs and freezes in Excel, Word and other Office apps. If I quit the app, problems go away.

Fixes MacOS (1.7)
1/26/2017 12:43:00 AM 5/5 By CerealK916711
Honestly without this app MacOS is broken for me. I had grown so uccustomed to Windows 10’s snapping features that living without it was a deal breaker for me. This works great, not perfect, but much better than I expected and there are tons of customizations.

A Must Have…. (1.7)
1/17/2017 9:08:00 PM 5/5 By Phazenine
This simple tool which shouldve been part of the OS years ago is a must have. I use this tool probably more than any other. Every App, browseror window I use winds up getting snapped into position. Its essential for me to simplify multi-tasking. Worth every bit of $3

Brilliant Simple Way to Handle Windows. (1.7)
1/17/2017 12:40:00 PM 5/5 By dBeatsdesmo
For some reason, OS X doesn’t do this natively. I run multiple monitors (3, or even 4 with airplay sometimes.) Beyond providing what is basically Windows 7 functionality, it goes further by allowing customized snap and landing zones. The way you define them is just very simple and thought out and I really love to see that in an app. You can also make the stop-light window controls right clickable and have it snap to various locations! I’m in love! Edit: Updated versions since I wrote my review have made it even better. Hot buttons to resize and move windows around!! Would like ¼ 3/4 option as well!

So far so good (1.7)
12/28/2016 2:24:00 PM 5/5 By Outonmybike
I ‘ve had this installed for all of 5 minutes, but it does exactly what I want it to, and probably more if I had the time to read up on the extra features. I currently have 2x24” external monitors next to each other from my good old MacPro 3,1. I dabble in development (learning to code at the moment) so I frequently have 3-4 windows open that are all helpful to be able to see simultaneously (YouTube tutorial in one window, html editor in another, and a “live” version of my project page in another). I wanted a way to quickly “snap” and automatically resize windows to the side of one monitor or the other and this does it perfectly, even better than another app I tried (I’ve been using the trial version of “Cinch” for a few months). I got used to “snapping” windows on Windows7, and really wanted to be able to do it on all my macs. This app is just perfect. Even better than Windows for my set up. I usually use 2 monitors set up side by side, and this app lets me “snap” a window to the left side of my right monitor, something I couldn’t do with Windows (or at least never figured out how to do). I am very happy with this app. Best $3 I spent today.

Doens’t work, zero response for support. (1.7)
12/28/2016 1:28:00 AM 1/5 By Bookerfatz2
Running OS 10.9.5 I’ve tried numerous time to download. I’ve gone through all the blog emails, read and followed directions for all those helps. Alas no luck. I contacted developer 3 times but no response. Now I am going to try and get my money back. I can afford the 3€ this cost me but this kind of transaction makes me angry. It feels like thievery to me. I’ll try to post an update with the outcome to all of this time waste.

Great except for one thing... (1.7)
12/19/2016 1:00:00 PM 3/5 By iFizzleMaNizzle
I use this app every day and rely on it heavily for desktop organization. When it works as expected, it’s awesome, but there is one bug that is incredibly frustrating. At work I use 2 external monitors and have snap areas set up on each of them, along with a couple on the actual MBP screen. Every couple of months or so, ALL of the snap areas seem to get deleted, except for the ones on the native screen. I then have to go through the process of setting the snap areas back up on both of my external monitors. I’m not sure what is causing this, but it would be great to get it fixed.

Best snapping tool (1.7)
12/18/2016 11:55:00 AM 5/5 By Seishino
Better Snap Tool does exactly what it says it will do: Drag a window to the side, and it will snap there. It is very much like the old Windows 7 behavior. Better Snap Tool goes one better, though, and includes drag-up-to-snap-to-full-screen, snap-to-corners, and hotkey snapping. If you press a hotkey combination, you can drag or resize windows whose handles are off-screen (adobe does this a lot). There seems to be an issue where sometimes on this multi-monitor setup, a right-drag will snap-to-left. And I do really wish the developers would fix that. But even with that bug, the app is amazing and deserves a full 5 stars. It is installed on every mac I use.

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