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ColorSlurp is the ultimate color productivity booster for designers and developers.

• Pick colors on your screen with the ultra-accurate magnifier.
• Create and edit colors using an assortment of color selection tools.
• Copy colors to a variety of color formats.
• Organize your colors into collections.
• Quickly access recently picked colors and swatches.
• Work faster with customizable shortcuts.
• Authentic slurp sound when picking colors!

# Magnifier
Ultra-accurate. Move the magnifier with your cursor, the arrow keys, or hold shift to slow its movement for pixel perfect precision. You can also hold command when picking a color to quickly choose which copy format to use.

# Formats
ColorSlurp supports 20 color formats to use in your projects.

# Import Colors
Copy a color to the clipboard and paste it into ColorSlurp. This allows you to quickly convert between formats or edit colors.

# Collections
Collections are groups of colors. You can create as many collections as you need to keep your colors organized.

# Edit Colors
ColorSlurp's powerful color editing tools let you dial in the perfect color.

# Recent Colors and Swatches
Access your recently picked colors or quickly grab a predefined color from the swatches.

# ColorSlurp PRO
Go PRO and get these awesome features!
• 20 Color Formats
• Recent Colors
• Swatches
• Dark Theme
• Advanced Settings


Release Notes

2/11/2019 | Version : 2.1.1 | Size : 12.1 MB
Bug Fixes.

11/23/2017 | Version : 1.2.0 | Size : 9.2 MB
• New global shortcut that copies to the last copied color and format: Shift + Command + C
• Double-clicking on a saved/recent color will copy it to the main format.
• Default shortcuts. All editable shortcuts will now have a default shortcut if not already changed.
• The magnifier outline now matches the theme of the app.

- Minor improvements and bug fixes

If you enjoy using ColorSlurp, please write a review!

11/15/2017 | Version : 1.1.0 | Size : 9.2 MB
• Copy notification. Shows a notification below the menu item with the copied color and format.
• Copy notification sound. Plays a sound when copying a color. You can change the sound or turn it off.
• Right click on the menu item to show the magnifier.
• You can now adjust the magnifier's size and zoom with the scroll wheel. Scroll to change the size. Hold option while scrolling to change the zoom.
• Support for multiple displays.

Happy Slurping!


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