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Final Draft 10

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By Cast & Crew Production Software, LLC

Write movie and TV scripts, stage plays, and new media with Final Draft – the number-one selling entertainment industry-standard application that combines powerful word processing with professional script formatting.

There is no need to learn about script formatting rules – Final Draft automatically formats your script to industry standards as you write.

Works seamlessly with the new Final Draft Writer app for iPad (sold separately).


* Scene View - Outline your script and reorder scenes using a simple drag-and-drop interface.
* Navigator – View, sort and filter the important details of your scenes, Scriptnotes and Characters.
* Index Cards - Easily outline your story and restructure your script one scene at a time.
* ScriptNotes – Make general or element specific color-coded notes that won’t affect your script’s pagination.
* Templates – Over 100 classic and current television shows, screenplay, stageplay, and graphic novel templates are available with the option to customize your own.
* Pagination - Final Draft paginates your script perfectly to industry standards universally for OSX, PC or iPad.
* Watermarking in Printing and PDF Options - You can print your watermarked script to any printer with standardized paper size or save directly to PDF in flawless script format.
* Panels System - Split your screen in half so you can view scene outlines while simultaneously writing your script.
* Final Draft Courier Font - We have created the ideal screenwriting font that is easy to read while meeting industry requirements.
* Writing Management - Check content you've written to help you manage your writing goals.
* Format Assistant - After you're finished with your first draft, run Format Assistant to make sure there are no formatting errors.
* Retina and Full Screen Support - Benefit from the convenience of distraction-free writing in full screen mode, as well as retina display compatibility.
* Mac OSX Dictation Support - Mac’s built-in OSX dictation feature works with Final Draft allowing for hands-free writing that’s as fast as your ideas.


* Title Page - Create and easily include a professional Title Page with your script.
* Revision Mode - Revise your script as often as you'd like. Save different revisions for production purposes.
* Page Locking - Omit scenes, lock pages and A-pages, and set revision colors. You can take your script all the way from concept to final production.
* Colored Production Pages for Revisions - Colored border allows for writing ease, with solid color production pages in PDF for distribution.
* Character Highlighting – Use to highlight specific characters’ lines for table reads or when writing to track characters’ dialogue.
* Customizable Reporting - Final Draft offers you seven different reports for production including Scene, Character, and Location reports. Print or email reports separately from your script.


Work on your script remotely in real time with your writing partner(s).

Story Map Feature
This new pre-writing tool gives you a high-level view of your story that allows you to easily lay out and structure your script.

Beat Board & Structure Points
Gives you total freedom to organize your ideas and structure completely within your Final Draft file.
New Alternate Dialogue Feature
Store alternative lines of dialogue within the script for easy reference while preserving accurate pagination.

IMPROVED Scene Numbering Options
Number your scenes the way you want and in line with current industry standards.

IMPROVED Header & Footer
Add your file name to your Header & footer automatically.

IMPROVED Revision Menu Options
This improved production feature allows you to add bold text to your revision sets.

Release Notes

7/10/2017 | Version : 10.0.3 | Size : 21.4 MB
Bug fixes
Performance enhancements

2/21/2017 | Version : 10.0.2 | Size : 21.5 MB
Reformat Tool has new shortcuts for Delete and Escape
Beat Board drag image now shows correctly after using Trackpad to zoom
File opening optimization regarding ScriptNotes and Cast List
Beat Title fields show … for long titles
Pasting multiple beats at once now retains relative positions
Mac spellcheck list now includes Dutch
Revision mode fixes

1/5/2017 | Version : 10.0.1 | Size : 21.4 MB
Beat Board can now be zoomed in and out
Script can now be zoomed using Command and +/-
Story Map now features a location indicator to show where you are in your script
Speed View is now compatible with the Story Map, locked pages, and the navigator
Dragging beats and changing colors on your Beat Board is now even easier. Right-click anywhere – the beat doesn’t even have to be selected.
Right-click your Story Map for new options


Overall :
#10 : Top Grossing Mac Applications
#125 : Top Paid Mac Applications

Categories :
#4 : Top Grossing Mac Applications [Productivity]
#22 : Top Paid Mac Applications [Productivity]

Screenshots Mac OSX :

Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX


Business , Productivity

Supported Devices : Mac OS

Comments and Ratings for Final Draft 10

A Movie Making Must Have! (10.0.0)
10/9/2016 7:29:00 AM 5/5 By Yodathecat
This Program is the best program for screen writting on the market today. There are many options to format a script into the way you want to and can easily change and edit the script easier than other programs. Final Draft 10 is expensive but for people wanting the best its a must have!

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