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Welcome to Notability: powerful, yet wonderfully simple note-taking and annotation. Apple's Mac App of The Year! Apple Editors' Choice on iPad, iPhone, and Mac!

Students, teachers, and business professionals use Notability daily to enrich their lives. It is uniquely designed for each device to provide the best note-taking experience at school, home, and work.

• Become fully paper-free, in the classroom, office, and at home.
• Complete, sign, and share documents in Notability.
• Quickly create and edit notes by dragging and dropping documents, photos, or audio recordings from the desktop.
• Get more done with keyboard shortcuts.
• Secure and lock your notes using Touch ID.

• Search for handwritten words from the Library and in the note view in any of our 14 supported languages.
• Convert handwriting to text.
• It all happens on your device, so your information stays private.

• Multi-Note lets you open multiple notes at once in new windows.
• Easily access your recently opened notes in the Recent Notes subject.

• Notability includes full-featured, left-aligned typing with a wide range of fonts, sizes, and colors.
• Create outlines, interactive checklists, and text boxes.
• Fully express your artistic side with custom colors and match any color with the color dropper.
• Easily create perfect shapes and precisely erase all ink in varied brush sizes
• Handwriting has been fine-tuned to be smooth and expressive using a trackpad or mouse.
• Ink can be scaled, transformed, rotated, nudged (with arrow keys), and restyled.

• Import PDFs, DOCs, PPTs, images, GIFs, and more - conversion to PDF happens on your device, so your information stays private.
• Annotate imported pictures, lecture slides, and meeting agendas, or complete class assignments.
• Share notes via email, AirDrop, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, and more.

• Get more out of your lectures and meetings when you record them.
• Notes are automatically synced with audio recordings so during playback you can listen to what was happening as you wrote.

• Use iCloud to automatically sync your notes to Notability on iPad, iPhone, and Mac, or to retrieve previous versions of your notes.
• Use Auto-backup to send your notes to a cloud service for archiving or recovery. Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and OneDrive are all supported!

iOS app sold separately.

Notability is a registered trademark of Ginger Labs, Inc.


Release Notes

2/9/2020 | Version : 4.2 | Size : 93.9 MB
What's New in 9.2
• Highlighter color now appears more vivid and behind text, making the text pop!
• Added ability to identify and troubleshoot unsearchable notes that have not been indexed properly.
• Can now import documents from the Files app.

11/13/2019 | Version : 4.1.3 | Size : 93.7 MB
What’s New in 4.1.3
• Fixed a crash that could happen on launch
• Reduced CPU utilization while note indexing
• Miscellaneous minor bug fixes and improvements

Notability 4.1 is now available! We added support for Catalina and a better way to import files into Notability.

What's New
• Updated import flow
◦ Import multiple files from Airdrop, cloud services and other apps

Bug Fixes & Improvements
• Miscellaneous bug fixes

8/6/2019 | Version : 4.0.4 | Size : 93.5 MB
***Bug fixes in 4.0.4***
• Fixed an issue where some notes would hang on load
• Fixed a bug where the delete key might not work on images
• Improved caption editing
• Improved scrolling while moving images and ink

***Bug fixes in 4.0.3***
• Fixed a problem recognizing handwritten text in some languages
• Added a warning when linking Notability to an unsecured WebDAV server
• Fixed an issue importing Google Drive documents
• Now scrolling automatically when moving images

***Bug fixes in 4.0.2***
• Improved support for local WebDAV servers
• Fixed several issues with text boxes
• Deleting pages is now faster
• Improved performance for notes with a lot of images and handwriting.
• Images now can be resized to the full page width
• Browsing files from cloud services is now more reliable
• Fixed an issue involving ink duplication after image movement
• Fixed a problem with images outside of the canvas corrupting notes
• Other miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements

***What’s new in Notability 4.0***

This is an exciting update for Notability! We’ve added powerful new features: Shapes, Partial Eraser, and improved image control.

• Draw a shape, hold the stroke for a moment, then watch as it snaps perfectly into place!
• Shapes can be styled and manipulated like regular handwriting.
• Create circles, ellipses, triangles, squares, rectangles, hexagons, and irregular shapes

Partial Erase
• Precisely erase any ink in a variety of eraser sizes, including shapes!
• Partial erase supports both freehand erasing and perfect shape erasing.
• Once a stroke is separated, it behaves exactly like regular handwriting.

Additional Improvements
• Rotate and crop images easily with a new, streamlined interface.
• Added support for auto-backup to WebDAV


Overall :
#5 : Top Paid Mac Applications
#41 : Top Grossing Mac Applications

Categories :
#2 : Top Paid Mac Applications [Productivity]
#14 : Top Grossing Mac Applications [Productivity]

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Education , Productivity

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