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By Shuho Chou

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The only ORB to PDF Converter in the world & The only ORB eBook Reader on Mac.

Just double click the .orb eBook files and enjoy the content instantly.
I built the core parser and rendering engine for 4 years,
it's extremely small, fast and stable without Flash plugin installation.
Many unique features you can't find in any other apps.

Don't waste your valuable time waiting for conversion.
Reading books should be fun and instantly easy.

Export to resolution-independent PDF

You can export the whole book to PDF that'll be even smaller than .orb if exported in Booster mode. Or just save the current reading pages as PDF but the whole book. 

This is the unique feature in the world, it converts your ORB books to PDF with vector to vector conversion. That's why exported PDF is the smallest file size and also resolution independent.

Book publishers, universities and organisations are using this app to export ORB/Flash to PDF for their users. Even the provider of the Windows version bought his first mac to use this app.


Most .orb ebooks are not built for big screen, so they're low resolution by default. In order to read on big screen, free zooming for better readability.

Open multiple books at the same time, much easier to find the references.

Page thumbnails to help you to browse the pages much faster.

Double pages view is just like PDF reading experience.
Actually, the pages you read are converted PDF pages presented by a PDF view.

Search and Select Text in Booster Mode

Once turn on the Booster,

1. You can select or copy text.

2. Search text in current pages or the whole book.

3. Pages are rendered 3x faster with system fonts as your wish.

4. Export PDF in Booster mode, it's smallest file size (0.8x - 1.2x) in the world and also text selectable/searchable.

Homebrew ORB Books

Some users packaged their SWF/Flash documents to create their ORB Books or export to PDF.

Why this app?
Unlike all others, they're just SWF renderers to get fat bitmap images and insert them to PDF.
This is the only app that do the REAL conversion from SWF/Flash to PDF in vector format.
You'll get the extremely small and real resolution independent PDF.
This is why so many professional and smart users pay for this app.
When 4K display comes, you won't need to convert them again.

Check Homebrew ORB Book Guide for more info.

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!! This App is NOT sponsored or related to any company but me. !!

There is no relation with the Windows version.
Well, I could only tell you the provider of Windows version bought his first Mac to use this app and also asked several redeem codes for his friends.

!! .orb is Original eBook Reader ebook file !!

Please don't be confused with Evanidus data file or other audio/video files.

!! NO additional charges for new feature updates. !!

I am an old engineer, not a sales.
All I want is making my works better and I don't want to waste my life for business tricks.
You pay once and get all features, just that simple and clear.
I see your payment as a kind of trust and investment to me.
New features are the payback you earn.
And I am thankful for your trust that helped me to make it better.

!! Want to read on iPad? !!

Please check ORB Viewer which let you read the books on iPad.

!! Keep Updated !!

You can check my blog for newest updates.


I am used to update with screenshots or videos while developing it.
You'll get the next version information on my blog.

It's very welcome to tell me anything you want or hate.
(Check the Help menu to mail me anytime.)


Release Notes

9/28/2015 | Version : 3.0 | Size : 639.9 KB
1. When disable the PUA code drawn in red color option in the preference, PUA codes will be drawn in it’s original text color in the exported PDF in both Normal and Booster mode. (WYSIWYG)

2. Fixed the bug that failed to save the .orb file from .swf files if not saved to Downloads folder.

3. UI and performance optimisation for Macbook Pro.

11/24/2014 | Version : 2.7 | Size : 635.7 KB
Bug fixes for OS X 10.10.


8/14/2014 | Version : 2.4.1 | Size : 711.6 KB
Fixed the rendering bug that filled the empty circle area.

Screenshots Mac OSX :

Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX


Medical , Reference , Utilities

Supported Devices
Mac OS

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