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By Hankinsoft Development Inc

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SQLPro for MSSQL is a lightweight Microsoft SQL Server database client, allowing quick and simple access to MSSQL Servers, including those hosted via cloud services such as SQL Azure or Amazon RDS.

Features include:
+ Syntax highlighting (including customizable themes).
+ Intellisense.
+ Tabbed based interface.
+ Support for executing multiple queries at once.
+ Quick access to tables, columns and more.
+ Stored procedure execution.
+ NTLMv2 supported (but not required).

SQLPro for MSSQL can be used to connect with the following databases:
+ Microsoft SQL Azure
+ Microsoft SQL Server 2005
+ Microsoft SQL Server 2008
+ Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2
+ Microsoft SQL Server 2012
+ Microsoft SQL Server 2014
+ Microsoft SQL Server 2016

Thanks to the FreeTDS project (http://www.freetds.org/) for their great library.

This SQL Client does NOT work with MySQL or Postgres. Please ensure that your server is a Microsoft SQL Server (2005 or above).

Note 1: SQL Server Express is supported, however using it makes me sad. Please confirm that the SQL Server Express installation has been configured properly for remote connections over TCP/IP, and that you can connect remotely from another windows pc before requesting support.

Note 2: SQLPro for MSSQL can connect to Microsoft SQL Server 2000 however it is not supported.

Privacy Policy:

Terms of Use:

SQLPro offers Premium subscriptions in order to interact with database result sets. Premium subscriptions are available as either a Monthly, or a Yearly duration. Subscriptions auto-renew within 24 hours of the expiration date unless auto-renewal is turned off in the iTunes account settings. Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.


Release Notes

8/10/2020 | Version : 2020.68 | Size : 9.0 MB
+ Fixed an issue where autocomplete could sometimes remove newlines. [#481](https://github.com/hankinsoft/SQLPro/issues/481)
+ You can now 'reverse-cycle' the autocomplete window. [#473](https://github.com/hankinsoft/SQLPro/issues/473)
+ Working on resolving an issue where the cursor position might jump when autocomplete is entered. [#476](https://github.com/hankinsoft/SQLPro/issues/476)
+ Added some advanced connection options. You can now specify `Encryption level`, `Use NTLMv2` and `Enable TLSv1`.
+ Autocomplete delay has been reset to the default (1.25 seconds). Due to a bug which had caused some users autocomplete to set to zero.
+ Performance improvements for autocomplete cache (was causing slowdowns on startup for some users). [#468](https://github.com/hankinsoft/SQLPro/issues/468)
+ Adding or removing tables via the query editor (ie CREATE TABLE/DROP TABLE) will now update the database tree and autocomplete. [#10](https://github.com/hankinsoft/SQLPro/issues/10)
+ Improvement with SSH tunnelling. Previously, every connection created a new tunnel. Now tunnels can be reused.
+ Autocomplete now wraps when using up/down keys. [#473](https://github.com/hankinsoft/SQLPro/issues/473)
+ Selected rows in the results grid now highlight the row numbers. [#465](https://github.com/hankinsoft/SQLPro/issues/465)
+ Adding/removing/altering a table will now update the database tree and autocomplete. [#10](https://github.com/hankinsoft/SQLPro/issues/10)

7/3/2020 | Version : 2020.59 | Size : 9.0 MB
+ Fixed an issue where when inserting rows, the inserted rows would not be visible once applied (until re-queried).
+ Fixed an issue where opening files created from Microsoft SQL Server would fail.
+ Added 'IS NULL' and 'IS NOT NULL' to result filters. [#402](https://github.com/hankinsoft/SQLPro/issues/402)
+ Fixed an issue which may display some newly purchased licenses as invalid.
+ Syntax highlighting and autocomplete now includes support for objects in other databases (on the same server). [#404](https://github.com/hankinsoft/SQLPro/issues/404)
+ Autocomplete now detects if a table is outside of your current schema and will add the proper schema if required. [#296](https://github.com/hankinsoft/SQLPro/issues/296)

4/29/2020 | Version : 2020.35 | Size : 8.7 MB
+ Fixed an issue with tabs in the query editor. [#395](https://github.com/hankinsoft/SQLPro/issues/395)
+ Improvements with the History popup. [#400](https://github.com/hankinsoft/SQLPro/issues/400)
+ Alias improvements. [#396](https://github.com/hankinsoft/SQLPro/issues/396)
+ When modifying rows via the results-grid there is now an 'Apply' button, so that changes can be applied without needing to preview first.
+ Result messages are now monospaced.
+ Result messages now uses the same font size as the query text editor.
+ Result error messages are now more of a 'whiteish-pink' when using a dark theme (a bit easier on the eyes).
+ Fixed an issue where 'Copy as Insert' did not escape table names. [#390](https://github.com/hankinsoft/SQLPro/issues/390)
+ Additional improvements for ipv6 addresses. [#380](https://github.com/hankinsoft/SQLPro/issues/380)
+ Added a 'Read-only' intent option (currently for MSSQL). When this option is enabled, all DROP, TRUNCATE, DELETE, UPDATE, INSERT, etc related UI is hidden from the user. This will NOT prevent the user from creating and running their own SQL commands. [#386](https://github.com/hankinsoft/SQLPro/issues/386)
+ Additional improvements for ipv6 addresses. [#380](https://github.com/hankinsoft/SQLPro/issues/380)
+ Fixed an issue which could cause a crash when expanding/collapsing connections groups.
+ Improvements on handling syntax highlighting if object types conflict. [#298](https://github.com/hankinsoft/SQLPro/issues/298)
+ Fix for ipv6 addresses. [#380](https://github.com/hankinsoft/SQLPro/issues/380)
+ You can now add custom connection groups. [#119](https://github.com/hankinsoft/SQLPro/issues/119)
+ You can now expand and collapse connection groups.
+ Fix for 'blue turds' in query text view. [via twitter](https://twitter.com/danielpunkass/status/1236062931097473024?s=21)
+ Fixed an issue where autocomplete may sometimes escape object object when not required. [346](https://github.com/hankinsoft/SQLPro/issues/346)
+ Added support for SSH Tunnel keyboard authentication. [#367](https://github.com/hankinsoft/SQLPro/issues/367)
+ Fixed an issue when CSV importing when column name case did not match the csv file.
+ Failed CSV imports now have a 'view insert' option which displays the failed insert statement.
+ Fixed an issue where having cap-locks on would disable tab indent/un-indent. [#335](https://github.com/hankinsoft/SQLPro/issues/335)
+ Added support for ed25519 keys.
+ Fixed a crash with autocomplete.
+ SSH Tunnel dialog now has a 'Validate' option to verify private key and password.
+ Fixed an issue where some users may occasionally see 'Write to server failed' error message when running queries.
+ Fixed an issue where the SQL beautifier would add an extra space at the end of lines. [#362](https://github.com/hankinsoft/SQLPro/issues/362)
+ If you select a Table or Column in the database tree, hitting Copy (via ctrl-c or menu items) will copy the table schema/name or column name to the clipboard.
+ Fixed a crash that could occur with the 'Format Query' action.
+ Fixed a crash that could occur when clicking on Foreign Keys in the results data grid.
+ Improved autocomplete with 'order by' clause. Now limits to tables used in the query.
+ Autocomplete is now a background operation. If for some reason the autocomplete is slow it will no longer freeze the main UI thread. [#334](https://github.com/hankinsoft/SQLPro/issues/334).
+ Fixed an issue where closing tabs may not disconnect the client. [#353](https://github.com/hankinsoft/SQLPro/issues/353)


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