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By Hankinsoft Development Inc

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SQLPro for MySQL is a powerful MySQL & MariaDB database client which allows quick and simple access to MySQL Servers, including (but not limited to) those hosted in Amazon RDS and Microsoft Azure.

This SQL Client is only for MySQL and MariaDB. It will not work with other database servers such as MSSQL or PostgresSQL.

Features include:
+ Syntax highlighting.
+ Intellisense/Auto complete.
+ Tabbed based interface.
+ Support for executing multiple queries at once.
+ Quick access to tables, columns and more.
+ Use one of our pre-built themes, or customize your own.
+ Stored procedure execution.

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Terms of Use:

SQLPro offers Premium subscriptions in order to interact with database result sets. Premium subscriptions are available as either a Monthly, or a Yearly duration. Subscriptions auto-renew within 24 hours of the expiration date unless auto-renewal is turned off in the iTunes account settings. Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.


Release Notes

2/9/2020 | Version : 2020.05 | Size : 9.6 MB
+ If you select a Table or Column in the database tree, hitting Copy (via ctrl-c or menu items) will copy the table schema/name or column name to the clipboard.
+ Fixed a crash that could occur with the 'Format Query' action.
+ Fixed a crash that could occur when clicking on Foreign Keys in the results data grid.
+ Improved autocomplete with 'order by' clause. Now limits to tables used in the query.
+ Autocomplete is now a background operation. If for some reason the autocomplete is slow it will no longer freeze the main UI thread. [#334](https://github.com/hankinsoft/SQLPro/issues/334).
+ Fixed an issue where closing tabs may not disconnect the client. [#353](https://github.com/hankinsoft/SQLPro/issues/353)
+ Fixed a crash that could when inserting a new row.
+ Fixed a crash that could occur with autocomplete.
+ Improvements to database search.
+ Fixed an issue with CSV import into existing table.

12/14/2019 | Version : 2019.66 | Size : 9.5 MB
+ Table column comments are now available in the table editor.
+ Improvements with editing index comments via the editor.
+ Fixed an issue with state restoration. The database tree was not getting preserved when you disconnect from a database.
+ Fixed an issue with the table designer when setting TIMESTAMP columns to be NULLABLE.
+ Added a 'users' node to the database tree. Currently allows 'Drop user'. Additional actions will be added soon.
+ Added a 'Flush hosts' menu option to the server tree menu.
+ Fixed a crash that could occur when duplicating tables.
+ Fixed an issue when duplicating tables where the source table was not always the one duplicated if the source table was not the table select in the database tree.
+ Fixed an issue which could cause crashes when inserting into a result set.
+ Updated to the latest Oracle library.
+ Improvements with CSV imports.

11/13/2019 | Version : 2019.52 | Size : 9.5 MB
SQLPro 2019.52
+ [macOS] Fixed multiple issues with state restoration.
+ [macOS] Many buttons now respect the systems accent color (macOS 10.14 and above).
+ [MySQL] Altering a column to allow NULL's could sometimes fail.

SQLPro 2019.50
+ [macOS] Fixed an issue where CTE columns may display incorrect column names. [#314](https://github.com/hankinsoft/SQLPro/issues/314)
+ [macOS] Fixed an issue autocomplete window may display below the bottom of the screen. [#315](https://github.com/hankinsoft/SQLPro/issues/315)
+ [macOS] Postgres table designer now supports Table comments. [#313](https://github.com/hankinsoft/SQLPro/issues/313)
+ [macOS] CTEs and Aliases are now highlighted in the query editor (there is a limitation on the maximum query length before this gets disabled).
+ [macOS] Fix for a crash that could occur with autocomplete [317](https://github.com/hankinsoft/SQLPro/issues/317)
+ [MySQL] Fixed an issue where the `groups` keyword was not properly escaped [316](https://github.com/hankinsoft/SQLPro/issues/316)

SQLPro 2019.49
+ [macOS] Fixed an issue with expand/collapse database tree sidebar (when search tab was selected) which could mess up the UI.
+ [macOS] Fixed a crash that could occur when right clicking on some database tree nodes and choosing 'refresh'.
+ [macOS] Fixed a few improvements with state restoration.
+ [macOS] Improved performance with the search scope selector.

SQLPro 2019.48
+ [macOS] Fixed an issue where right clicking on the 'messages results' (contains text such as 'query finished successfully') could cause crashes.
+ [macOS] Fixed an issue where some MySQL errors would not be displayed to the user.
+ [macOS] Fixed a performance issue with the connection dialog on macOS 10.13 and before.
+ [macOS] Fixed an issue you could sometimes not insert into a table from result sets. (Inserting from a result set still requires a 'simple query'). [#312](https://github.com/hankinsoft/SQLPro/issues/312)
+ [macOS] Added advanced searching. [#180](https://github.com/hankinsoft/SQLPro/issues/180)

SQLPro 2019.40
+ [macOS] You can now right click on a table name in the query editor and perform a few actions such as 'select first 1,000 rows', 'script as create statement', 'script as drop and create statement' and 'script as drop statement'. This also works on aliases.
+ [macOS] Fixed an issue where entering/exiting full screen could be slow.
+ [macOS] Autocomplete now includes partial matches as well as full matches.
+ [macOS] Autocomplete is now context sensitive. For example, if you enter `SELECT * FROM myTable WHERE ` autocomplete will suggest myTable and columns related to myTable.
+ [macOS] Boolean fields now appear with color (green for true, red for false - this is a preference which can be disabled).
+ [macOS] Boolean fields now display as true/false rather than 1/0 (this is a preference which can be disabled).
+ [macOS] Autocomplete now includes partial word matches.
+ [macOS] CTEs are now included in autocomplete.
+ [MySQL] Fixes for setting bit values in MySQL.
+ [MySQL] Fixed an issue where specifying database in a mysql query would not allow updating results.


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