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By Eduard Schwan

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Are you searching for a great Macintosh puzzle-maker? The solution is right here!

Whirlwind WordSearch is a powerful and easy-to-use word search puzzle maker. It creates uniquely engaging word search puzzles from your own lists of words... in many different languages! You will be building and printing professional-looking puzzles right away.

You can choose from many built-in puzzle shapes, and the puzzles can range in size from as small as 4 letters across and down, all the way up to 50 by 50 letters.

Just change the "Difficulty to Solve" setting to create easy, difficult, or diabolical puzzles.

Whirlwind WordSearch also removes any randomly-created "naughty words" (in all supported languages), offering classroom-safe puzzles.

You can copy and paste the high-quality puzzle and answer (PDF) images into your own word processor for re-printing in books, newsletters, or classroom handouts.

Here are the big features that make Whirlwind WordSearch an outstanding puzzle-generator! Compare these features against ANY word-search software you are using now...

• Supports many languages/alphabets besides English... You can create puzzles with words in French, Spanish, Swedish, German, Russian, Japanese (hiragana and katakana), Danish, Hungarian, Romanian, Turkish, Greek, Sanskrit, Dutch, Ukrainian, Catalan, Portuguese.
• Choose from a wide variety of unique built-in shapes: Box, Circle, Heart, Diamond, Bow-tie, Pinwheel, X, UL-Wedge, LL-Wedge, UR-Wedge, LR-Wedge, Checkers, Square-hole, Donut, Right-Arrow, Left-Arrow, Up-Arrow, Down-Arrow, Plus Sign, Up-Triangle, Down-Triangle, Crescent, Cross, Onion Dome, 4-Clover, Square-Peg, Round-Hole, Mushroom, Pentagon, Hexagon, Octagon
• Create puzzles ranging in size from 4-by-4 up to 50-by-50 letters (that's a lot of words!)
• Supports Dark Mode and Full-Screen mode.
• Easily enter your word lists, even import them from your word processor or the web.
• Add an optional "secret message" into your puzzle, which will be inserted between your words as a secondary puzzle to solve.
• Add "hidden words" into your puzzle that are not in the word list or answer key (for adding copyrights or extra credit words.)
• Work without a net... You can run Whirlwind WordSearch anywhere... you never need an internet connection to create, save, and print your puzzles.
• Save your puzzle word list files, and open them again later to instantly create whole new puzzles, or share them with other Whirlwind WordSearch users.
• Tailor the display and printing options to suit a variety of audiences and needs.
• Includes a comprehensive User Guide that contains tutorials and tips and describes every option, getting you up-to-speed right away. Advanced features are explained, helping you create high-quality puzzles.
• Copy and resize the puzzles and answer keys (as PDF graphics or text) right into your own newsletters, worksheets, books, or other publications, or print them for handouts.
• A built-in spell-checker alerts you to any misspelled words in your word-list before you print.
• Create puzzles in upper or lower case, serif or sans-serif fonts.
• Whirlwind WordSearch thoroughly checks the final puzzle and removes any randomly-generated duplicates of your words.
• Simply increase the difficulty slider from "Very Easy" to "Diabolically Difficult" and the software automatically adjusts many subtle aspects of the puzzle, changing how tricky it will be to solve. This lets you quickly fine-tune your puzzles so they are appropriate for early learners or puzzle savvy adults.


Release Notes

2/22/2019 | Version : 3.0.0 | Size : 22.6 MB
• Big User-Interface Update! Merged the Puzzle/Answer grids into a single larger grid display, and moved the "behind-the-scenes" options out to checkboxes underneath.
• Support for "Dark Mode" display on macOS X 10.14 (Mojave).
• Still has support back to Mac OS X 10.9.
• Puzzle grid now maintains nicer 1:1 aspect ratio as you resize the window.
• Added 4 new shapes: mushroom, pentagon, hexagon, octagon.
• Added Dutch, Ukrainian, Catalan, Portuguese languages.
• Added a new even-more-difficult level, with more decoy words sprinkled in puzzle.
• Allowed main window to get a little smaller (1100x640) for smaller screen sizes.
• Detects and removes even more dirty words in each language.
• Added "# of puzzle words" to the Puzzle Stats page.
• Smarter calculations of how long it should try different puzzle configurations before giving up.
• Now when you start generating a puzzle, the progress bar and progress text displays right away, letting you know that something is happening.
• Fancier scrolling musical about-box.
• Updated user guide throughout.
• Minor clarification to some error messages.
• Added musical easter eggs (to icons in main window).
• Squashed some bugs.

12/14/2017 | Version : 2.3.0 | Size : 8.5 MB
-Now requires at least Mac OS X 10.9.
-Now supports versioning (auto-saving) of puzzles.
-Hungarian and Romanian alphabet support is added.
-Added new shapes: 4-Clover, Onion-Dome, Round Peg, Square Hole.
-Now builds complex puzzles in the background while you do other puzzle stuff! No more spinning pizza while you wait!
-When you stop/interrupt a long puzzle creation, it no longer shows an error dialog, but simply returns to your puzzle.
-Puzzle error dialogs are simpler, not cluttered with nerdy details.
-added more bad words to remove from English, French, Spanish, German, Danish.
-add an occasional prompt to request a software review in the Mac App Store, with REVIEW-NOW, LATER, NEVER buttons.
-added "Visit our web site" and "Rate/Review our application" items on the Help menu.
-added a lot of Accessibility support to the menus and windows.
-Squashed some bugs.

8/10/2017 | Version : 2.2.1 | Size : 8.2 MB
* The Edit menu's COPY-AS-TEXT option now writes the DISPLAYABLE list of words (i.e. keeping the dashes and spaces of any compound words in-place.)
* You can now choose a unique color for the answer key's loop around the words, and have the loops either be hollow or filled.

Screenshots Mac OSX :

Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX


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