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By Apple (Apple Inc.)

Xcode includes everything developers need to create great applications for Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Apple Watch. Xcode provides developers a unified workflow for user interface design, coding, testing, and debugging. The Xcode IDE combined with the Swift programming language make developing apps easier and more fun than ever before.

Xcode includes the Xcode IDE, Swift and Objective-C compilers, Instruments analysis tool, simulators, the latest SDKs, and hundreds of powerful features:

Innovative tools help you create great apps
• Swift is a revolutionary programming language that is safe, fast, and modern
• Playgrounds are a fun way to experiment and interact with Swift code
• Interface Builder displays pixel-perfect UI for each target device and can edit at any zoom level
• View debugging shows a 3D stack of all your app's UI view layers at runtime
• Assistant editors show content related to your primary task
• Live Issues display errors as you type, and Fix-its can correct mistakes for you

Swift is a powerful, modern, and fun programming language
• Safe by design, Swift syntax and features prevent entire categories of bugs
• Fast code execution and compile time are powered by the proven LLVM compiler
• Modern language features are inspired by leading research, including:
- Closures unified with function pointers
- Tuples and multiple return values
- Structs as value types that support methods, extensions, protocols
- Powerful protocols that can extend functionality throughout your codebase
- Functional programming patterns including map and filter

Interface Builder makes it easy to design your interface without code
• Storyboards let you arrange the complete flow of screens within your app
• See your custom controls rendered live within the design canvas
• Customize your interface for different devices, screen sizes, and orientations
• StackViews make it easy to reason about the layout of each section of your interface
• Create connections from your GUI design directly to the related source code

Professional editor and debugger keep your code front and center
• Hit a few keys and Open Quickly will instantly open any file within your project
• Message bubbles show errors, warnings, and other issues right beside your code
• Data tips show a variable's value by hovering your mouse over the code
• Quick Look variables while debugging to see the actual color, bezier path, image, and more
• Third party app extensions can add new capabilities to the source editor

Test driven development is built right in
• Use the Test Navigator to add, edit, or run unit tests or user interface tests with just a click
• Test Assistant makes it easy to edit your code and related tests, side-by-side
• Create continuous integration bots using macOS Server to automatically build and test your apps
• Monitor performance and user interface test data using macOS Server to immediately spot regressions
• Analyzer travels countless code paths looking for logical errors before they become bugs

Instruments makes performance analysis beautiful
• Compare CPU, disk, memory, and OpenGL performance as graphical tracks over time
• Identify performance bottlenecks, then dive deep into the code to uncover the cause
• Monitor your app directly, or sample the entire system, with very little overhead

To test or deploy applications on an iOS device, Apple TV, or on Apple Watch all you need is a free Apple ID. To submit your apps to the App Store you must be a member of the Apple Developer Program. Continuous integration features require a current version of macOS Server. Some features may require Internet access.

Release Notes

12/4/2017 | Version : 9.2 | Size : 5.1 GB
Xcode 9.2 includes Swift 4 and SDKs for iOS 11.2, watchOS 4.2, tvOS 11.2, and macOS High Sierra 10.13.2

• Updates to the latest platform SDKs
• Additional bug fixes and stability improvements

10/31/2017 | Version : 9.1 | Size : 5.1 GB
Xcode 9.1 includes Swift 4 and SDKs for iOS 11, watchOS 4, tvOS 11, and macOS High Sierra 10.13

• Fixes an issue in Simulator that impacted the performance of OpenGL ES and maps
• Improves support for iPhone X
• Additional bug fixes and stability improvements

10/16/2017 | Version : 9.0.1 | Size : 5.1 GB
Xcode 9.0.1 includes Swift 4 and SDKs for iOS 11, watchOS 4, tvOS 11, and macOS High Sierra 10.13

• Simulator improvements for iPhone X
• Fixes a problem where the Test Navigator could become out of sync with available tests
• Additional bug fixes and stability improvements

New features in Xcode 9:
• Refactoring makes it easy to modify the structure of Swift, Objective-C, C, and C++ code
• Code editor is blazingly fast and responsive and adds native support for Markdown syntax
• Fix-its apply multiple improvements to your code in a single click, and can even add required protocol methods
• New Source Control navigator and integrated GitHub accounts make it easy to manage code across a team
• Wireless installation and debugging for iOS and tvOS apps on devices over the network
• Simulator looks and behaves more like a real device and can simulate multiple devices at a time
• iOS playground templates create documents that work in both Xcode and Swift Playgrounds on iPad
• Find navigator is incredibly fast and results show up instantly
• Project navigator automatically keeps files and groups in sync with Finder and source control
• Xcode Server no longer requires macOS Server and can be fully configured in Xcode preferences
• Next-generation build system improves reliability and performance when building many projects (optionally enabled)
• Swift 4 compiler can also build Swift 3 code to enable staged migration, one module at a time
• Latest SDKs include the Core ML framework for machine learning and ARKit for augmented reality


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#4 : Top Free Mac Applications

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Comments and Ratings for Xcode

Strange (8.3.3)
6/7/2017 1:04:47 PM 1/5 By Tacticious
It’s interesting to me that this is Apple proprietary — there is absolutely nothing else Apple needs to support with XCode — yet it still has a tremendous amount of strange quirks. Dependancy issues, build errors, emulator crashes, etc. Having worked with several other IDEs, I must say this is one of the worst I work with on a regular basis. Most other IDEs I use are supporting several OSes and several languages — Visual Studio for example. In VS 2015/2017 I rarely ever encounter issues that I can’t quickly resolve (typically something stupid on my part). This even includes building with heavy third party integrations (like Unreal Engine 4)! I’m not a Microsoft fanboy - in fact, I really despire most things Microsoft. However, VS is about 200 times better than this. Whenever I have build errors in Xcode (when developing for iOS in Objective C) it is typically extremely convoluted and exceptionally difficult to figure out where the actual issue is. It’s bizzarre to me that we are in 2017 and an IDE is as terrible at error reporting as XCode is. All in all, I’ve actually stopped developing for iOS in XCode. In fact, due to weird quirks that really hamper productivity (Apple IDs on business computers that shuffle to different users now and then for example — good luck to anyone doing that!) we’re completely eliminating XCode from our pipeline. I’ll spare everyone to details that could potentially seem like a sales pitch. Bottom line is we’re sick of Apple’s weird quirks.

installed xCode and command line tools, now a managed client (8.3.3)
6/7/2017 6:07:29 AM 1/5 By Rippedoff2
After I installed Xcode and command line tools my Mac became a “managed client”!!! why? I lost my Admin. How do i undo this? Thanks

Its a little complicated and slow (8.3.3)
6/5/2017 6:33:25 PM 3/5 By AnonymousSergay
The app is a little complicated and slow. Sometimes it won’t build things right.

Please read. This is for people that are skeptical about this software (8.3.2)
6/3/2017 7:59:15 PM 5/5 By Mikedal
I downloaded this a year ago and I love this software. I am in the making of an awesome social media app thats called iSocial!! This is a great beginners software and you can teach yourself how to code ( I learned it from YouTube in a week!! ) anyhow this is a great free software. Please download it.

Stuck on x 10.11 (8.3.2)
6/1/2017 6:03:20 PM 1/5 By hateUapple
This requires 10.12 which isn’t available for an early 2009 i Mac. The computer still works great, but Apple is trying to make it obsolete apparently. I don’t even want to use this program - I want to download an R app from GitHub but can’t do so because of this.

Insanely Poor Software (8.3.2)
5/29/2017 8:52:14 AM 1/5 By Wm.
Update for Xcode 8.3 - Stepping through code is unreliable when using hardware and runs different code than what is displayed. Almost useless when interacting with actual hardware. --- It is a constant wrestling match with the environment from editor to debugger. And because it is free, Apple has crushed the market for solid competition of any decent caliber. - random iPhone simulator screen sizes, sometimes 50% scaling is massive, sometimes it is tiny for same iPhone simulator inbetween debug runs. - text wraps in the editor making it confusing to read yet necessary because of Apple’s unformatted header documentation … And ironically text does not wrap in debug variables section so you can’t see all of the text in Apple’s built-in exception strings without a 30” monitor. - debug variables nearly useless as they show little or nothing of cocoa object internals much of the time. View memory function frequently just displays location 0x0 and you have to type in the memory address. Can't even open a variable in a separate window for debug change analysis work. Insanely poor. - built for a microsoft 1-window-world, acts like a browwer rather than a document editor so you forever fight to maintain context with multiple “document” window locations in your workspace. In fact, due to random changes of Window contents based upon opening Finder documents, the concept of “workspace” is more slipery than teflon against teflon. In the bright side, no need to buy large Apple monitors just to get a bigger 1-window-xworld. - Auto-formatting (Auto-ugly) that cannot be reasonably modified and ironically flys in the face of the original (and extremely well concieved) Apple C++ Style Guide. Xcode is only free if your time is worth nothing.

Story Board Has Problem (8.3.2)
5/27/2017 2:09:07 AM 4/5 By SaeedRahmatolahi
Xcode Is very nice But there Are some bugs here for example in storyboard I see another thing but when the app runs It will show another thing - I know that constraints in swift are very hard to set and I didnt have this problem until the last version for iOS 10.3 please fix this problem and please let users use constraints easily and automatically in every sizes of the devices

upgrade (8.3.2)
5/26/2017 1:01:34 PM 3/5 By xcode123321
if your update icon is spinning and nothing is happening, make sure your OS is up to date. If not, update OS, delete xcode and install it again. apple - please display appropriate message

How many times must I try to update before I get past the activity indicator? (8.3.2)
5/24/2017 6:02:01 PM 1/5 By William ShakeShafte
How many times must I try to update before I get past the activity indicator that keeps spinning without the update initiating? I've tried several times on different days, yet without success.

Still no news as to when version 8 will work on my machine. (8.3.2)
5/24/2017 3:30:23 PM 1/5 By Blastøise
One star, RFD: As I write this review I am watching the spinning “working” animation at the top left of my App Store window. It has been doing so for hours, and every time I try to update from version 6.x.x to the most current it never works. I have looked all over for solutions to this online, updated my OS, and tried to download 8.x.x releases outside of the app store on multiple occasions without success. Xcode isn’t the easiest to report problems to. Their troubleshooting documentation is minimal and I see lots of instances of this same issue in unanswered posts on the Apple Developer Forums. Get it together.

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